Misc. News

Virginia Tech - The Game

A game based on the Virginia Tech Massacre has recently been uploaded on indie game site newgrounds.com. In the game, you play South Korean-born Cho Seung-hui, who last month shot dead 32 fellow students at the Virginia Tech campus, in the worst massacre of its kind in the US. The aim of the game is to basically kill everyone in the game, optionally starting with Emily Jane Hilscher, Cho's first victim.

Government imposes new laws for tougher internet regulation.

With game developers pushing for the availability of an R rating for games in Australia, the federal government is choosing to impose restrictions on the internet, with new laws announced yesterday to introduce tougher regulations on companies that sell entertainment-related content on subscription internet sites and mobile phones. The bill creates new rules for live interactive content such as chat rooms and, supposedly, forums as well, as well as strengthening rules on stored content.

Gaming TV Channel for Australia and New Zealand

Electronic Arts and ESPN STAR Sports have announced their collaboration to bring "Game" - the first-ever gaming program produced in the region for Pan-Asian audiences. The show debuted on April 18, 2007, exclusively on STAR Sports on the Southeast Asia, Singapore, Asia and Hong Kong networks. The show will also feature on STAR Sports India and STAR Sports Taiwan networks, and will soon be launched on the ESPN network in Pacific Rim.

Virtual Big Brother?

Electronic Arts and Big Brother creators Endemol group recently announced they will be teaming up for the development of Virtual Me, an entertainment concept that allows online players to take part in virtual TV Shows.

Avatar based players will be able to try their luck at virtual versions of game shows such as "Deal or No Deal" and "1 vs 100", or talent shows like "Fame Academy". VirtualMe.com, the location of the Virtual Me avatar creation system, will launch later this year and the concept will debut on Big Brother.

Australian Games Journalism a Shambles

There's a very interesting and quite damning editorial up on Gamearena concerning Australian games "journalism" by someone who's been in the field for a number of years. Richie Young, former editor of the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, slams the self-important attitudes of many of his colleagues, questions their journalistic integrity, and reveals some of the shenanigans that local games reviewers endulge in...

Control Games with Your Mind

Imagine doing away with hands completely and controlling games directly with your mind. Sounds like a great idea, and it looks like an Australian company is showcasing such technology at the Game Developers Conference this year. The helmet from Emotiv Systems claims to read your brain waves, and a software solution will also read your facial expressions as well...

Two Way TV Australia Going Second Life

Second Life is a big thing; a massively multiplayer realm where almost anything is possible. It’s very much an easy step to make a virtual business, and indeed, many profit off their dealings in this ‘SL Universe’. What’s more than that, it also seems like the big companies are getting involved. The newest to join the fold?