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Lead 3D Generalist for games, open to remote work in Australia.

Hi, I’m Alexandra but most people call me Ally, and definitely not Alex.

I majored in Motion Design at Torrens University Australia that I undertook at Billy Blue College of Design from 2016 to 2019. After interning for Girraphic, I went on to become full time with the company for almost three years as a 3D Generalist and Unreal Engine Artist.

More recently I have made my way up to Lead 3D Generalist at Melbourne Interactive Studios. Working remotely for MI has been extremely rewarding, as my goal has always been to get into the games industry and making some awesome connections while I’m here.

I currently reside in Sydney, Australia with my fiance and two cats. When I’m not making games for my job, I am playing them with my friends whether it be on my PC, my PlayStation, Switch or a classic tabletop. I have always had an interest in gaming since I was very young, playing Tomb Raider on my Dad’s PS1 from his lap. I consider myself to be an avid gamer, enjoying varieties of different genres and play types. Other than gaming, my hobbies also include gardening, pilates and home DIY.

I pride myself on always being kind and courteous to others and willing to learn something new every day. Since becoming a lead, I have become very enthusiastic and focused on creating an environment for my reporting artists to thrive and excel in their skills. Supporting them both with work and mental health has been very rewarding.

I believe being a part of the diverse gaming world has only taught me how to be a better designer. I am constantly inspired by the new content being made by creatives in this industry. I am always ready to push a concept to its limit to truly achieve an out-of-the-park product.