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Microsoft canned bigworld.

Posted by Doord on Wed, 21/01/04 - 12:47 AM

Rumour, it looks like MF have lost microsoft, and a lot of poeple have also lost there jobs with MF themself.

There is a lot to lrean from this for everyone looking into the game industry and looking for work. The has been no post about it on the MF site. But is it ture.

Submitted by Doord on Wed, 21/01/04 - 1:04 AM Permalink

I don't have any I hear about it in monday meeting. I haven't had the time to look for any. Trying to find one but.

Submitted by Doord on Wed, 21/01/04 - 2:19 AM Permalink

There is some talk about it here and there on forums, but still can't find any offical word.

Submitted by davidcoen on Wed, 21/01/04 - 4:09 AM Permalink

i don't have official confrimation, but i can confirm they lost a big contract

Submitted by Jacana on Wed, 21/01/04 - 4:27 AM Permalink

I think it may be worth getting facts straight before you stir everyone up over incorrect or unconfirmed information. Especially if it is something that was heard in a private company meeting.

Bigworld = MF IP
Citizen Zero = Game for XBox

Submitted by souri on Wed, 21/01/04 - 7:43 AM Permalink

Someone posted the rumour a few days ago on Sumea. I had my doubts since it didn't provide any proof or links either, but if it's coming from different sources now...

Submitted by Mick Solomons on Thu, 22/01/04 - 12:56 AM Permalink

I've also heard it has been canned and a bunch of people got laid off.

Submitted by Red 5 on Thu, 22/01/04 - 1:18 AM Permalink

Hi Mick how's it going mate, long time no see :)

Hasn't Bigworld been in development for something like 3-4 years? be a shame if it got canned after all that.

Submitted by Jacana on Thu, 22/01/04 - 1:26 AM Permalink

Hasn't Bigworld been in development for something like 3-4 years? be a shame if it got canned after all that.

Ok :) *explains in more depth*

Bigworld is MF IP. Bigworld is the MMOG technology and has NOTHING to do with Microsoft. The only reason Bigworld would get "canned" is if MF decided to can it themselves.

Citizen Zero was the game MF was doing for XBox. Microsoft could "can" this project.

I really see a big difference between Citizen Zero and Bigworld.

I just hope people take the time to differentiate between the two as they are VERY different and Sumea does not need to be known as some industry rumour mill website.

Submitted by Doord on Fri, 23/01/04 - 12:48 AM Permalink

Yes that is right that CS and Big world are two different produts. But How much of the money that microsoft paying into the game was being used to pay to development of the tech also?? And would MF have the income to keep working on bigwrold if CS was lost, have they sold copys of the engine?? Only time will tell I guess.

I have had word from many places also not just the meeting, it was the frist and I looked into it, and there is stuff every were. Then I made a post.

Submitted by Malus on Sat, 24/01/04 - 2:05 AM Permalink

Marty: wat du u meen?

Doord: I think the point Jacana is making is that just because others have said things doesn't make it a fact.
Its still rumour-mongering until MF makes an actual statement on the 'facts' so its best to just not keep it going.

Submitted by JonathanKerr on Sat, 24/01/04 - 11:43 AM Permalink

I just I'd mention why everyone is so touchy about it? Rumours fly all the time around game internet forums about all companies. Is it because it's a bit close to home?

The above comment is intended as an observation, nothing more.

Submitted by Jacana on Sat, 24/01/04 - 9:04 PM Permalink

There are quite a few reasons as to why I don't agree with it :)

1) There are plenty of other sites out that there rumour monger. Why not join one of those and join in instead of bringing it here?

2) Saying that someone in your company told you at a meeting about the rumour is really bad. It makes you look bad for carrying on the rumour as well as making the company as a whole look bad.

I wasn't at the meeing so I don't know what was said but I can make an educated guess that they were not expecting something said in a meeting to employees be posted on forums as well as an employee riding on the companys name as their "reliable source" for the information.

3) The information is totally incorrect. As I stated earlier Microsoft can not touch Bigworld.

4) If it is Bigworld that is failing I really don't like the idea of Sumea being a rumour mill about MF's downfall.

5) As I pointed out before the rumour was wrong so now people are adding more speculation to it. Such as doords post above where he starts to say how much money it must cost to keep up Bigworld if Citizen Zero was canned. Pure speculation.

6) This is all fourth or fifth hand information. Reminds me of the game telephone we played as a kid. Someone started off saying something and passed it on to one person. That person passed it on to another person. By the time it got to the last person what was said at the start was not the same as what was received at the end.

Submitted by Malus on Tue, 27/01/04 - 8:54 PM Permalink

Can't agree more Jacana, if the information is accurate I'm sure Souri will give us a heads up til then lets hope its not.

quote:2) Saying that someone in your company told you at a meeting about the rumour is really bad. It makes you look bad for carrying on the rumour as well as making the company as a whole look bad.

I also agree that the company you work for Doord might not like the idea that you are divuldging information they tell you so freely, no matter how trivial they intended it to be.

Submitted by Gaffer on Wed, 28/01/04 - 12:42 AM Permalink

jacana, loosing funding for a project is obviously very bad for any game development company. if microsoft pulling funding is true, then it could be a very serious problem for MF as a company, not just for the game that was canned.

Submitted by Doord on Wed, 28/01/04 - 12:51 AM Permalink

All I know, that a lot of people had lost there jobs because Microsoft has dropped CZ. But there has been no word from MF or Microsoft (but Microsoft haven't said much about the game anyway.)

