What Irrational Games Australia is working on

From Irrational Game's latest job posting...

quote:Off the back of winning game of the show at E3, we?re looking for lots of talented people to join us in Australia. We?re working on the sequel to one of the best loved PC franchises of all time. I think gamers are going to go nuts when they find out. So, why not come and talk to us about being part of it?

Anyone wanna make a guess at the sequel they're working on?

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one of the best loved PC franchises of all time? hmmm, hard to say...

what genre of games is Irrational Aus. most known for?

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duke nukem forever!

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The Sims 3 huh ;)

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System Shock 3?

Or was that a different developer?

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Hmm... interesting.

I can't even begin to guess because I don't know what games Irrational made. [:p]

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System shock 3 will be the one don't think its fallout the is talk the lisence is going to Bethesda

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Irrational Games is owned by Take Two and the System Shock ip belongs to Electronic Arts. I think? it was mentioned somewhere that EA were working on a System Shock 3. In any case, EA renewed the System Shock 3 trademark a while ago, so they aren't letting go of it.

There's some chatter that it might be Max Payne 3 (which Take Two owns the ip of), but there are some hints in the Irrational jobs descriptions like:

Design Director with "understanding of and desire to create first-person shooter gameplay"
Special Effects Artist,Visual Effects Coder, with working knowledge of Unreal 3 editor (would many people have experience with the U3 editor yet? [:o])
Environment & General Concept Artist - "Mech and Tech concepting ability ? weapons, vehicles, technology etc."

So what is a best loved PC franchise of all time that would meet those details?

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A 3D tactical homage version of X-com .... i can dream...

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yay for dreaming X-com rocked

man its getting so hard to keep track of who owns who these days it seems like every day someone else goes down (poor ratbag)

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BioShock is being worked on by them, which is the 'spiritual sucessor' to System Shock 2, and since that's already been announced, SS3 wouldn't be it.

No other idea what it could be though. @:-)

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I'm fairly certain that Irrational Canberra are not working on Bioshock. Irrational Boston are working on Bioshock. I think this has been made clear in the press, perhaps not by local press or Irrational Canberra, but made clear regardless.

You could probably find this out easily enough - I'm to lazy to do so but rather prefer to trust the few good sources that have told me so.

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Either way, Irrational wouldn't be working on SS3. You knew what I meant @:-)

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Bioshock is most definitely being worked on by Irrational's Boston studio.

As for Irrational Canberra well it must be SCORCHED EARTH NEXT GEN, or monkey island.

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Just to clarify, Canberra studio does have staff working on Bioshock, and deserve credit there.

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I have my fingers crossed for T4. (lol at me) :D

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[url="http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?t=27067"]There's a rumour[/url] that the team that did The Godfather at EA are doing the System Shock 3 sequel.