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2D games going 3D?

Posted by Skribble on Sun, 01/08/04 - 8:42 PM

Hey guys. i was just wondering wot u think about the idea of converting old 2d games in 3d games. Like turning "Zelda a link to the Past" from a top down RPG into an adventure RPG.

Submitted by Maitrek on Sun, 01/08/04 - 11:45 PM Permalink

It's alot harder than most people would be led to believe.

That's it...I'm keeping it short.

Submitted by Kalescent on Mon, 02/08/04 - 3:27 AM Permalink

Id like to add that I think maitrek's comment pretty much goes for any game your going to create, and a remake of an existing / old classic / franchise only makes the task even more difficult.

If you come up with your own ideas, your artists can build what they want - things are a bit more open for discussion, theres a bit more room for change. Building to an existing franchise means you have to please someone else, which opens a whole world of new situations, usually testing the hardiest of managers / directors and their respective teams.

Not meant to be a dampner - just an insight. [:)]

Submitted by Maitrek on Mon, 02/08/04 - 8:28 AM Permalink

I'll quickly point out another issue - you have to change the style of play to suit what kind of 3D environment you use, there's no point making a game that can be perfectly represented in 2D using 3D graphics.

If it's a 3D game then make use of the new spatial dimension and whatever particular cinematographic presentation techniques are on offer because of that change.

Submitted by Skribble on Mon, 02/08/04 - 3:34 PM Permalink

LoL ok guys u dont have to go all technical on me [:)] i was just asking wot games u would like to see go 3D, not like i was actualy gonna make one haha.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 02/08/04 - 8:24 PM Permalink

A lot of game franchises have moved on to 3D with varying successes. Some of them have opened up new ways of gameplay in the process (Super Mario 64, Prince of Persia), while others don't add anything new (for example, Street Fighter EX, which is a lot worse than the Street Fighter 2/Alpha games, in my opinion.. the player models were blocky (even for the time it was released), it's a lot less responsive + slower, and the 3d backgrounds were no match for the beautiful hand drawn pieces seen in the 2d versions.). Making a *carbon* copy of an old 2d game into 3d is a wasted opportunity to push the envelope.

I think most 2d game types have transitioned to 3d so far.. any ideas what hasn't? (and dont say text adventures). I've played lots of old 2d games.. I'll get back to you on what I think would make a great conversion to 3d. [:)]

Submitted by Maitrek on Tue, 03/08/04 - 2:58 AM Permalink

Skribble -> welcome to the ' have to be pretty specific about what you are asking because there is alot of expression lost in an electronic medium.

AS for games in 2D that I'd like to see 3D-ified...hrm...tough one - there aren't many out there that haven't already been done (to a varying degree). In fact, my brain is empty atm! I can name another mostly wasted attempt -> DN: Manhattan Project was still just a platformer, played out in 2D (although it had 3D graphics and occasionally things would twist around in an attempt to show volume and perspective) it was kinda fun though, especially for a misogynist macho freak like me (hah). When you think about it, the first FPS games were basically old side-scroller shooters shown a new '3D' perspective (shoot, jump, heal, or pick up power-ups that make you shoot, jump and heal faster), that's definitely a transition that has worked.

Submitted by Aven on Tue, 03/08/04 - 3:33 AM Permalink

Gunstar Heroes. I wouldn't really like the gameplay to be made into 3D (unless it is done well), but a nice overhaul of graphics locked side on would be nice. There were rumors ages ago about Sega doimg a new one. We all know what nwt rumors are like though

A completely 3D version of the Syndicate franchise would also be nice. Not just the 2.5D of Syndicate Wars. Doubt it will happen any time soon.

Submitted by Skribble on Mon, 09/08/04 - 3:09 AM Permalink

going off topic ^.^ - Wouldnt it be kool if Square redid final fantasy 7 with improved graphics. in my opinion FF7 was one of the best games made, but the character models were ridiculous, mind you i still play it over and over but it would be great if they remade everything. Then i could watch aeris die without laughing.

Submitted by Kalescent on Mon, 09/08/04 - 3:14 AM Permalink

Even more off topic what made it one of the best gamaes ever made Skribble ? in your oppinion ?

Submitted by tojo on Thu, 12/08/04 - 7:34 PM Permalink

dude!!!!! Zelda 3 (on snes) ....... what a game to do it to.......... i would buy 16 copies.......
that is my no1 all time favourite game........... i even have the soundtrack....

my 2 computers are called 'link' and 'zelda' and i even put a tribute in the sumea pixeltown

my cat is called zelda ......

.............. i love that little dude

Submitted by beefcake on Tue, 23/11/04 - 10:53 AM Permalink

I found 3D Mario (I played Sunshine) and Worms were not so good... [^]

2D is still another genre if you ask me, I will play a good gameplay 2D game over an amazing graphics same old 3D gameplay anyday! [8]

Submitted by AntsZ on Fri, 13/05/05 - 10:12 AM Permalink

Shadowrun on the Snes would be a great conversion to 3d

Submitted by rezn0r on Fri, 13/05/05 - 7:10 PM Permalink

Jagged Alliance 2.


Submitted by MrEeMan on Fri, 08/08/08 - 4:15 PM Permalink

Fallout 3 is one coming up. We will see if its good or not (I am guessing not).

Metroid made the conversion fairly well (though Prime only really shone on the Wii for me, I cant stand playing FPS with a gamepad).

Zelda did it pretty well as well. I wasn't too thrilled with GTA3 when it came out (in comparison with GTA2, mostly due to lack of multiplayer), but the franchise was won me over since then.

I don't think you can directly translate a 2D game into 3D. It becomes a different game at that point. The story/characters might be similar, but the game is much different. I guess there are general themes of gameplay that can be preserved, but the moment to moment gameplay is going to be fundamentally altered.

The End.

Submitted by Bittman on Mon, 29/09/08 - 4:51 PM Permalink

What has been said so far is correct - no game that is 2D is the same game as it is in 3D. The best games that survived this transition stuck to the points which made it a famous 2D game whilst inventing new ways to use a 3D engine (Mario, PoP and Zelda being obvious winners).

Not much left to re-make, if at all. Fallout 3 was technically 3D (forgot the name of that perspective now...) so to me it's not the transition this topic covers, but it will still be a challenge.

Even 3D tetris was done with Tetrisphere!

Submitted by jadedbuddha on Tue, 30/09/08 - 11:22 AM Permalink

I agree with bitman entirely that no game is that is 2D is the same game in 3D. For that reason the games to choose are ones that are adaptable and could use extra content or tweakage games like:

Covert Action
Sword of the Samurai
Syndicate (even though Syndicate Wars Sucked)
Dogs of War (needs expanding though)
Rocket Ranger
It came from the desert
Mind Sweeper