I should have posted it as a rumour, but I was informed in a way that I should had already known about it.

Jancana: I wasn't saying that if CZ is canned then MF wouldn't go on, I was just putting the question out there, has MF has sold a good number of copy of the Big World tech to have the income to run MF as is without Microsoft CZ income?

Also there has been jobs going at MF of late. But no more.
Hopefully they have fill them, but maybe not.
Also more rumours about this at the CZ forums.

I'm have been a big fan of the game and hope that is goes ahead and comes out, not only so that the people at MF have a safe working environment. But some of the game play element sound like a hell of a lot of fun. Playing online with 10000 people so much fun to be had.

Submitted by Jacana on Wed, 28/01/04 - 1:04 AM Permalink

Geeee folks :)

I am not so dumb that I do not understand what the possibility of the rumour could or could not mean for MF. So please give me a bit of credit.

What I am smart enough to do is keep my speculation to myself.

People seem to think that I am denying the rumour - which I am not. What I am denying is wrong information and speculation.

I am denying the topic:

Microsoft canned bigworld.

I am the necessary evil. I am a realist. I may be your producer someday.

Submitted by rezn0r on Wed, 28/01/04 - 4:36 AM Permalink

I agree totally with Jacana. I come across information about what's going on all the time, as does anyone else working in the industry.

Common sense tells you though, that you shouldn't spread the news, especially on something like a forum such as this. Allow the company the courtesy of releasing whatever statement they will, and then the topic is open for speculation. Things like NDAs cover that. Its also ettiquette.

I can't believe we're still arguing about this.


Submitted by inglis on Wed, 28/01/04 - 4:43 AM Permalink

quote:I can't believe we're you're all still arguing about this.

quote:Allow the company the courtesy of releasing whatever statement they will *if there is one to make*

Submitted by Jacana on Wed, 28/01/04 - 4:47 AM Permalink

BLAH! I *BLAH* at you Inglis!

Submitted by Gaffer on Wed, 28/01/04 - 9:06 PM Permalink


(goes back to

Submitted by bullet21 (not verified) on Fri, 30/01/04 - 5:32 AM Permalink

Did anyone see the documentary about a year ago on the games industry which included MF. It basically had a look into the life at MF and I found it quite interesting. During the show MF did get some bad news from Microsoft, however it wasn't anything as bad as being dropped, just their schedule being pushed back.

Regarding the rumour, I haven't heard anything official either way. Remember though that prospective employee's may read these forums. Do you want to be known for spreading rumours with no proof to back them up?


Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 30/01/04 - 7:22 AM Permalink

yeah i saw that doco, then when i went to AGDC i was like OMG its them! :P
it was actually pretty interesting and its things like that that drive me to head for the games industry

Submitted by kingofdaveness on Tue, 17/02/04 - 2:50 AM Permalink

Try having a camera crew in your face for a few weeks... it was Bizarre! I loved the fame though... gonna be on home and away soon.

Strangely, in my circle of friends I was on that show, and then a girlfriend was on a doco about a unicycle for canteen, and another was covered by SBS about her trip to NY to get a clothing company started... it was weird, we were at the pub and like "so who here isnt on telly this week?".
Guess thats our sixty seconds of fame.


ps.. As for the MF thing, you have to wait for the company to make an official statement, guys. Only they can confirm anything.

Submitted by J I Styles (not verified) on Sat, 20/03/04 - 2:53 PM Permalink

hey all. i know this is an old thread. i was just doing some searchin' on google for the microforte documentary and ran into this thread. [ i check sumea daily for cz news ]

anyways, if anyone has a link to the actuall documentary or anything on it i'd be much obliged [sp]. far as news goes for cz, i guess mf is taking the engine to gdc this year. vrvader from the official cz fora is going and will get updates like he does evertime he goes. maybe something different then them loosing ms will come about. anyways, maybe citizen zero is droped by microsoft, but if so, why they still have the intro page on the official site talking about a new project [ supposedly, after they inked the deal with microsoft, they decided to change the name of the game to identity zero. ]??

well anyways, enough of me contributing to someone's rumor.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 21/03/04 - 11:08 AM Permalink

I wish I had taped it when it was on. Anyone make a copy?

Submitted by J I Styles on Sun, 21/03/04 - 7:09 PM Permalink

we had a video and ripped digital format of it circulating around when I was still at school last year at the AIE - so it's possible it's out there still.

Submitted by matias on Mon, 22/03/04 - 2:23 AM Permalink

Wasn't it shown on Catalyst on the ABC? If I'm thinking of the same one. Maybe you could try contacting the ABC, dont know what the deal with getting an old episode would be tho.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 23/03/04 - 3:45 AM Permalink

Yep, Catalyst. That's the one! Someone should divx it and put it up somewhere. Only the part on Micro Forte though. The other story on gaming competition wasn't as interesting. [:)]

Submitted by grantregan on Wed, 19/05/04 - 2:03 AM Permalink

Ahh that doco crew....they were there seemingly for weeks. The camera man kept knocking stuff off my desk, including my mobile...grrr...and they lurking right before a critical milestone. The old office was crowded enough as it was without having them there.

As to the MF rumours, MF haven't officially stated anything so I'm unable to clarify on the speculation. I can say that the project is still steaming ahead and will see the light of dasy on PC and Xbox. :) What I can also say is that myself and a number of other people are now working on other projects and with other teams, here and abroad. A few ex-MF people are here at Perception for instance.

be well