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blur and downrez of purchased model

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Note. Not my base mesh and texture, purchased a highres model from turbosquid (20000+ vertex, several 4098x4098 textures) and reduced it to 600 vert and a 2048x2048 texture page (for diffuse, alpha, normal and specular maps)

was currious if i could use a warm blur (bias on red) to emulate subsurface scattering, the way light is reflected under the surface of the skin.

the second screenshot, experementing with oversampling to try and get smoother edges while performing blur, which not entirerly happy with.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 07/11/11 - 9:35 PM Permalink

The proportions and texture work on this actually looks really good, even after the downres. Would be interesting to see how it animates. Is this for a new project of yours?

Submitted by davidcoen on Mon, 27/02/12 - 2:19 PM Permalink

Thanks souri, yeah it was for another little project.
was being a little quiet about it as wasn't certain if it would ever see the light of day. thought the univers was in need of a pole dancing game :)