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GCAP2020 The Adam Lancman Award

Dr Jane Turner

  • GCAP2019 Lighting The Way

    Rae Johnston

  • GCAP2019 Adam Lanceman Award

    Liam Routt

  • GCAP2019 Industry Champion

    Ally McLean

  • GCAP2018 Adam Lanceman Award

    Giselle Rosman

  • GCAP2018 Industry Champion

    Liam Esler

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  • Designer's Playbook: L.A. Noire (Game Design Analysis)

    Helping to fill the void and explore the medium.

    Designer's Playbook is a new video series I have been working on in the last few months. The inspiration for the series came from my love of psychology, which I studied for 2 years at QUT…

  • An Australian [game studio] Story

    At the closing of the Studio doors on Wednesday 10th August 2011, I had been with THQ Studio Australia since the very beginning.

    In mid 2002 I was working in the London animation industry but my wife and I couldn’t stand the thought of…

  • IGDA Bits & Pieces: Finding Funding

    ‘When it’s cold outside, am I hear in vain?’ The first of IGDA Sydney’s new events coined: “Bits & Pieces” took place on a chilly 9th of August 2011 at The Arthouse Hotel’s attic bar to the crowd of approximately 100 local game developers, if…

  • BittersBBB Episode 002 - Mass Effect 2 Introducing Core Elements

    In BittersBBB Episode 002, we look at Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 to discover how Core game Elements are Introduced at the outset of the game.

    BittersBBB is my somewhat new project where I aim to analyse/deconstruct a game along the lines of a…

  • Bikini Beach Volleyball for iOS gameplay capture

    capture of iPhone gameplay of my lattest game, Bikini Beach Volleybal

  • Chico of the dead trial done

    Still a bit to go but finishing up the chico of the dead game, about a week left? event spent some time improving the quality of the first part of the game experence (added help)

  • Looking for a Developer
    Atlanta T


    I am a Producer and Content Creator and am looking App Developer to create a Plants Vs. Zombies-type App.

    The App is a winner and extends to bigger picture project. The idea is fun, silly, forward-thinking, smart. Ideally…

  • Hi there...

    I'm an indie games designer developer from the UK and I'm interested in the indie scene in Oz and Nz.

    Anyway you can find my games at

    Currently working on something new in Unity3, this…

  • as far as i got with the golddigger prototype

    ohh, submit vidies link now works :) this is from a while ago, shows who far i got with the golddigger prototype

  • NEIS, Funding applications and a Mole update!

    It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog on what I’ve been up to. Mostly because I’ve been quite busy with all sorts of work. Thankfully the outcome of which is that I now have quite a deal of things to write about.
    First to talk about…