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  • Funny aliens testing the huion pen display some scribbles i made with the device.
  • The Chase Painting. "Go faster! It is right behind us!" Bức tranh đuổi bắt. "Đi nhanh hơn! Nó ở ngay phía sau chúng ta!" Malowanie pościgu. "-Jedź szybciej! Jest tuż za nami!”
  • This is a modular Western Saloon, that has been left is a drunken state. In creating my scene i was inspired by red dead redemption 2 and old western movies such as The wild bunch and The magnificent seven. Everything is model using Maya and baked in substance painter as well as textured. I used substance designer to create the repeating wallpaper texture.
  • Captured in Unreal Engine 4
  • ScribbleBoomb (Sketchbook Mashup- August 2020) part 2
  • ScribbleBoomb (Sketchbook Mashup- August 2020)
  • Davian the knight was a fierce fighter and will never be forgotten. Working on my end of the year project for my class and I made a sword and scabbard for the main character. Decided to take them into Marmoset and develop a small scene to get some practice on composition, lighting, and a little bit of storytelling. Sword and scabbard modeled, UV'ed, and textured by myself. Other assets sourced from the Megascans library or made in Quixel Mixer. Scabbard = 2518 tris Sword = 8136 tris Two sets of…
  • My friend Kaz Chesna asked me to create a gun for a character he made and I took on the challenge of my first gun. Did a bit of a hybrid between a couple of gun models to see what I could come up with. Gun model and textures created by myself, all other aspects sourced from the Quxel Megascan library. As always feedback is most welcome. Please also check out my friend's character -
  • Project for CGMA’s, Creating Stylized Game Assets with Ashleigh Warner. Breakdown featured on Stylized Station: I’ve always loved levelling new Worgen characters through Gilneas, the architecture and setting has such a cool mood. I wanted to try and capture that same mood in the mailboxes design. Looked at the existing architecture, early Gilneas culture concepts, and Regency/Victorian era architecture to help design the concept. Big thank you to Ashleigh for her…
  • "Strewn across a Wildhammer Gryphon Riders shield, lays the prize of the hunt!" My Hero Prop scene for CGMA's Creating Stylized Game Assets with Ashleigh Warner. Was created over the a 5 week period + some polish afterwards. Wanted to explore the Wildhammer Dwarves from WoW. I love Dwarven culture and designs across the fantasy genre and the Wildhammer were an area that felt ripe for further exploration. Had a lot of fun exploring their influences and trying to bring a part of their culture to…