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Same As It Ever Was

Screenplay has an interview with Melbourne game designer, Thuyen Nguyen, on the game related machinima he has produced. Some of his work has been insanely popular, and if you haven't seen the "The Most Powerful Person in the World" video of his, I recommend you do so now! Thuyen has some strong opinions against some of the criticsm that games get, and he's been able to express them through these videos. He has a new video out called "Same As It Ever Was" which you can see just below here!

Colins Bear Animation

You know, I posted this in the forum last Friday, but darnit, I'm going to post it here. It's important that you see it. It's an animation that's spreading around the games and animation industry like wildfire (if you read the comments on its youtube page, you'll see that employees of Massive Black, Embassy VFX, Nerve Software, Radical Entertainment, Gearbox etc are chiming in the comments area to show their appreciation for this fine bit of animation).

Call Of Duty 4 price doubles overnight on Steam for Australians

Kotaku reports that Call of Duty 4, which was available on Steam's online distribution platform for $US 49.95, has now increased to a whopping $US 88.50 for its Australian users. So, for roughly over a week, you could've had this game for a nice sum of $57 Australian dollars, but with the price change it's yours for around $101. Considering that you don't get the fancy packaging and still need to download the 6 gigs or so of data, I can't imagine anyone from Australia purchasing this from Steam.

Screen Play on Australian game prices

If you're a gamer in Australia, you're no doubt aware that we pay a bit through the nose for games here. Even though our dollar is matching up pretty close to the American dollar, we have an enormous markup on our games when compared to our overseas friends. Yes, there are costs to consider including import fees, tax, the retailers cut etc, but when you can buy and import a game from the U.S for roughly $50 cheaper than what your local retailer is charging, then there's something very, very wrong.

Not Quite Art TV show on TONIGHT

Just posting a reminder that the Not Quite Art TV show is on tonight!! Marcus Westbury produced the show, and you may know him as having an important role in getting the Free Play conference happening...

Not Quite Art TV show
10pm Tuesday, October 16
Channel: ABC

I'd also like to make another reminder that the First Sydney Women in Games International Mixer is on this Saturday (the 20th of October, starting at 7pm).