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Aussie made Work and Play Pilot Available

GameSetWatch reports on an Aussie made sit-com called "Work & Play". It's a cross between "The Office" and "The IT Crowd", so if you love those shows, I'm sure you'll be entertained by this. The show is centered around a fictitious game company called "Beepford Games", and the first pilot episode has just been released. It's very humorous and it was filmed entirely at the IR Gurus studio!


If you've visited IGN in the past few days, you might've noticed that you get redirected to a brand new Australian version. Headed by Bennett Ring, who's been involved with magazines such as Atomic and PC PowerPlay, IGN.au will bring us not only all the content from the US version, but some exclusive local goodies too.

Screen Play test drives Windows Vista: what will it be like for gamers?

The lucky folks at The Age were given the chance to fool around with Windows Vista and see what it's capable of the other day. Their impressions are pretty positive, with the parental control and compatibility options scoring special mentions. You can read the full article at Screen Play.

A family that frags together, stays together

Australian author, comedian and - as it appears - World of Warcraft player Wendy Harmer has penned an essay on the potential benefits of everyone in the household enjoying the odd sport of online gaming. She believes that young children can pick up a lot of skills - from the social variety to the more practical - through virtual play.

Australian Defense Force: The Game?

A three year project has been announced by the Charles Sturt University, located in New South Wales, working with the Australian Defense Force to create gaming software for military personnel to train with. The project will use animatic avatars modeled on human speech and movement to create lifelike battle scenarios, training the military personnel in crisis management from a communications perspective. Zoe Hibbert, part-time CSU communications lecturer and researcher on the project spoke on the research and development in mind for the project.