Irrational Games Australia

Tribes: Vengeance at Vivendi Press Event

Whole lotta Tribes: Vengeance action at the Vivendi Universal Games press event in San Francisco.

"While it's still early to tell for certain, it sure seems developer Irrational Games is headed in the right direction, building towards a game that should retain the formula that's made the series so popular, while at the same time making it easier for new players to get on board."

- Gamespy

Tribes Vengeance Developer Diary Update

Irrational Games producer, Tony Oakden, gives an update on Tribes: Vengeance in another chapter to their developer diary. Some information this round reveals that they've switched their physics engine from Karma to the popular Havok, and there's some progress reports on the levels and models ingame as well. Read the diary at IGN!

Developer Diary on Freedom Force Sequel

IGN has a developer diary with Ken Levine, general manager and creative director at Irrational Games, on their upcoming sequel, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich. Kevin shares some thoughts on the success of Freedom Force and what they're focussing on in the sequel. There's some new concept art to look at as well! See it at IGN.