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Wait...what? I thought Krome was officially dead. As in, closed down, no more employees there at all. How is it they are still releasing games (albeit mobile games)?

Submitted by Linds (not verified) on Wed, 08/02/12 - 11:50 AM Permalink

Technically we always were indie.

Krome Studios’ Full House Poker has been voted the Runner Up in’s Game of the Year in the “Best Card & Board Game” Category.

This is second annual “Game of the Year” voting, and this year over 135,000 total votes were cast by their international community in twenty categories.

Krome Studios has several up and coming games in the mobile space, including Toy Soldiers 2: Boot Camp, which is being featured on Microsoft’s Must-HaveGames promotion for Windows Phone in February.

Full House Poker has also been listed as the top selling Xbox Live Arcade title in 2011. It has sold in excess of 375,000 Units, bringing in $3.6 Million USD (at $9.66 ASP), according to

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Dark Reign was so ahead of it's time and never got the hype it deserved. I can't wait to get this and play some games with my girl since it was the first game we could both get into way back in 1997 (yup we are over 30 :D).

Magnetar Games has brought back Auran's popular 1997 RTS game, Dark Reign: The Future of War. The Canadian based developer made a deal to remake the game with publishing giant, Activision, to produce an accurate remake for the Xbox 360 console. It seems they had encounter a small hitch with bringing it to the Xbox Live Marketplace, but it looks to be all sorted out now...

(Magnetar Games) We have worked out a deal with Activision to remake the game. The art assets are fully authorized. The legal issues has been reviewed by Activision's lawyer. Dark Reign is a remake game QA'd by Activision. Under this term, with fully licensed art assets, we still cannot publish the game onto the indie channel?

The remake, titled Dark Reign Redux, is available now on Xbox Live for 400 points (or roughly $5), and there's a free demo version available to try out beforehand. If you're wondering how the heck you're supposed to play this originally keyboard-controlled PC game on the Xbox controller, then you'll need to study this diagram for a little bit.

For those of you on a PC, Magnetar Games have also made available a cut-down Microsoft Silverlight demo of the game to try out in your browser (with a maximum resolution of up to 1024 x 768). The Silverlight plugin is of course required. Magnetar Games are also planning a mobile version of Dark Reign Redux in the very near future.


DSO Gaming has confirmed that this cloudy video production is of Stalker Online running on the BigWorld Tech engine. Stalker Online isn't related to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R ip, mind you, and has been worked on by another game developer entirely for quite some time. And while there are plenty of Stalker Online videos available for viewing on places like youtube, this particular new video stands out for its leap in visual aesthetics for the game, despite being filmed off another monitor.

Most demonstrations of games utilising BigWorld Technology showcase highly expansive rolling landscapes and large open worlds, whilst this shows off another side to the Australian developed MMO suite entirely. Looking like something straight out of Fallout 3, it begins with a tour on an underground bunker with some great attention to detail on close quarter environmental objects, as well as some fantastic texture work and lighting.

It looks like it's all still running on the BigWorld 2.0 engine as well. BigWorld 3 promises Realtime shadows, Dynamic time of day, HDR lighting, and ambient occlusion.


Cubemen is an original game that melds some of the core principles of Tower Defense and Realtime Strategy genres.

It’s the age old struggle between Good vs Bad, Blue vs Red, Little men vs Little men.

Use your own little Cubemen to defend your base from other little Cubemen that are trying to run it over. It’s the usual story, but with many very interesting twists.

Play a purely defense game in various modes on a sweet selection of levels, or go into Skirmish mode and play a new type of TD game against either the computer or another human opponent. That’s right.. Two way REAL-TIME TD against the computer or a real person!

There are no static towers, just little men! Spawn your little Cubemen with orders to get to a certain location to attack or defend. You can move your Cubemen around the board at any time or click on an enemy to target them.

It’s TD like you’ve never seen or experienced before. It’s fast. It’s hard. It’s pure chaos!


Electronics giant, LG, showed off their new 3D Game Experience initiative at this year's CES show which looks to be a system that consists of a very Kinect-like looking camera for full body gesture control functionality and an App Store-like eco system for games to support the new peripheral. The demonstration showing at their booth could initially be mistaken for Fruit Ninja on the Xbox 360 with Kinect except for two main factors. Unlike the Kinect version, this Fruit Ninja is played without the silhouette of the player in the background which I'm sure goes a long way in helping players gauge where their arms are and where they'll need to be for the accurate fruit slicing motions needed.

The other difference, and perhaps most glaring, is that this peripheral looks laggy and unresponsive as hell. In fact, it makes Fruit Ninja look almost unplayable. Watch the embedded CNet footage below (jump to 2:46 marker) of the system in use as two hapless fools fight lag and do an extraordinary job at actually avoiding the fruit that's flung about due to the unresponsiveness of this new product.

Voice and body gesture controls seem to be the big selling point for many devices on show at CES this year, and while this LG product obviously needs quite a bit more work,
it's still not as bad as the gesture demonstration that Qualcomm showed off at their booth.


Melbourne-based developer SpaceGum will release its new game SubTub this Thursday 15th December. The game is a casual arcade game where you control a little sub with unlimited mines and must clear over 70 levels in the required time.

The game enemies include destroyers, battleships, jets, helicopters and their are countless obstacles such as rubber duckies and mud in you way to make things tricky. There are hidden trophy levels to unlock also.

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I thoroughly endorse this product.
It is very pretty, and fun to play.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 14/11/11 - 9:08 AM Permalink

I concur, this game is TIGHT.
Anyone know what the licensing fees / terms for UDK on iOS are like these days? Here's hoping they can convert a thick revenue stream into some healthy profit...

