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It'll come as some comfort for those who have been let go from SEGA Studios Australia since the Brisbane studio halved in numbers over two months ago, but the game they've been working on, London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games, has received some very positive words from the Senior Editor at IGN Australia. He's played a preview on the PlayStation 3 and touts it as "the best Olympics Game to date".

Now, the track record for past Olympic games may be spotty at best, where many were produced to capitalise on such a lucrative license resulting in a button mashing mess of mini-games, but SEGA Studios Australia's efforts have been praised for going way above and beyond the expectations of a mere licensed title. Apart from the outsanding visuals and animation detail, where for example, muscle bulges and veins are seen in the faces of weight lifters, a lot of emphasis was put on the actual gameplay itself where the button mashing experience is replaced with a more deeper experience requiring skill and timing.

There are 49 events across 13 different sports and dynamic commentary throughout, giving a broadcast quality feel to the whole experience and a personality to the game. An online mode where players can compete and tally medals for their own country makes for a highly interesting feature for London 2012. There's some nice touches added including an open ceremony and a party event mode where games are more arcade-y and made more for fun than the purpose of being realistic, all of which shows the extra mile that SEGA Studios Australia went for this title.

(IGN Australia) While this isn't necessarily a game that's aimed at 'core' gamers – whoever they are – it's good to see an Olympics title that's been approached with a focus on gameplay and quality; one that doesn't simply rely on the license. With such a huge list of events it's inevitable that some fall flat but, from what we've played, it seems like enough get it right that this could be the perfect party game to complement the Olympics themselves.

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Reminds me of a game I used to have on my C64 called "Potty Pigeon".

Not my style of humour, but it's a really solid trailer and the game looks polished. Big congrats on your work and I wish you success.

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Yep, I thought of Potty Pigeon on the C64 too! The idea was rather odd, but it was fun. The pooping part of Potty Pigeon was secondary, however, and the main objective was to collect twigs from the road and return to your nest. This game looks like a straight up shooter.


"With incredibly simple controls, new concepts, and addicting gameplay, Bird Jerk: The Poopening will definitely have you entertained for hours"
- UnboundGamer

"Laughing is almost guaranteed"
- CapsuleComputers


Convict Interactive has placed the future direction of their platform punisher game, Triangle Man, in your hands, via a Pozible crowd funding campaign. The extra funding would support the Wollonging-based indie developers in a new 2D animation artist and polishing the game with newer and more sophisticated artwork. They hoped to reach a goal of $1,000 within a month, but remarkably they got there in just 45 hours.

So what's Triangle Man? Here's Convict Interactive in their own words...

Triangle Man is an exciting 2D punishment platformer that challenges the player to use their wits in order to solve a vast variety of levels designed to test their problem solving and multi-tasking skills.

Triangle Man offers a unique gameplay experience as you control multiple characters at once in order to solve the increasingly diabolical levels. Triangle Man must navigate around various types of obstacles & enemies who are all designed to impede his movement.

Sounds great! While Convict Interactive successfully reached their initial goal, more funds would go further in making Triangle Man even more awesome, so if you're interested in helping out, check out their Pozible campaign and see which reward category most interests you! The campaign currently sits at $1,720 with three weeks left to go, whilst Triangle Main is expecting a late April release date.


Late last year, Melbourne developer Endgame Studios wrote about the long and troubled history behind their 2D platform shooter, Fractured Soul, and the difficulty they endured to get it onto store shelves. If you don't know the entire backstory then read their blog entry here or read our summary to fill yourselves in.

Let's just say that it's been quite a challenging seven years to get Fractured Soul released, one that's been fraught with a variety of issues. Endgame Studios ended their revealing insight into Fractured Soul's development with the news that there was light at the end of the tunnel and a Nintendo DS release was expected in late 2011 and a 3DS version for early 2012. So what's happened since? has been anticipating Fractured Soul but noticed that something was certainly amiss particularly since it disappeared off the radar for a while and then reappeared in 3D form and with a new publisher attached. They hit up Endgames Studios co-founder, Grant Davies, for an update and found out that Fractured Soul's woes didn't end with their blog from last year. From Joystick...

"We sold the distribution rights for that to N3V Games," Davies said. "Basically, what happened was, toward the end of the project when they were looking to place it with distributors, the DS market kind of fell down at that point -- the 3DS was coming out. They had a bit of trouble placing it with distributors."

Since the rights to the DS version of Fractured Soul had been sold and distribution is in limbo, Endgame Studios can't seek a new publisher or take its game back. They've decided to remake the game with entirely new 3D visuals for a release on the Nintendo 3DS platform, however the publisher for that skue has fallen through and Endgame have been left considering publishing it on their own through eShop, Nintendo's online distribution service for the 3DS.

