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3D Animator (remote)

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Fool's Theory

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Monday, 16 August, 2021 - 5:50 PM
Job Position:

As part of work on the new, proprietary project 'Vitriol', created in cooperation with 11bit studios (, Fool's Theory is looking for experienced candidates to work remotely or on-site for the position of:

3D ANIMATOR (regular or senior)


  • creation of character rigs,
  • creation of character animations, both humanoid and other,
  • cleaning/fixing motion capture animations,
  • implementing created assets into Unreal Engine 4,
  • iterative work on created animations, in order to improve their quality, feedback on the work of the animation team,
  • cooperation with design team, 3D character team and other animators,
  • maintaining animation  pipeline,
  • research new technical solutions (senior), 
  • coordination of he animation team (senior).


  • very good familiarity with animation software (Blender / Motion Builder),
  • rigging/skinning skill,
  • good sense of character, anatomy, movement dynamics, forces and masses,
  • ability to work with motion capture assets.
  • at least 3 years of professional experience in a similar position.


  • familiarity with Unreal Engine 4,
  • the ability to set up physical simulations, e.g. cloths,
  • english language on communicative level (min, B1/B2),
  • keeping up with technological nuances in the field of animation,
  • ability to independently plan your own work on created objects, search for references,
  • ability to create neat, consistent with the artistic vision and quality of the project animations assets,
  • ability to clearly convey constructive feedback,
  • good communication skills and eager to work in group,
  • ability to solve problems.


  • attractive salary,
  • a key role in the process of developing current and future projects,
  • opportunity to work on a cool, RPG project in cooperation with 11bit studios,
  • possibility to work remotely or in our office in Bielsko-Biała (also after pandemic), Poland,
  • long-term contracts - we are looking for people for more than one project,
  • flexible forms of employment - a b2b contract, work or employment contract,
  • work in a group of experienced specialists, often gamedev veterans, who are willing to share their knowledge,
  • custom tools to automate boring, repetitive stuff,
  • work with modern tools from leading technology suppliers (e.g. Jetbrains), as well as with our proprietary solutions,
  • supporting participation in industry training courses, conferences and fairs (both as a participant or speaker),