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Takeshita Street - Harajuku - Panel 2

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Part of a 3 panel series of Japanese Tokyo Architecture. In this second panel, we explore the streets of Takeshita in Harajuku. A popular tourist destination for fashion, crepes and sweet sweet candy!
Everything was created from originally from reference from the streets of Takeshita. Slight variation is applied as I can't be 1:1. I used engines like Blender Eevee, Vray and Unreal to create the different shots, using what better suited the situation. I did all the geometry however in Maya. I utilised Quixel assets for this project and a few sketchfab dogs 
Thank you to all who provided feedback during this project.

Newton - Character Sculpt

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This was my first character design and model, the brief was to design a character who was a scientist.

Upon completing my university degree and revising my portfolio, I made the decision that the original character asset that I created was not portfolio-worthy so decided to re-model Newton based on the same concept but with a more stylised approach.  

Texturing coming soon!





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Just some little creatures I imagined whilst doodling in my spare time, very much inspired by the dragon quest timekeepers.

I figured it would be a good exercise to start picking up some Unity shadergraph and see what I could do with a hatched rim technique and the end result look alright, well see how it holds up when they're animated. 

Also need to cleanup the teapot textures still as I'm not feeling it. 

Fat Cat Shrine

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A few months ago I had an art test where I was asked to create an environmental diorama within a week, I ended up putting around 15-20ish hours into it (from idea to delivery).

In the end I wasn’t successful but I still liked the general idea so I spend a few minutes this weekend cleaning up the base and cleaning up the lighting and post processing a tad.

Hope you like it!

Destroyed Magus Tower - Ardent Rolepay

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The destroyed Magus tower, a constantly moving environmental diorama created for Ardent Roleplay.

Original Concept by Macaulay Bell @ Ardacious

BookShelf model & Magic Crystal statue mesh by Macaulay Bell @ Ardacious

Skeleton Asset created by Mordragos (unity Asset Store)

Red Mage outfit created by Reallusion (Character Creator)

Western Saloon

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This is a modular Western Saloon, that has been left is a drunken state. In creating my scene i was inspired by red dead redemption 2 and old western movies such as The wild bunch and The magnificent seven. Everything is model using Maya and baked in substance painter as well as textured. I used substance designer to create the repeating wallpaper texture.


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Davian the knight was a fierce fighter and will never be forgotten.
Working on my end of the year project for my class and I made a sword and scabbard for the main character.
Decided to take them into Marmoset and develop a small scene to get some practice on composition, lighting, and a little bit of storytelling.
Sword and scabbard modeled, UV'ed, and textured by myself. Other assets sourced from the Megascans library or made in Quixel Mixer.
Scabbard = 2518 tris
Sword = 8136 tris
Two sets of 2K maps used for the sword and scabbard.
Thanks to all those who gave feedback along the way.
Thoughts & and feedback always appreciated.

Assault Rifle

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My friend Kaz Chesna asked me to create a gun for a character he made and I took on the challenge of my first gun.
Did a bit of a hybrid between a couple of gun models to see what I could come up with.
Gun model and textures created by myself, all other aspects sourced from the Quxel Megascan library.
As always feedback is most welcome.
Please also check out my friend's character -

Gilnean Postbox

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Project for CGMA’s, Creating Stylized Game Assets with Ashleigh Warner.
Breakdown featured on Stylized Station:

I’ve always loved levelling new Worgen characters through Gilneas, the architecture and setting has such a cool mood. I wanted to try and capture that same mood in the mailboxes design. Looked at the existing architecture, early Gilneas culture concepts, and Regency/Victorian era architecture to help design the concept. Big thank you to Ashleigh for her feedback throughout the course.


Wildhammer Feast Hall

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"Strewn across a Wildhammer Gryphon Riders shield, lays the prize of the hunt!"
My Hero Prop scene for CGMA's Creating Stylized Game Assets with Ashleigh Warner. Was created over the a 5 week period + some polish afterwards.
Wanted to explore the Wildhammer Dwarves from WoW. I love Dwarven culture and designs across the fantasy genre and the Wildhammer were an area that felt ripe for further exploration. Had a lot of fun exploring their influences and trying to bring a part of their culture to life.