"Edge of Twilight" coming to consoles in 2013. Yes, this is for real.

Edge of Twilight was announced way back in 2007 by what was then the Brisbane based games studio, Fuzzyeyes Studios. The Unreal Engine-based third person action/adventure game gathered interest with its incredible visuals and it's then out-of-the-ordinary steam punk theme.

Why Millipede is moving Bullistic Unleashed towards free-to-play

There's enormous pressure for smartphone games developers to move their games towards the free-to-play model in the hopes of enticing a much, much greater audience into purchasing currency or items in-game. Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride are two leading examples of titles that have enjoyed incredible success when they flipped over towards the free-to-play model from initially charging a set price.

Firemonkey's Rob Murray demos Real Racing 3 at Apple's iPhone 5 Media Event

EA Executive Producer and former CEO of Firemint, Rob Murray, has appeared today on stage at the Apple media event in San Francisco for the iPhone 5 with a live demonstration of Firemonkey's stunning Real Racing 3 game on the newly announced phone device from Apple. Touted as the "ultimate racing experience on iOS", the live demo kicked off with a Porsche GT3 racing on the well known raceway, Laguna Seca...

Tim Stevens, who was live blogging the event for Endgadget, described the impressive visuals of the locally developed title...

Bubble Gum Interactive release Little Space Heroes cartoon sneak peek

Only a few Australian games have come close to crossing over to becoming a full blown animation series, but the record for cartoons based on locally developed games remains at zero. Until now, that is.

Way back in 2004, we heard the news that Krome Studios' Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger was due to become a cartoon series set for prime time under a deal with the animation studio behind The Simpsons and The King of the Hill.

Help these Aussie games get Greenlighted for distribution on Steam!

Steam Greenlight was recently kicked off, allowing the Steam community to be involved in the selection process of games for distribution on the Steam platform! You can help a whole bunch of Australian developed titles by logging into your Steam account, clicking the links below, and rating up the titles! All these games are actually quite awesome, and I'm sure you've heard of some of them before, so check them out and give them a thumbs up!

Aussie projects that need to be greenlit!!

Just 22 Android copies of Monstaaa! sold in 3 weeks for Pixel Elephant

Maciej Sawitus, the developer behind Melbourne-based indie, Pixel Elephant, has written a series of blog entries on his latest mobile physics puzzle game called Monstaaa!. Monstaaa! was released in late June for the iOS to some favourable reviews from critics and gamers alike, with scores of 8/10 , 4.5/5, 4/5 on app review websites.

Free version of Fruit Ninja makes $400,000 a month on ads

Halfbrick Studio's popular Fruit Ninja game is proving to be a serious cash cow for the Brisbane based games developer. In addition to the licensing deals for Fruit Ninja related T-shirts, Gummy Candy & Fruit Snacks, plush toys, and now a comic series, the actual game itself is bringing in some considerable bank every month for both the free and paid mobile versions.