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Halo Downfall - Falcon

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Finally..... the falcon!! CAW CAW CAW!!! This was fun and painful to actually model, it’s still a WIP as some of the assets are still missing plus I had a bit of a rush hour in getting this one done, i’ll be coming back onto this model to add and update some of the details especially the seats. overall, it was quite a fun model to make

Vintage Paraffin Blowtorch

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Used Maya, Substance Painter and Arnold to create and render this project.
(Check out the link below for more)

CDX-50 Sniper rifle (3D)

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CDX50 gun model (unreal engine). Check out the related link for more images and a 3d model (sketchfab).

Guiatr Pedals

A little project that I recently completed to familiarise myself with making game-ready assets using Modo. I had a gap in some freelance work and thought it was now time to finish these off. Realtime/textured assets are rendered in Toolbag, while the highpoly models are rendered in Modo.
Warren Marshall's discord channel and video tutorials were a great help in getting up to speed Modo. Warren even used one of my highpoly models from this scene in a recent video tutorial that he made, showcasing normal map baking:…

Angel of death fan art

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Hello to every body, I'm new in Sydney.
Here you have a fanart of Angel of death from Hellboy movie. I hope you liked.

If you want to visualise the 3D model link here:…

I do 2D and 3D art, if you need someone with my profile please write me.
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