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Job Position

Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner
Australian Government

Role: Concept artist
Start date: Immediate
Contract term: Full time (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) for 8 weeks. Possible work thereafter depending on project requirements and timeframes.
Pay: Negotiable

The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner is currently developing an RPG online game for Australian children and is looking for an efficient and skilled concept artist to work as part of a small, motivated team.

The artist will be required to create and draw characters, including spaces, devices, items, objects and fashion clothing from the game world. The work will also require creating/building location and environment settings.

The role includes:
• colouring existing line drawings
• drawing character concepts that illustrates how different humans will look and dress in the game, including racial, sexual, ethnic, faction and fashion diversity
• designing perspective shots, buildings and components/objects used in the area
• drawing internal and external locations, with characters and objects present
• ensuring items do not require significant modelling per character/object i.e. where possible generic models, model component swaps and texture swaps can be used to create a vast range of characters/objects for the game.

All colouring should be in full colour and draw on the project’s reference and mood boards, research, scripts and other documentation as required.

Ideally the candidate will have experience working with visual media, specifically in computer games and have knowledge of the game design process and requirements.

The candidate must have skills and access to design software such as Creative Cloud – Photoshop.

The candidate will need to work well in a team, respond quickly to feedback and work to tight timeframes.

Expressions of interest addressing the work requirements of the role should be sent to the contact above. Please provide your resume, examples of your work or links.

Candidates that are deemed suitable will be invited for interview.

Job Position

We are seeking to build a small group of talented game developers who are interested in using their skills to make a significant difference. Guided by industry professionals it’s time to use our skills for more than just fun, it’s time to change the world.

In the recent World Report on Disability, it is estimated that 1 in 5 people globally are considered as having a disability. In Australia it’s calculated as 3.96 Million Australians (ABS 2003) who still face negative attitudes and inadequate customer service from front line staff (from all industries) because they do not know how to engage with us. This challenge must be properly addressed because it leads to social isolation and exclusion. The underlying cause of this issue is due to current ineffective and unengaging methods to educate and train about disability awareness. Notably existing boring and unempowering online training service, which are glorified powerpoint presentations.

The key to addressing the challenge is the education of our community. Led by people with first-hand experience of disability we are developing a digital gaming experience that is already proven to engage users while educating them on real challenges in the community. We are starting the project with a focus on disability service providers and their front line staff. But our vision is broad and ultimately we plan on bringing this engaging experience to the larger community.

Enable Development’s experience of delivering in person disability awareness training has proven successful, now, by using game design and simulation on smart mobile devices and virtual reality technology, that success will be magnified and reach thousands more.

The timing for this initiative is now. The momentum of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rollout is midway. Once completed in 2020 there will be a $22 Billion market increasing demand for well-trained service delivery professionals. NDIS position statement of the market reports that there are currently 225,300 support workers and 2377 disability service providers in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and Tasmania. It is projected that this number will grow to 380,900 support workers by 2019.

Lead Social Enterprise:
Enable Development is an award winning social enterprise with a vision where people with disability empowered to make an impact as a valued member of our global community.
We are achieving this by providing disability inclusion education and consultancy to government bodies, educational institutions and corporate. Our organisation is led by passionate professionals with lived experiences of disability. We have extensive experience in delivering innovative and engaging disability awareness programs across the Indo-Pacific region.

Digital Partner:
BONDI LABS is a passionate team of experienced AAA game developers who collaborate intensively with their valued strategic research and industry partners to create highly engaging and effective virtual 3D training and assessment tools which help address some of the world’s most challenging problems and thus make a dent in the universe. They have strategic R&D partnerships with Swinburne University of Technology, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) - specifically focusing on addressing needs in the Environmental Science and Healthcare Sectors.

Programmer Core Skills:
Game Engine Editor Setup, Management, & Development (Unity or Unreal)
Gameplay programming (c# or C++)
Game Engine Tools programming
Version Control Setup & Management

Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of:
Game Engines
3D graphics pipelines/shaders
Web development: e.g. HTML, CSS, (PHP or Javascript)
Databases (e.g. SQL)

Portfolio Examples:
All applicants should be able to demonstrate Knowledge and skills through example portfolio work.
- Personal (Outside of University) projects
- Industry projects (not a priority)

All applicants will also require experience with.
Version Control e.g. Git, Perforce
Project Management e.g. Trello, Hansoft

The project will commence from December 2016 until March 2017 in a 3 month duration for summer.

