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Well, after another rewrite of a large portion of code (oh what fun breaking everything again) have implemented a little intro movie
tools are a little rough, but the intro movie is using the same code as can be used for scripted sequences (ingame movies or things that happen when you hit a switch/ trigger)
was interesting making a small level, first time in 10years? that i have got to make a level that was beyond just being a test space (ie, bit of a shock refinding a workflow to allow creation of spaces i was visualising for the camera sequence, ended up doing the character and the camera, then greyboxing from the camera point of view, never tried that before....)
next need to finialise the player movement then some more level greyboxing....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 10/07/10 - 5:46 PM Permalink


I tried to do some 3d models for GD by your permission, this is what i get :

It is just for testing, i want to remake the whole model of Gina, because I am not satisfied. Unfortunately I have had not enough time , because of the session. I will try to make it better. By the way this Ford GT500 is my old test-model.

I wish you Good Luck with your project


Submitted by davidcoen on Tue, 13/07/10 - 8:21 PM Permalink

thanks delux, thanks for the comment but sorry i didn't have more time to support people playing with this, it is fun, though challenging to make good huminoid models even if stylised