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Character Designer

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If you’re a passionate game artist overflowing with crazy ideas for characters then we’d love to talk to you. We have TWO AAA games in the works, set in a new IP for Mobile/Console. They are funded by our partner, one of the biggest entertainment co’s in the world, going to be amazing and we’d love to bring you along on this crazy adventure! Together, we’ll build something big, bold, and beautiful.

As a Character Artist, your goal is to bring all forms of 2D and 3D characters, creatures, and vehicles to life, and to push our project’s visual fidelity to the right level. Obviously, you understand that character work does not end in photoshop or ZBrush, and that texturing, modeling, and optimizing are just as important as your imaginative design skills. Ultimately, you’ll be creating inspiring art for incredible gameplay. We believe our team is good. Really good. Granted, we’re obviously biased. But we also believe there are lots of developers and artists out there who can make us even better. If you’re looking for a team where inclusion, thoughtfulness, empathy, professionalism, and collaboration are all seen as critically important, we believe our team could be a phenomenal fit for you. Join us and help create an exciting worlds together.


You’re Great at:

  • Conjuring fun quirky unique designs for characters and creatures for video games!

  • Creating both high resolution 2D illustrations and/or 3D sculpts and final low polygon and textured game assets for highly creative characters and creatures.

  • Combining traditional hand-crafted art techniques with next gen PBR materials to create a unique visual style for characters and creatures.

  • Partnering with other artists, designers, and tech artists to collaborate on creative solutions to solve complex character pipeline problems and bringing assets to life.

  • Understand everything about sculpting the form, shape, structure, and silhouette for human and creature anatomy and you know how to stylize them as needed too.

  • Understanding what good looks like. You have a great eye for light, shading, color, and detail in creating texture maps

  • Solving problems, and you happily adjust to various needs for prototyping early in the development process

Extra Points for:

  • Having professional experience as a character artist in the games industry, working on AAA games.

  • Hands-on knowledge of multiple asset creation pipelines and tools.

  • Playing a lot of video games and watching movies, and for always dissecting them and thinking about Story.

  • Also having skills and experience in related fields, like illustration, concept art, sculpting, animation etc.