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Oh, and congratulations on App of the Week!!

Uppercut Games, the new indie studio formed by Ed Orman, Andrew James and Ryan Lancaste, promises to bring AAA quality to mobile and downloadable games. With a combined experience of 38 years in games development and past titles including Fallout: Tactics, Freedom Force, Tribes: Vengeance, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and XCOM credited to their names, it would seem that AAA quality games is in their genetics.

With the release of EPOCH today, it looks like Uppercut Games is keeping their promise as their cover-based shooter oozes all the hallmarks of a triple A game with similar production values and attention to detail given to all aspects of EPOCH's development, from the concept art, game design, cinematics, and story telling. It's also pretty hard to miss the incredible aesthetics in EPOCH as well, supported by the power of the UDK game engine.

The single player campaign in the game will reveal the engrossing story behind the post-apocalytpic world of EPOCH. Surviving hordes of robots is the aim of the game, and you'll be able to collect scraps of enemies between each round to level up your own character's abilities. EPOCH is a universal app that takes advantage of the power of iPhone 4 and iPad2 and is available now on the App Store.

For those who'll be attending Game Connect: Asia Pacific 2011 next week in Melbourne, Ed Orman and Ryan Lancaster from Uppercut games will be presenting a talk on developing EPOCH for iOS with UDK.

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Souri, Edge of Twilight "had" Mike Patton and Melissa George (and a host of other Australian actors) but the project has been dead for a couple of years now, Fuzzyeyes has been liquidated and to my knowledge there is no one working on this anymore.

For the record, the VO work of all actors involved was great!

Submitted by souri on Thu, 03/11/11 - 6:03 PM Permalink

Would you know when the voice over work started/finished? Melissa George and Mike Patton are credited for their work on Edge of Twilight in 2011 this year on IMDB, which is why I thought it was current.

Thinking about it now, if you create an entry on IMDB and leave it as "in production", maybe it lists the title as a current year production (for the IMDB page as well as the actors credits) until it's marked as released?

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Yeah i believe imdb must list the title as the current year regardless so its not indicative. The VO work was completed sometime in 2008 when the project was still in full production, about a year before the studio closed.

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The funny part is that this years old news item should of had it's comments locked since it's not exactly new news.

Keeps the site and comments more relevant that way I think to the majority of site patrons.

It's been two years since we've last heard of any news concerning Edge of Twilight, the Unreal engine powered console game from Brisbane based Fuzzyeyes studios. The studio and its publisher (Southpeak Interactive) assured media that the steam punk themed third person action adventure title was still in development, despite providing official confirmation that most of the staff that was working on it were let go as management decided to look towards offshore outsourcing to finish off the rest of the game amidst the global financial crisis.

There was news of legal issues in late 2009 with Edge Games (run by notorious patent troll, Tim Langdell) over the use of the word "Edge" in Edge of Twilight, however that seems to have been amicably resolved by both parties. Of course, that could have possibly meant that a license was issued and paid for by Fuzzy for its use.

It seems that development for Edge of Twilight may be in development despite a long absence in the news as an entry on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website for EOT updated last June shows that Fuzzyeyes hired the vocal talents of Perth-born former Home and Away actress, Melissa George, as well as Faith No More and Mr Bungle vocalist, Mike Patton, for a starring role in the game. IMDB has the following description for Edge of Twilight...

Edge of Twilight plays in a world where day and night have been split into two separate realms. The player takes control of Lex, who is the only being alive holding the ability to transverse between the two realms.

Edge of Twilight was initially a self-funded $7.5 million project with a release date of 2009. Before the economic downturn, Fuzzyeyes revealed to Gamasutra in 2008 that they were 200 employee strong and spread across four studios in Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing, China, and their main headquarters in Brisbane.


Three and a half years seems like an unusually long time to port a game to the mobile platform, but that's apparently how long it took Melbourne games developers, True Axis. has been following the progress of bringing PomPom Games' indie PC horizontal shooter, Space Tripper, to the iOS platform (iPhone, iPod, and iPad). Originally slated for release in early 2009, the title has had a long slog in development with numerous issues encountered by the then two member team at True Axis.

Listed amongst the many reasons delaying Space Tripper are the various iOS updates and bugs which broke the game, the success of their Jet Car Stunts title, and the resignation of one half of the team. The success of Jet Car Stunts meant additional work on updates as well as laying groundwork for a sequel, all of which had to be done in parallel with Space Tripper...

(Toucharcade) They were striving for perfection with the performance of the game on iOS hardware, and every time they seemed to be getting the game behaving exactly how they wanted a new iOS update would come along and totally throw a wrench in the build, setting their progress back several steps and delaying the game even further.

It looks like Space Tripper has reached its final stretch of development, and the long awaited title is currently in the process of being approved for the App Store by Apple. True Axis have released teaser footage of the game in action and it looks highly impressive. Arcade shooter fans should expect to get their hands on it for their iOS devices very soon, knowing that this title has had a rather extraordinary journey to get there.


Matchbox Battery are a six member team of students heralding from Brisbane, and they've been developing a 3d puzzle / platformer "with a bit of a twist" for the last six months which they've just made available for play on their website.

The game, Scrapped, was developed using Unity and looks to be partly inspired by Valve's Portal in the way that you've been provided various kinds of guns, or arm extensions in this case, that perform specific functions, and it's up to you to figure out how to use them to solve some tricky puzzles to progress through to the next section.

The arm types and the puzzles and are quite creative, and overall it's a whole lot of fun. If you have some minutes to spare, give this game a shot and send some comments and feedback to the folks at Matchbox Battery!

Download or play Scrapped online via their website here!

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