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tsumea modeller challenge #10 official thread

Posted by ScottS on Wed, 26/03/08 - 10:32 PM

The title sums it up. In the mean time how about an unofficial modeler challenge to get people in the mood, a concept art challenge or even a texture challenge (Make a set of say 8 tiling textures and put them in a basic environment)

In fact I think a concept art challenge warrants further discussion.

What do you think?

Submitted by Zoid on Thu, 24/07/08 - 12:14 PM Permalink

I saw your answer above, but just to make sure i'm interpreting it correctly (this is my first challenge, and still learning Max etc). For the single mesh, does that mean you can have weapons/calling cards/other misc objects as separate to the main character body, but maps for everything should be in the 2048x2048 textures?

e.g. if the villain's calling card is a rubber chicken/coffee mug/golf ball (random decisions there), do we need to model the chicken/etc in the villain's hand, or can it be separate within the same model? Kookiemunster mentioned the Max 'attach' command, but i've never used it so i'm not sure on it.

Love the concept by the way, still mulling over ideas. I agree that some more definition on what is determined as 'plausible' by way of powers, abilities, technologies, magic/other would be helpful.

Submitted by braseN on Thu, 24/07/08 - 12:58 PM Permalink

Zoid, u can model the objects seperatly, but must attach it so its all 1 object (verts do not have to be welded) that way when u start the uv's they will all be on the 1 texture page

Submitted by tojo on Thu, 24/07/08 - 1:30 PM Permalink

this is really great competition concept.. great choice Souri

Optional (model) : weaponry (swords, guns, hand combat weapons etc). Weaponry will add to the model count.

this means that the calling card doesnt have to come out of the poly count right?

only character and weapons..?

and could a calling card be something for example like a smashed vehicle? or something large?

Submitted by souri on Thu, 24/07/08 - 2:34 PM Permalink

Ok, I've amended the guidelines slightly about the calling card item. They could be anything you like, and how ever large or small you want. They don't add to the polycount, and you don't need to submit its texture or wireframe shots. They need to appear in your money shot however!

Submitted by souri on Thu, 24/07/08 - 2:41 PM Permalink

Just like the Chris Nolan Batman universe, the characters and villains that habit that movie are reasonably plausible and have no superhuman powers as such. That doesn't mean your character can't be extra-ordinary. Give him/her some skill or trait that makes them extraordinary and a look to go with it.

Submitted by Snacuum on Thu, 24/07/08 - 7:34 PM Permalink

hey I didn't have any problem with the theme I was just commenting earlier. I am eager to get normal mapping myself.

My only current issue is as the title says plausibility. I am struggling to come up with ideas for this so I was looking at a list of villain from various "non superhuman" comics like Batman and Daredevil as reference. I assume that many others will look at these examples too. However even in these "real world" hero stories I wonder about plausibility. Would've Poison Ivy been considered plausible? or Mr. Freeze? Not to mention Man-bat and Clayman.

The reason I mention this is that I'm currently quite ill and after racking my brains for a long time I find it to my advantage as it gives me an idea of a villain who is infested with disease but does not die and has lived his whole life like this and endevours to "cure" the healthy.

But is that plausible? Would Chris Nolan approve? If so that is great and then my only problem is to figure out how to make said character not look like Freddy Kruger.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Thu, 24/07/08 - 10:53 PM Permalink

Just repeating what I said in my entry post

Interesting I mean hmmnnn yeah like Psionics (anything to do with the mind basically.) I mean you would only give them one or two powers and then maybe some sort of academic qualification. or yeah I mean there is always the lab experiment or some sort of accident that mutates the dna and gives him or something. EG Poison Ivy. or you could go the whole Dark Angel way experimented on. What if they are mad scientist and you go down the technology way. like bionics or nanotechnology. These are areas that are great for villains. yes were not making superman, but I think we should allow these areas in the comp just don't go over the top. add some qwerkiness and I think you can come up with some great villains.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 25/07/08 - 11:58 PM Permalink

I was thinking something along the more techy lines... I'm not sure if I'll go towards superpowers or abilities, but more technology smarts and devices, while at the same time trying to keep it current- or reasonable future-tech gadgets.

