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GCAP2020 The Adam Lancman Award

Dr Jane Turner

  • GCAP2018 Industry Champion

    Liam Esler

  • GCAP2019 Lighting The Way

    Rae Johnston

  • GCAP2019 Adam Lanceman Award

    Liam Routt

  • GCAP2018 Adam Lanceman Award

    Giselle Rosman

  • GCAP2019 Industry Champion

    Ally McLean

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  • The Manifesto Circa 2008
    The Voxel Agents

    PAX was such a great event and I loved meeting our players, especially those of you who have been supporting us for so long! You fill me with pride and excitement that we are making something worth making. Events like these get me so inspired,…

  • A time for change

    Yes, the site looks very different and I've had to prematurely switch to this new theme that I'm working on for a few reasons, the main one is that changing certain aspects of the site to fit the new theme will affect how the old one looks for…

  • Music Demo

    Brief demo of some music works. Have lately wrapped up works on a few projects (audio design and/or music) including Underbelly (the Official game), Orc Attack!, Hairyballs, AstroPlasm and several more TBA.…

  • iPhone App Collaboration. Revenue Share.

    I'm looking to make contact with a programmer in the Melbourne area while programmers from other states are welcome too for the purpose of developing an iPhone app. I'm a 3D artist and I'd like to develop an app idea I've been working on in my…

  • Same Skills - Different Industry

    It was five months ago that THQ Studio Australia shut its doors and I've been keeping my eye on the usual social internet hotspots to see where people have gone. The first lot I noticed were those with the motivation and ability to go where…

  • Designer's Playbook: Halo CE Anniversary -- Design Analysis

    After a month on hiatus, due to exams, I've created a new episode of Designer's Playbook. In this episode I focus on Halo: CE Anniversary.

    The key topics I look at in this episode are:
    - Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey.

  • Designer's Playbook: ilomilo -- Game Design Analysis

    In this episode of Designer's Playbook I focus on the XBLA game ilomilo.

    The key topics I look at in this episode are:
    - Disproportionate feedback and its use in puzzle games.
    - Building brands with games and the impact of it.…

  • Designer's Playbook: Dragon Age 2 (Game Design Analysis)

    In this episode of Designer's Playbook I focus on Dragon Age 2.

    The key topics I look at in this episode are:
    - Pattern recognition and its impact on user interfaces
    - Mechanical Chaos in combat
    - Habituation and…

  • Unity 3D Game Engine Packages in Action

    At Bun Bun Studios, our Unity 3D game engine packages are built to be modular and extensible. As a proof of concept, this YouTube video demonstrates two or more of our Unity 3D game engine packages working seamlessly together to form a basic game…

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