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Download Tribes Vengeance Beta!

I should be asleep but just a quick message to go and download the open beta for Tribes Vengeance by Irrational Games! Yes, it's available to everyone now! Fileplanet is pretty horrid, so if anyone else have any other links (perhaps locally hosted), please post them in the comments to this news item...

But if you don't mind registering, you can grab it at :


GameArena (local)

Tribes: Vengeance Open Beta released!

The open beta for Tribes:Vengeance is available for download! You can catch a glimpse of the multiplayer side of the action developed by those busy and possibly sleep deprived people at Irrational Games Canberra by downloading off Fileplanet (if you're a subscriber!). It will then be open for everyone to download sometime next week!

Tribes Vengeance beta previews

Plenty of Tribes Vengeance previews happening at the moment as a closed beta is available to press and a select few Tribes fans...

"From what we've played so far, it looks like it'll be worth the effort, as Tribes Vengeance should provide enough depth to keep players busy for quite a while. We'll have more news on Tribes Vengeance as it becomes available."

- Gamespy.

Eurogamer previews Tribes Vengeance

EuroGamer has a hands on look at the pre-alpha state of Tribes: Vengeance, focusing on the single player side of the game...

"...the single-player is looking promising, and we do believe the game's producers and marketing men when we're told that it's as important to Irrational Games as the multiplayer component, and not just the traditional warm-up act for the online aspect."

Tribes Vengeance Gamespy Preview

Gamespy has a preview of Tribes Vengeance, concentrating on the multiplayer side of the game and how it feels compared to previous versions of Tribes..

"...much of the Tribes universe has stayed remained intact, but there have been a significant number of changes. The many tweaks, while minor, will require some re-acclimating for veterans...

As developer Irrational Games has said all along, it's trying to make the game more accessible while not losing the core audience; at this stage, it looks Irrational is well on its way to achieving that"