An operational Minimum Viable Product (MVP) capable of demonstrating to potential clients and early investors. Details of the project will be made available upon successful application.

A stipend per developer will be made available for the duration of the project. Demonstration of excellence will be considered for more permanent positions if the initiative is successful and grows.

Professional mentoring in the areas of
- Business development and entrepreneurship
- Simulation & game production
- Game development (design, programming & art)
- User experience and instructional design


Please send a cover letter outlining your interest, skills and a CV to Huy at Please don't hesitate to contact me for any general enquiries :)

Closing date 14th November 2016. Now extended until 25th November 2016.


Is there any greater honour (and extra exposure) than having your app make an appearance during an Apple conference and promotional video? For such a highly anticipated event like Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference held just two weeks ago, it's the kind of exposure that money simply cannot buy.

Little Things Forever, by Melbourne indie games developer, KlickTock, appears briefly during the WWDC 2013 conference where Apple made their big reveal on the new iOS 7 operating system for their mobile devices. The same footage that was displayed at the event is also being used by Apple as part of their promotional campaign to explain their thinking behind iOS 7. Klick Tock's fantastic seek and find game appears amongst other high profiled games like Minecraft, Infinity Blade II, and Tiny Wings to demonstrate iOS 7's display of parallax layers and depth as the phone is being titled.

Jump to the 1 hour and 18 minute mark in the embedded video below to check it out for yourselves!

Little Things Forever is a universal app for iOS, so do yourselves a favour and grab it here.
It's also available for Android and you can grab it via Google Play here!


Beach Bandits, the latest game from Zapfinger is now available on the App Store!

Zapfinger is a joint venture by Adelaide-based indie gaming developer Mighty Kingdom and Sydney-based developer Steve Pasvolsky.

The highly addictive, hidden object game is set on 6 colourful and creative beaches. Each beach has a unique theme where characters, animals, plants and the hidden objects create an entertaining setting for gameplay.

Help Huey the crab stop the Beach Bandits from stealing treasure, valuables, animals and even people from his beaches.

The Beach Bandits are a band of green, bandana-clad crabs that are ruining all the local beaches, leaving nothing behind for others to enjoy.

Huey guides you through each beach to find the hidden items before the Beach Bandits steal them.

Each beach has 10 levels and different items to find but you’d better hurry. If your time runs out the Bandits will steal everything and the beaches will be ruined!

Philip Mayes, Director of Mighty Kingdom and Cofounder of Zapfinger says the game is suitable for all ages but caters to a young audience; “We recently added a voice to our main character Huey, to assist younger players”.

“Beach Bandits is designed to keep your eyes and mind sharp as you search for items amongst ever-changing backgrounds, with a set time limit.”

“A huge amount of artwork and planning went into this game to give each beach a unique and entertaining theme that players would really enjoy.”

Steve Pasvolsky Cofounder of Zapfinger says “This is a great first game for Zapfinger. It really shows off our fun and creative side.”

Beach Bandits is available now in the App Store on iOS.

Game Definitions

PARADISE COVE – a snorkeler’s heaven where dolphins and great white sharks frolic together in crystal clear waters

SURF ZONE – if ‘Shred’ is your middle name, then find surfboards, cool cars and crazy street signs in this surfer’s paradise

ALOHA WONDERLAND – a chilled out, laid-back hippy haven of Hula and Yoga!

PARTY BEACH – for party animals only! If you like to party 24/7, 365, then help the biggest party dude of all time ... Huey!

ZOMBIE ISLE – Zombies go to the beach too ya know! (Check out the black seagulls!) And watch out for the toxic spills

LOVE IS A BEACH – everyone is searching for love ... even the Beach Bandits! But don’t let them break Huey’s heart!

HAPPY BOMBS: Every Beach has a limited number of Happy Bombs ... find them and you win free hints to help find more things

YELLOW STARS: The Quicker you finish, the more stars you earn

HINT BUTTON: You can tap the hint button and Huey will show you where things are!

For media comment, additional pictures, info and reviewer’s free download codes please contact

By Kim Turner for Mighty Kingdom/Zapfinger


Massteroid is an Arcade style game with delightfully retro graphics that will definitely give you a laugh.

In an age of games about superheroes, war and epic battles to save humanity, one small team of students from the University of California, Irvine, (UCI) created a game they call ‘outrageous’.

You are a rogue asteroid, hurtling towards earth. Your goal: mass destruction.

