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PALGN Launches Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network reviews

PALGN took part in the Sumea celebrations interview that I conducted recently, and they've been a website that I've admired for a long time, particularly since they do a mammoth task of running a general gaming website without the resources their bigger competitors have. And now they're going one step further by covering Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network games. I don't know how they do it all, but I bet it has something to do with an army of intelligent robots and a teleporter.

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AustralianGamer Questions Project Joystick

The recent announcement of the one million dollar Project Joystick competition, organised by Telstra BigPond and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), was quickly followed by some negative reactions as readers noticed the terms and conditions of entry which relinquished finalists of intellectual property rights or discovered that the competition did not offer any real further participation in the game development process.

Krystal in Need for Speed ProStreet

In news that will most likely not interest too many fascinate and encourage inelligent debate for ProStreet racers everywhere, News.com.au reports that Krystal Forscutt is set to be lending her "talents" for the next iteration of the popular Need for Speed franchise entitled Need for Speed ProStreet. So who's Krystal, you may ask? She's the silicon enhanced brunette that entered the Australian Big Brother house last year. From News.com.au...

A Love Letter to Video Games

Australian machinima artist and games designer Thuyen Nguyen has made what he calls a "love letter to video games." In response to negative mainstream perceptions of video games, his film, "The Most Powerful Person in the World," celebrates all that's good about games. His message is simple: games aren't so bad.