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Next Years Game - Requires Artists

Posted by Daemin on Fri, 10/01/03 - 4:08 AM

Calling all Artists!

We (Blitz and I) have successfully entered into the Next Years Game competition with a game design that we both worked on since the Conference. We have a decently filled Design Document that is the core of our design, and being only programmers we require help from a few dedicated artists for this project to succeed.

Therefore I am putting the call out for several artists here on sumea that would like to join our project. I would thing that we'd need about 1 or 2 Modellers / Animators with 3DS MAX or Maya experience, 1 or 2 2D / Texture Artists, and possibly one Level / misc designer. We are specifically searching for people within Australia only.

If this sparks anybody's interest then if they could contact me via email (through sumea) or on ICQ (9791201) then I will send them the design document for them to look at.

Look at my most recent journal entry or contact me for more information.


Submitted by davidcoen on Fri, 10/01/03 - 9:41 AM Permalink

what is with people being so secretive about design concepts... i could make a comment, but it is a secret. you have to email me and then i might tell you what i think.

Submitted by Maitrek on Fri, 10/01/03 - 9:59 AM Permalink

lol - if I asked that q of Daemin I'd get my ass kicked into orbit and land in Madagascar.

Lets just say some people are protective of their "intellectual property". It's understandable, maybe he values his idea/concept alot. However I have to say, it does reduce the possible exposure of the idea to people potentially interested in investing time/work/money to the project.

This isn't on topic. I think the reasons for keeping a design doc "secretive" are obvious, as obvious as the reasons for making it open to public scrutiny.

Snootchie bootchies!

Submitted by Daemin on Fri, 10/01/03 - 10:06 AM Permalink

Well david, are you interesting in joining a team for an NYG project?

If not then I don't see a reason for exposing the design document just yet.

Submitted by Blitz on Fri, 10/01/03 - 1:33 PM Permalink

Actually there is a very good reason for keeping designs out of the public domain. If we ever did happen to get this game published, and the game contained an idea similar to that which someone had commented about our design, they could sue us for stealing their ideas' It's a weird legal thing, but it exists so publicly releasing designes that may change is not a good idea (if you can't guarantee you won't release the game commercially).
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Maitrek on Fri, 10/01/03 - 1:54 PM Permalink

I'd be surprised if anyone would claim intellectual property of a game idea...the games industry isn't geared that poorly yet.

Snootchie bootchies!

Submitted by Blitz on Fri, 10/01/03 - 1:57 PM Permalink

It's something publishers lawyers get antsy about though, so better to play it safe eh?
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Pantmonger on Fri, 10/01/03 - 8:25 PM Permalink

I think the additional bit of information that would be good to have is 'how much of a time commitment are you expecting' Is this going to equate to full time, or just the odd hour here and there?


Submitted by Blitz on Fri, 10/01/03 - 10:35 PM Permalink

Definitly not full time. Me and Daemin both have school so we can't soend full time working on it either so we can't expect anyone else too :) However we would be expecting people to be comitted to the project. Expecting to spend 5-10 hours a week on it would be an estimate at this stage...Daemin might have a better idea.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Daemin on Sat, 11/01/03 - 12:06 AM Permalink

I would say 5-10 hours a week seems very reasonable for someone also having another "full-time" activity, this is a hobby project after all. Possibly closer to the due date, or during holidays, we would need to work longer hours on this to get it into a reasonable product i.e. "Crunch-time". But I doubt crunch time would be more than 30 hours a week (Maybe more for us programmers, who knows).

The main aim of this project as I see it is to create something of good quality that we all want to do, and to have fun and learn new skills while doing it, but also try to work it as a real game development studio and have a few milestones that we want to hit (like the competition due date). And if in the end we win any placing in the competition then that's the icing on the cake.

For people that want to know more of what the game is that we have designed, its a Real Time Tactical simulation, tied together with the strategic resource management aspect, and also loosely with a storyline. As the game box blurb reads (which I wrote fairly quickly before submitting it):

quote:The Earth is ravaged and polluted, most of the population left for the stars centuries ago. The remaining people live in isolated domes, oases of clean air and water, ruled over by cruel warlords. You are a soldier and leader in one of these armies and your faction is poised to regain their former power and glory. Take charge and lead squads of soldiers through the insides of the domes, control platoons of soldiers and vehicles outside in the post-apocalyptic environment. Manage your scarce resources and personnel during extended campaigns. Fight. Sneak. Survive.

Submitted by davidcoen on Sat, 11/01/03 - 10:08 AM Permalink

thankyou, cool, i should have said i would be happy with a blurb, but i was in bitch mode.

'cause of my profile on polycount, (about 30 models there, and have done requests for people) I get about 1 design doc mailed to me a week begging me to join, invariably a lot more lame than what Daemin and Bliz have by way of blurb. no god and devil/ vampires or wearwolfs/ light sabers even.

if you can't find a quick modeller, i could make you a few units/textures/ animation [would help if you have concepts] or perhaps just a test model would be of use to you... but usually seems to have a lot of bouncy students about... any of them bitten?


Submitted by Groovy Audio on Sun, 12/01/03 - 10:19 AM Permalink

ARGHHHH probabally a little late but i'd love to do any artwork i can for the game, im not that good at modelling, i never tried it but i'm sure i can make some original model designs for characters if you are willing to accept me :D

~z e r 0

Submitted by beatsta on Tue, 14/01/03 - 12:10 PM Permalink

I may be able to help out with models,uv mapping, and animations..over how many months wwould the project be going for? and when will it be starting?

Submitted by Blitz on Tue, 14/01/03 - 10:26 PM Permalink

The first stage of the project will be finishing a couple weeks before the final submission date (July 23 if i remember correctly), and we may, or may not continue with it after that...we'll see how things go.
It will be starting pretty much immediately, although we (me and daemin) haven't received the engine yet, which may be a couple weeks away, so we probably won't be getting people to do much until then...
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by beatsta on Wed, 15/01/03 - 10:56 AM Permalink

do you have character sheets done up for the characters you want made? if youu feel it won't jeopardize your I.P. feel fee to email me with the requirements and i will see what i can do :)

Submitted by Daemin on Sat, 18/01/03 - 9:00 AM Permalink

beatsta: Character Sheets?

Submitted by Daemin on Sun, 19/01/03 - 7:56 AM Permalink

We've got a concept artist already that will do the majority of such drawings.

Submitted by sy on Tue, 08/07/03 - 6:08 AM Permalink

Hi there,

well, I know, I'm a little late, and I've never been to australia - maybe austria, but however, maybe you're interested in some music for your game design. I would be glad to help out, since I'd like to write more music for games. If you're interested, check out a few titles from my upcoming demo at The text is in german, but the titles denote what the music is about.
If you like this stuff and want some music, I'd be glad to help your team. mailto


Submitted by Daemin on Tue, 08/07/03 - 8:22 AM Permalink

Heya sy, I'm sorry but I have to say that I already have someone doing the sound and music for the game.

Although right now the project is lacking in the Artist department...