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limited progress, new engine, Ogre

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have changed to using ogre game engine, and this is after a few weekends of mucking around and making content, with smatterings of code

some history. got my own 'from scratch' game engine up to runing but was going to be a pain to support different render hardware and would still need an asset pipeline, so tried out torque.
was unhappy with torque so reworte quite a bit of it, at wich point was only using it's renderer and would need to write asset pipeline as had changed mesh format a lot, and while i have delusions of being able to write asset pipelines, it is not quite what i want to be doing at home, so moved to ogre.

theoretically should have used the python wrapers for rapid prototyping, (kind of the point of ogre) but just using it in cpp mode as like to step through source code to see what is going on.

this weekend was loading a xml scene description, (player and player animation state machine are still hard coded) got shadows back to working and got a perforce repositry set up to make revision keeping a bit easier.

next shall be nailing in a colision system, might try out newton

forgot to menthion that character design is property of Fred Perry

Submitted by designerwatts on Mon, 17/08/09 - 12:42 AM Permalink

Nice. :)

Did you attend freeplay this year? There was a great little talk given about freeware software that discussed free engines and physics software.

Also, I am surprised anyone else in this country even knew of Gold Digger.

Submitted by davidcoen on Thu, 20/08/09 - 12:42 AM Permalink

thanks for the comments.

did not make it to free play, and i will attempt to show you something more worthy of your time next update Marty, good to hear that you are still alive.