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BOTS! : Better then Armored Core!


Who likes robot games??

Who likes Customising their car to the shit??

Why can't we have both?

BOTS is a semi workable game idea I?ve come with. And one of the features playable would be the "High Grade" customisation system. Using whets known as primary and secondary parts and a slot system the player can have unparareled customisation to their robot/mecha/core/whatever ..I just call them BOTS...

Armoured Core has this market in the eastern sector. But robot games, while here and there are around they don't give all that much playability. You usually just get different classes of robots to use and fight with. BOTS would be a fast paced blast and smasher fest. Destructible environments and the parts on your robot and the enemies BOTS come off as damage is inflicted. So one arm can be blasted off. Repair teams can be requested to quickly rebuild damaged bot parts and the overall score at the end of the level gives you credits to use on buying new parts and weapons.

Not the most elegant or intricate design. But if the game were executed with good design/art/programming/QA it would be so awesome to play. Especially online co-op.