For the entire article, head on over to


Congratulations are definitely in order for Halfbrick on achieving the #2 position in Apple's Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps list with their immensley popular Fruit Ninja game. As part of Apple's 25 billion apps downloaded promotion, the lists published by Apple showcase the most successful apps to ever hit the App Store for both paid and free categories, and for both the iPhone and iPad.

In the coveted Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps iPhone list, Rovio's Angry Birds takes the #1 spot, followed by Fruit Ninja which beat out other notoriously popular titles such as Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, Plants vs Zombies, and Words with Friends. Fruit Ninja is listed also #23 in the Top Free iPhone list with Fruit Ninja Lite, #6 Top Paid iPad with Fruit Ninja HD, and #13 Top Free iPad with Fruit Ninja HD Lite.

Despite being released in April, 2010, Fruit Ninja has shown some extraordinary staying power by hovering most of the time since in the top ten paid App Store charts. It's certainly going to get an extra boost via Apple's promotion of these lists as well as the 25 billion apps mural on the Apple website where Fruit Ninja's icon appears in a commanding front row position.

Local developers, IronMonkey and Firemint, also made the iPhone Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps list with The Sims 3 reaching spot #21, and Flight Control with #22.


Zombie Outbreak Simulator for iOS is now in Beta! This means that we are essentially feature complete and are ready to begin testing!

We only have a limited number of keys to giveaway, but if you can help us do a great job testing our game then we would love to hear from you.

If you’d like to test Zombie Outbreak Simulator and have access to a 3rd gen or higher iOS device then please fill out this form:

Thank you, we look forward to releasing soon with your help.

Jay and Saxon
Binary Space


Hey kids, do you like adventure games?

Australian comedian, John Robertson, appears in a humorously written and well performed "choose your own adventure" video series on youtube called The Dark Room, which is an oddly reminiscent throwback to the golden era of text adventure games. Some of you more crustier gamers would have experienced the limitations of early text adventure games where a small range of possibilities were available and you'd receive some rather odd responses to your queries as a result. The Dark Room is bound to give off a somewhat familiar feel.

While it was launched onto youTube over a week ago, The Dark Room is set to get a whole bunch of extra viewers after receiving the attention of the Grumpygamer himself, Ron Gilbert. The legendary designer/creator of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, and new million+ dollar kickstart funding recipient for his studio's own new adventure game, has jokingly tweeted it as "The real future of adventure games".

Additional content was added to the Dark Room youtube adventure game only a few days ago, with new levels and easter eggs offered for those who are up for the challenge. There's also a highly elusive good ending which Robertson has described as "bloody hard" to get.

The Dark Room is guaranteed to give you more than a chuckle or two, so check it out! (With thanks to Matthew Hall from KlickTock)


Electronic Arts have announced Mass Effect Infiltrator for mobile iOS devices, describing it as a companion to their upcoming and highly anticipated game, Mass Effect 3. From EA's the press release...

"Take the all-out galactic war in Mass Effect 3 on-the-go with Infiltrator, a fully-featured iOS third-person shooter showcasing stunning graphics and authentic weapons and powers from the Mass Effect series."

"Inspired by the deep and immersive Mass Effect 3 universe, in Infiltrator players will help to free prisoners from a hostile Cerberus base and will receive rewards for collecting evidence of Cerberus' crimes along the way. Every completed rescue and intelligence discovery in Infiltrator will increase a player's Galactic Readiness rating directly through the Galaxy at War system in Mass Effect 3."

The screenshots look fantastic, and it looks like the game is in no safer hands than those of the capable team at Melbourne's IronMonkey Studios who had also developed the award winning and critically acclaimed iOS version of EA's other big ip, Dead Space.


Take Two have released their quarterly financial results which has put some interesting details on Team Bondi's 40's era detective thriller, L.A Noire. The report mentions L.A Noire shifting nearly 5 million global sales since it was released in May, last year, establishing the Australian developed title as the best selling original ip game for 2011, despite Sydney-based Team Bondi no longer around anymore. From the report...

Released L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition, featuring the original title and all subsequently released downloadable content, for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. L.A. Noire has sold-in nearly 5 million units worldwide since its launch.

In comparison, another well established Take Two game, NBA 2K12, raked in nearly 4 million copies. The Red Dead ip was a big seller for the publisher with 13 million sales for series.

Team Bondi, the developers who worked on L.A Noire for seven years, was liquidated and officially closed in late 2011. The remaining employees of the studio were given the option to transfer to KMM Games in Sydney. Former Team Bondi boss, Brendan McNamara, is working on his next big game, Whore of the Orient.

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