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Stolent art worth $1.4bn destroyed

This might be an interest for you art lovers.. It kinda gave me a shock when I read it.

"A hoard of stolen art worth more than $1.4bn (?960m) has been destroyed - by the mother of a French art thief.

Mireille Breitwieser cut up the works, including canvases by Antoine Watteau and Peter Bruegel, after the arrest of her son Stephane for stealing a bugle from a museum in Lucerne, Switzerland."

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Fujitsu Develops Record-Breaking 300Gb/in HDD Technology

Fujitsu, a world leader in hard disk drive technology, has developed revolutionary new read head and media technologies that will enable hard disk drive (HDD) recording densities of up to 300 gigabits per square inch (Gb/in?). The new technologies are expected to lead to the commercial introduction within two to four years of 2.5" hard disk drives with capacities up to six times the recording density available today.

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