You control the asteroid as it plummets towards the planet below, collecting space debris as you fall to grow as large as possible. Avoid space mines and blacks holes as you try to create maximum impact on the planet surface. Keep an eye out for missiles as you get closer to earth!

Massteroid has many gameplay modes with different and interesting mechanics, including a hilarious gourmet mode where you are a pizza base flying through space and must pick up specific toppings before you get to your hungry customer.

Massteroid was originally created by a team of UCI students as part of a week long game jam event, hosted by UCI’s Videogame Development Club. The team received first place for their game and then took the next step of releasing it on the Xbox Live Indie Games Market.

I sat down with Philip Mayes (or King Philip as he’s known around Mighty Kingdom) to get the full story of how Mighty Kingdom came to adapt a game that is currently unavailable in Australia, for mobile devices.

Philip was reading through a list of the top games of 2012 that well-known developers love to play when Massteroid caught his eye.

Upset by the realisation that Australians don’t have access to Xbox Live Indie Games store, he pondered how many others had shared this disappointment. You can almost imagine the glowing light bulb above his head now can’t you? It was then that Philip decided to contact the Massteroid development team.

After much discussion with the students who created Massteroid, he decided that taking Massteroid mobile was a logical next step to launch the game on a global scale.

In keeping with Mighty Kingdom’s rapid development process, work was quickly underway.

I know what you’re thinking... how on earth do you take a game that has free range of a button-filled Xbox controller and make it work on a touch screen?

Good question!

Firstly an Xbox controller has 11 buttons, 2 joysticks and one D-pad.... compare this to the limited buttons of modern smartphones, which in most cases can’t be used for gameplay.

At the moment the team at Mighty Kingdom are experimenting with taps, drags and turns to guide the asteroid through obstacles and pick up space debris.

Be the first to hear about new game releases and all things Mighty Kingdom! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter

By Kim Turner for Mighty Kingdom


New from Mighty Kingdom comes Overload!, an Arcade style, crate stacking game now available on iOS.

This is the second release this year for Adelaide-based indie games developer Mighty Kingdom who aims to release 10 games in 2013.

Director Philip Mayes says this is in keeping with their revolutionary development process that sees them develop games in 6-8 weeks.

Mayes says “Our goal is to release as often as we can, to build up a customer base and establish ourselves in the market.

“Once we have done that we aim to refocus and release more complicated games with longer development times.

“Everything we do now prepares us for those more intensive games.”

In Overload! You play the role of Dockmaster and must stack shipping containers onto the waiting ships.

Be careful though, as your crane swings from left to right you must tap the screen to drop the crates in the right position on deck.

You start by stacking rows of 3 crates and must drop each row exactly on top of the first, if not you’ll drop some crates off the side of the stack and be restricted to less crates henceforth.

Although seemingly simple Overload! can be deceptively tricky as your crane swings faster and faster the higher you stack. Just when you thought you’d got the hang of it “Slow Down,” flashes across the screen and your crane slows its pace, ready to speed up all over again.

Overload! Will challenge your reflexes, you’ve got to be sharp if you want your stack to reach the moon!

Surprise bonuses can give you extra points or ‘recovery’ platforms to rest extra crates on so you can stack 3 again.

With regular changes in pace and amount of crates you can stack at a time Overload! remains challenging and exciting.

This is sure to be instantly addictive as you will want to play again and again to beat your high score.

The simple and easy to understand gameplay makes Overload! suitable for players of all ages and abilities, yet keeps it challenging enough to engage even those with the keenest reflexes.

Challenge your friends on Game Center to see who can stack the highest!

To view the Overload! demo video please follow this link

For media comment, additional pictures, info and video please contact


Tasty Tadpoles has just been launched on the App Store today! Developed as a universal app for iOS devices by a ex-Firemint graphic designer, Mark White, the game is a casual stealth/puzzle game where you have to guide tiny tadpoles to their safety across three kinds of ponds and through seventy five levels. There are four characters to unlock, and fourteen challenges to take on, so there's certainly plenty of fun to be had...

Tasty Tadpoles is a deliciously addictive trial of survival, available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Dip your finger in to twist, turn and tap your tenacious tadpole through three puzzling ponds of peril!

You'll need fast fingers to flash past the fleet green tadpoles, a keen sense of cunning and craftiness to overcome the territorial yellow tadpoles along with tremendous timing and precision poking to swim under those tedious turtles. If push comes to shove you can always eliminate these eclectic enemies with the zap of an electric eel!

