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Artstation link for more shots and breakdown.

This was a project inspired by Eichenwalde from Overwatch. At first, I wanted to create a scene with a simple concept, what would the entrance to Reinhardt's house look like in Eichenwalde?

I wanted to develop my stylized handpainted skills and thought this would be a good project to practice that. All the assets were created in Zbrush > Retopo'd and textured in Substance Painter without preset materials using brushes.

Keeping presets of different roughness values and colors for the foliage and grand helped me match things closely and get them to match easier so working with an initial roughness/color guide from the get-go.

The scene was rendered in UE4 with no additional edits.

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Tasked with creating a flexible set of modular environment pieces for the Ready Player One: Oasis Beta - Gauntlet VR game.

The work includes meshes, materials, textures and lighting.

As we were making the assets,we created this small test scene in order to develop their look further. Everything was designed for VR use.

Worked alongside the talented team at Directive Games.

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This historic weapon is part of Upsurge Studios first original title set in the height of the bushranger period of nineteenth century Australia.

A game ready Colt Pocket percussion revolver. This was the shorter version of the 'Colt Navy' and is .31 calibre. This pistol is similar to the one used by Ned Kelly at the beginning of his last stand at Glenrowan.

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Sci-Fi Hallway - Routine Fan Remake.

This is a project I completed late 2015 and decided to revisit with some updated props and textures and some new production methods., It's a piece I'm proud of and it took me to great success in finding work.

I love the combinations of styled used for the upcoming game 'Routine'. The style mixture of 80's and sci-fi really intrigues me and I'm a big fan of both styles.

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Chinese Guardian Lion is otherwise known as a Fu Dog statue. There are two variations, one with a ball under its paw representing the male, the other with a baby under its paw showing it is a female.
I spent a lot of time gathering reference from temples and Chinese statues to create something inspired by them. This was sculpted in ZBrush, UVMapped in Maya and textured in Substance Painter with some minor tweaks in Photoshop.

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Chinese Garden Environment I created in UE4.
All Assets, textures, and concepts were created by me using Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya, Substance Designer / Painter.

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Being a fan of early Image comics, Iv'e been working on a few of Rob Liefeld's creations. This time it's Prophet. This is just fan art and has not been published.

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I thought Super Mario Odyssey looked amazing so I wanted to try to replicate it with Goombella!
She's got a hat for that extra defence, she loves exploring and learning, could totally imagine an alternate reality where she was in game.

I modelled her in Maya and did the materials/textures in Quixel, renders are from 3DO.

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This model is Kumiko from the anime ‘Hibike! Euphonium’.
I made this model for the purpose of experimenting with a ‘shading’ technique that I wanted to try. The main aim of this project was to have a convincing 3D anime model with a clean 2D effect that is viewable realtime.
I have a writeup on how I created the model, here.

Sketchfab/model viewer:

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