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CHEAP office space in groovy Fitzroy


Start the new year in a great space! Join other film, tv, games, comedy, communications, publicity, illustration, graphic design and arts businesses in this great creative hub in the center of Fitzroy's cafe district.

Offices available are spaces perfect for Editors, Games creators and Animators.

Game Accessibility Guidelines - a straightforward reference for inclusive game design

An international project has launched to advise game developers on how to open up their audience to the up to 20% of gamers with disabilities.

It's an area that the Australasian games industry has a strong reputation for, including Film Victoria's world leading funding and education work and Team Bondi's reknowned accessibility features in LA Noire.

Translational Research Institute (TRI) Digital Wall EOI


This EOI invites digital production companies, interaction designers, content curators and producers to prepare content development submissions that address the key objectives and purpose of the TRI digital wall.

TRI’s digital wall will be a landmark feature of entry passage to TRI. It will create a welcoming and impactful entry/exit experience for all internal and external stakeholder audiences.

Mick Gordon makes music out of developers

Last year at the 2011 Game Developer Conference, Game Audio Australia's Mick Gordon tried something quite unusual. He approached fellow conference attendees to make any sound they wished into a microphone which he recorded. Some grunted, whilst others moaned or screamed. These sounds were collected and used to create a track called "Voices of Devs" which is unlike any heard before. Every sound in the song is created from human voices...

Brisbane 3D artist wows gamers with Starcraft fan-art

So, a guy named Adam posted his friend's latest Starcraft fan-art work onto social news website, Reddit, as well as Kotaku, and it seems a whole lot of fresh new eyes are checking out some of the incredible 3D work by this talented Brisbane-based artist, Mike Andrew Nash.

Adam has weighed in on how much he is in awe of Mike's effort on this latest piece...

New additions to the Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive

We have some new additions to our Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive! We've been looking for a fair few of these missing demos, so big thanks to 'Cycle' for contributing them to the list! A few of the demos are from Perth groups (Chrome, Paralax, Exceed, Toons) which I haven't heard of before, so it's always great to check out stuff I've missed out on from back then.

The new additions are:

New trailer for GameDamage

It's been a long wait since the last one, but it's here! Just got the word from Yug that the guys have made a new trailer for the next installment of GameDamage, and you know what? It's lookin great! Just by the sneak peak that the trailer provided, it looks like they've covered a whole variety of things in very interesting ways...

Very much looking forward to seeing the full show!

Gabe Newell is comin to Australia

A short while ago, a 19 year old Brisbane modder named Joe emailed Gabe Newell and jokingly asked the renowned Valve CEO why he hasn't been flown to the Valve studios yet. It was a response to the recent news that Valve had flown in the the chief organisers of the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott petition/campaign to come and see the game for themselves. Joe had claimed he was working on a campaign also for Left 4 Dead 1.