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Tsumea Modeller Challange #10 - Paternoster

Villan Name: Dr Tox
Weapon: Toxic Spraying Gun
Calling Card: A flask of hazardous bio chemicals

Info: A well known and well respected scientist that specialised in chemistry. With old age kicking in, the scientist becomes mad and obsessed with chemicals and biological weapons. He causes chaos in cities, spreading anthrax and other agents in public places, and polluting food and water supplies with toxic chemicals.

Submitted by kit11 on Wed, 24/09/08 - 10:15 AM Permalink

sounds pretty cool, look forward to seeing some concepts =)

Submitted by paternoster on Thu, 25/09/08 - 8:41 AM Permalink

Thanks kit11, I'm new to tsumea and still learning the technique of low poly modeling and texturing. Here are some rough concepts..

Submitted by paternoster on Tue, 07/10/08 - 8:06 AM Permalink

Here's the fixup on the head, thanks for the suggestion Duncan. Seems to be some missing posts after the server went offline.
Will post more stuff soon.

Submitted by Duncan Fraser on Tue, 07/10/08 - 8:19 AM Permalink

Hay man that looks much better. SO much extra character. Great stuff.

Submitted by paternoster on Tue, 21/10/08 - 9:48 AM Permalink

Thanks guys for your support, can't wait to texture the head..
For now I've modelled up a glove and did some zbrushing, comments and critiques are welcome..

Submitted by kit11 on Wed, 22/10/08 - 6:43 PM Permalink

they look fantastic, looks like real leather. Great detail

Submitted by paternoster on Sat, 22/11/08 - 9:12 AM Permalink

Thanks for the comments CAD and Kit. I've been a bit busy lately but I'm gonna push myself to get more done. Just over 3 weeks left and the stuff being created in this comp are looking cool. Gonna be good to see the final products.

Here's a work in progress of the modeling and roughing out of his structure, haven't considered poly count yet..

Submitted by Johnn on Mon, 24/11/08 - 1:40 PM Permalink

hehe, he looks like he is herding chickens. Progress is looking good, the head has great character. Something look a bit off with the proportions of the hands, fingers might be a bit fat (although he is wearing gloves) or the hands might be a bit narrow across the knuckles? at any rate it is a small detail in the grand scheme.

Submitted by paternoster on Wed, 26/11/08 - 8:37 AM Permalink

Hahaha he does aye! Thought that pose would be better when it comes to rigging with the twisting of the wrist bones. Thanks John, I can see what you mean with the gloves being a bit narrow with the knuckles, I'll give that a fix before his rigged.

An update of the model with the normal maps applied, 7 958 tri's so far.. Again cnc's are welcome!

Submitted by paternoster on Tue, 09/12/08 - 9:42 AM Permalink

Thanks kit! Here's a render of the calling card. It's a beaker full of toxic waste, in the final shot it will be smaller and darker.

Submitted by Dwhittaker on Mon, 15/12/08 - 4:12 PM Permalink

:O outstanding, i love everything about this head model from the silhouette to the texture job.

couldn't fault it if i tried.