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Mid-Senior Producer

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Job Position

Mod has a 12-month contract for a Producer with solid experience on interactive media projects. We're an indie production studio doing world-class work, including original productions, R&D, and work-for-hire. We need someone who will be proactive and professional in their approach, and who will use their great communication skills to work as part of our small team. 

This role is a 12-month full time contract. Remote working may be possible, depending on experience.

We need someone who can help us:

  • Define and manage production roadmaps, including for an “Early Access” launch
  • Coordinate tasks and priorities with our studio leads
  • Support our development team


To be considered you must:

  • Have 2 years experience producing on interactive projects
  • Have experience producing a game or interactive title's release phase  
  • Be able to work independently within a small team
  • Regardless of your time zone, be able to schedule availability for at least 4 hours per day within our AEST (Sydney, Australia) work hours of Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, for meetings and collaborative work.


The following is not essential but would help give you an edge.

  • Experience working on any of the following types of interactive media projects: serious games / mixed reality / installations / social impact / social good.

We welcome all applicants and particularly encourage people from groups underrepresented in the industry to apply. 

Check our website to see the kind of work we do or drop into our weekday Open House, 11.00-11.30am, Sydney time, (VR optional) to discuss any questions.

To apply, please do not email but use our Recruitment Form.