Something to let my Aerospace geek come out and play :-)

Submitted by souri on Mon, 28/07/08 - 9:31 PM Permalink

Caricatures are allowed, as with anime etc. However, whether or not the judges prefer stylised or caricatures to realistic models is anyone's guess (and probably varies between each judge). Use your own judgement on which method you think will give you the best result.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 05/08/08 - 3:06 PM Permalink

I probably should have posted about this earlier, but it looks like the regulars sorted it out some of it already.

You should have a thread in the tsumea modeller challenge 10 Group Forum with something like:

tsumea modeller challenge #10:

Also, when you create your thread, there should be a dropdown list at the bottom where you can choose Groups - tsumea modeller challenge 10 and select "public"

Why do we do this? So your thread will show up in the Groups page for the tsumea modeller challenge ( ). This groups page shows all the members, news, and all the related posts on the site made by members on the challenge. So consider it a wall of updates on the challenge by everyone.

Images - I can see that most of you are placing your images on other services. You're free hoever to upload to your journal and link the pics in your modeller challenge thread if you like. I'd actually prefer that so that your progress images are here for prosterity, but it's up to you.

When final submissions are required, challengers will upload all their images to their journal (you all have one). More about this as the deadline draws nearer.

Submitted by Neffy on Tue, 05/08/08 - 9:58 PM Permalink

My thread keeps denying me access !!!!!!!!!!!! TT___TT

I posted a picture in my journal to put on it but i cant get in, and i dont know how to link the image and my img tags didnt work the first time i tried. It makes me sad panda :(

Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.

Submitted by Tejay on Tue, 05/08/08 - 10:08 PM Permalink

i found i had to use the html code to get my images to show. If you have trouble with that you can upload to photobucket for free and it will give you the code to copy and paste.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 05/08/08 - 11:10 PM Permalink

Can you tell me step by step what you're doing so I can pin point what's going on? I edited your journal post to link it to the challenge group, so I guess something has gone awry. I will unlink it now, so tell me if it works.

Submitted by Neffy on Wed, 06/08/08 - 11:17 AM Permalink


1. Go to
2. under my groups click tsumea modeller challenge 10 goes to
3. navigate to the 2nd page
4. Click Sumea modeller challenge 10 - Neffy
5. Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.

Also when i click AyesDyef, Kookiemunster pages in tsumea modeller challenge 10 the same thing happens

Submitted by souri on Wed, 06/08/08 - 12:26 PM Permalink

When I went around editing peoples posts to attach them to the modeller challenge group, I didn't select the public tickbox. Which meant they went private, whoops!

Submitted by Snacuum on Mon, 11/08/08 - 10:08 PM Permalink

thanks for making my post public, but i'm a bit noob to this and well how do I put my content into a journal/blog/ profile page?

Submitted by souri on Mon, 11/08/08 - 10:40 PM Permalink

When you log in, there's a bunch of menus on top of the page. Go to "Create General Content" and choose "Make Journal Entry".

Upload your pictures and write your journal entry and choose what kind of work it is, then at the groups part, choose tsumea modeller challenge 10, and make sure you have the public checkbox ticked.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 23/08/08 - 4:46 PM Permalink

Ok guys, just letting you know that one month has already past since the start of the challenge. If you're taking things easy, you should be finalised on your concepts about now and ready to start modelling!

Submitted by Snacuum on Tue, 02/09/08 - 7:31 PM Permalink

What! Already... i'm screwed

Oh btw I finally figured out how to make my own journal entry, but now i don't know how to put my pics into my thread. I know I could attach the journal to the challenge but I already have a thread here. I don't need more confusion.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/09/08 - 12:04 AM Permalink

Is this a private competition?

I can't see any of the entries for challenge #10 under "Activities". Sumea challenge #9 is there & it's about 49 weeks old!

Submitted by souri on Fri, 05/09/08 - 1:40 AM Permalink

I'm not exactly sure why, but it seems the forum isn't showing up to people who aren't logged in. I was certain I had set this as public. I will have to look into it.