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doh, wasn't ready for freeplay

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not ready for freeplay, but getting there

everybody hates crates

and the second character they find has masive jump height, fun

achemedies boyancy and other leverage of newton physics :)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 19/07/10 - 9:56 PM Permalink

awesome work. In my opinion the gameplay of Tomb-Rider is very similar to this GD-Game-prototype). Do you want to make the level design like in comic books? I imagine some parts of levels, where you have to use the super-cheetah speed, to complete it. Lot of fun)

You are making impressive progress, go on!


Submitted by davidcoen on Wed, 21/07/10 - 8:31 PM Permalink

thanks delux,

the art approach is more limited by my ablity than trying to get it like the comic book, also limited by time (looks better with a detail texture, but then have high frequency in background, and infers a higher level of quality in the level, and i'm kind of liking the low detail smuge terrain, easy to see character... may need to implement some actual camera code...

today made the art assets for the save point, and starting work on the multi state resource, for switches, or repairing a broken save point....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 22/07/10 - 12:40 AM Permalink

Don't feel too bad, at least your getting a product out there.

So many people have issues even starting.