It's beautifully presented and Mark's excellent graphic design sensibilities and six years in the field certainly show through here. After Firemint were acquired by Electronic Arts, Mark migrated to another Melbourne studio, Millipede Creative (the developers behind Bullistic Unleashed), and worked on Tasty Tadpoles during his spare time for the last two years.

Mark is the latest in a growing list of former Firemint developers striking it out on their own including Logan Booker (Screwfly Studios), Murray Lorden (MUZBOZ), Ben Boersch and Stu Lloyd (Wizzle Wazzle), and of course, three former Firemint senior developers, Joshua Boggs, Adrian Moore, Ollie Browne (Loveshack Entertainment).

Check out the debut trailer for Tasty Tadpoles below, and grab it now on the App Store here!


Prolific New Zealand-based games publisher, PikPok, has hit a huge milestone with their gorgeous zombie-themed endless runner and original I.P, Into the Dead, by surpassing a staggering 10 million downloads since they launched it for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android five months ago.

Into the Dead joins Flick Kick Football as two titles by PikPok that have passed the 10 million download mark. The Flick Kick series of games by PikPok, which includes Flick Kick Field Goal and Flick Kick Rugby, have accumulated over 20 million downloads.

Mario Wynands, Managing Director of PikPok, has praised his team at PikPok for their consistent high-quality level of work as they reach this achievement...

(Wynands) We have been extremely pleased with the critical reception of the game, as well as reaching such a large and rapidly growing number of gamers with a new IP...

I’m very proud of the team and process we have built that has been able to have repeat success, and look forward to seeing how our upcoming releases will be received.”

Into the Dead is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at and from Google Play at, so what are you waiting for? Grab it now!

Other excellent games by PikPok such as Super Monsters Ate My Condo and Slam Dunk King (free) also come very highly recommended!


Dead On Arrival by N3V games was released for iOS and Android in 2011, and the Brisbane-based developer is currently putting the finishing touches on the sequel for their twin stick zombie shooter/horror action mobile game.

Dead On Arrival 2 looks amazing and you can already see from the trailer below that it's taken a huge leap further in the visuals department. If the trailer has piqued your interests then you have a chance to try out DOA before actual release. N3V games have just opened beta registrations to the public so if you're interested in providing quality feedback, testing, and helping N3V games in their last stretch of DOA2 development, then register for the Beta now! Make sure you do meet the requirements below before applying...

Must have:

  • Android Device
  • Minimum spec equal or better than Tegra 2
  • Recommended Tegra 3 or higher

Android Version

  • Minimum 3.0
  • Recommended 4.0 or higher

Additional is recommended

  • Have a stomach for wave after wave of bloodshed and mayhem!
  • Aren't scared of the dark
  • Don't need aspirin for headaches
  • Have no problem shooting your zombie friend in the head if you had too

Check out the trailer for Dead on Arrival 2 below. The first Beta for DOA2 will start in May (just next Month), so hurry!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 22/04/13 - 4:19 PM Permalink

Fricken awesome idea.

If this doesn't become a success I don't think I'll want to live on this world anymore.


Crabitron, an iPad game by Adelaide developer, Two Lives Left, has finally been released after two years of spare-time development! In it, you control two claws of a giant enemy crab to crush or shoot a whole variety of vehicles travelling across the screen, and take part in the occasional boss fight as well. The game looks like a whole lot of fun, and the controls where you can move and clamp each of the claws is certainly unique (the fruit born from the idea the developers had of making a game that was only feasable on a tablet). Grab it on the App Store now here!

The interesting thing about the release of Crabitron, from a developers point of view, is that the Two Lives Left will also be revealing a whole lot about how it does in sales through a scheme they have termed the "Crabstarter".

It's a semi-parody of the popular Kickstarter crowd-funding idea, but the big difference here is that Two Lives Left have already funded and released Crabitron. However, they'll be updating their self-hosted Crabstarter page with sales data as time goes on, and the way you "pledge" is by simply purchasing the game itself on the App Store. There are sales goals listed on the Crapstarter page, so the more sales that Crabitron makes and the more goals reached, the more awesome updates it will receive. The developers want to continue developing Crabitron and having these goals and sales updates public on the Crabstarter will certainly be an interesting way for fans to see when the next update may happen.

Other indie developers will also be interested in following the Crabstarter to see how Crabitron's sales go, how it's charting on the App Store, and how many downloads it receives. It looks to be the latest from local indie developers, including Binary Games and Hitbox Team, in opening up and making their sales data very public.

Check out the Crabstarter page and grab Crabitron here!

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