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Pandemic guy a bad dancer, but big hit with Visa

Pandemic Studios Brisbane is in the news recently because of Matt. Who the hell is Matt? Well, a question might just help with the answer. The "Where the hell is Matt" videos have been quite a phenomenon on youtube, drawing over 30 million views and grabbing the attention of a few corporate sponsors, the latest of which coming from Visa.

GameDamage - A new show featuring Yahtzee, Yug and Matt

I've always thought the next step for the gaming podcast geniuses at AustralianGamer started doing some visual media - being able to see the games while they're talking about it makes perfect sense. It's a perfect match, and we're seeing most large gaming sites delve into their own t.v shows and making them available for viewing online.

Infinite Interactive on Good Game, August 11

Mark down the 11th of August on your calendars as the studio of Infinite Interactive makes an appearance on the fourth season return of Good Game on the ABC. PALGN reports that next week's show has a segment on two Good Game interns starting work at the development studio that created the hit Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords.

Good Game airs on ABC2 at 9:00pm on Monday, August 11.

40kg Destroy All Humans! ship on Ebay

Pandemic Studios Brisbane are making the move to shinier new offices and are selling off this 40kg Destroy All Humans! spaceship which adorns their current studio on Ebay. Bidding starts at $1199 but the guys are willing to accept Latinum Bars or Federation Credits. From the bidding page...

This UFO was made specifically for Pandemic Studios.

Aussies paying five times more for software

Digital distribution was supposed to solve a lot of things, and make software purchasing a hell of a lot more conveniant in the process. And while it remains conveniant for many people, the new model seems to have hit a major snag as game publishers and now software developers are a bit resiliant to charge the same prices to consumers in different regions around the world. News.com.au reports that Australians are paying up to five times for the exact same software offered elsewhere. From News.com.au...

AusGamers gets new look

I've been a frequent visitor to AusGamers for yonks, right back when they had white copy on black pages. Yeh, it was pretty hard on the eyes after a while. This must've been around seven years ago! I've noticed over the weekend that they've had a major design update and it looks very fresh and clean. Check 'em out!

(Press release)

AusGamers 'new look' website to offer a new world of gaming to Australian gamers!

GTA IV for $78 at BigW

Since it's a bit quiet on the news front around here, I thought I'd make a post about GTA IV. As with many Australian gamers, I've been following all the updates and information on the local release version of GTA IV, particularly on any problems that an imported PS3 version might have on online play, or from the recent letter that Kotaku AU received from a Rockstar employee indicated, if it would even work at all.

Kings of Power 4 Billion %

Paul Robertson, Melbourne pixel artist extraordinaire, has finally released the "Kings of Power 4 Billion %" animation at his livejournal blog. He's been quite a busy guy since the release of his first big hit, Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006, and if you've never seen any of his work, it's a great movie to start on...