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Feedback for problems, suggestions, and anything else relating to the website

Problem with image posting procedures.


Hi, I?m relatively new here, so if this comment appears naive and stupid then feel free just to ignore it.
I have a little problem with being bumped several positions on the display window only a few day after posting my work, not because of the sudden in flux of people wanting to show off their stuff, but because one person decides to write a new article for each piece they post (in this case 3) and bump everyone down 3 places.
It was my understanding, from the way thing where presented in the write your news/post your art section, that only the best of your latest post (that which is placed in pic slot 1) would go into that little front window for the world to see. That the rest would then be accessed by interested parties.

The above work around of this system seems rude, and is very annoying. If I wanted to I could bring with me 8 images every time I post, and post each one separately thus clearing the displayed images of virtually everyone else?s art but my own.

Sorry if this post annoys anyone, but I think this issue must be addressed.


Submitted by souri on Thu, 21/11/02 - 7:39 AM Permalink

Grouping related work into one post is the correct way of doing things, so if you had a series of pictures with the same map, or model from various angles, they'd all go in one news post - with the best picture in the image1 slot for the main page/section pages..
This system however falls apart when 2d art is concerned because each 2d art is usually a unique piece, and yes I've noticed that your work has been bumped a few positions down (although it's still there on the main page).
A lot of people view the thumbnails off the main page first, and I agree that a bit of consideration must be given to others who are doing the procedure right and that everyone gets an equal amount of exposure..
I don't want to go and edit posts myself, but I will let members know of the problem and to just be more considerate..

New Sumea members


When I add new members, there's currently no way of letting visitors know who just came on board - I'll be changing this soon (requires a database change), but in the meantime, I'll cover some of the new guys here..

Eagor's a new member, an AIE guy, and has a website at .. check out his updates when he makes it at

I'm sure most of you would have checked out Tariq's illustration from the main page - it looks amazing..(I'm a big fan of Hajime Sorayama's chrome female robot work, and I love Tariq's picture). Tariq's from Microforte, and you can see his details at .. Definately looking forward to seeing his other work!

You might have seen Rodney Green make a few posts on the main page - he's the Art and Technical Supervisor at Infogrames Studios Asia, and has a webpage at, and a profile at .. great to have him on board.

Check out Mick (Samon) at .. download his mp3. It's very good, and definately suited for fragging to. [:)]

Bastion is a designer, concept artist and his profile is at .. check out his website - some really great work there.

I think that's the most recent additions.. Definately a lot of impressive talent on Sumea, and it's certainly very inspiring to see all the great art on here.

Submitted by Daemin on Fri, 15/11/02 - 11:04 PM Permalink

Wow, cool, I'm glad to see that some real *professional* game dev types visit these forums :-) IMO it raises the status of this site above the masses somewhat.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 18/11/02 - 5:14 AM Permalink

There's always been a fair few industry people lurking around on this site and forum. They're just very shy I guess. [;)]..

Submitted by Daemin on Mon, 18/11/02 - 8:44 AM Permalink

Either that or:
a) They are scared that if they show their face on these forums they will get a flood of resumes and job applications.
b) They're too busy to bother registering and attending to this forum regularly.
c) They only go here between working and playing networked computer games in the office.

Submitted by rgreen on Sat, 23/11/02 - 1:57 AM Permalink

I'm beating everyone I know in the industry to check out Sumea so hopefully some will crumble [:)].

Hey guys, I've got a question, I've been meaning to write up some of my knowledge (tutorial or briefs) I've learnt over the years but I'm not really sure where to start (there's enough general polygon and texturing tutorials on the web) so I was wondering what people wanted to know? I can't say I'm the guru on all things art but if there's a topic that people particularly want some help or info on let me know and I'll see what I can do. I have a better then average technical art skill so don't be shy there common make it as technical as possible... maybe this should go into a separate thread?



Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Sat, 23/11/02 - 4:04 AM Permalink

check your other thread :)

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

Submitted by Obsolete 386 on Tue, 26/11/02 - 7:28 AM Permalink

Meatex and Myself will be AIE guys for the next couple of years. Do you know the real name of the guy at AIE, maybe we'll meet him (No pressure, if he doesn't want to reveal it then fine, just tell him that two n00b 3d animators will be showing up to the AIE next year for the day course (or he could read it himself (too many brackets)))

100% chance of PAIN, in the GLAVEN

Submitted by Blitz on Tue, 26/11/02 - 12:29 PM Permalink

"Do you know the real name of the guy at AIE"
Theres only 1? :)
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by souri on Wed, 27/11/02 - 11:08 AM Permalink

His website says his name is Peter Gillespie..

Voting suggestions


I'm all out of ideas for questions and answers for the voting box on the main page. If any of you have an interesting question with a set of 5 answers for it to vote on, I'm all ears. [}:)]

Submitted by Obsolete 386 on Tue, 12/11/02 - 10:43 PM Permalink

Best Game since 2001 (Out now or later)

Doom 3
Deus Ex 2
Battle Fields 1942

(can't think of a 5th)

100% chance of PAIN, in the GLAVEN

Submitted by davidcoen on Wed, 13/11/02 - 3:47 AM Permalink

what do you want more in games?
more story
more eyecandy
more violence
more sex
more multiplayer

Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 13/11/02 - 12:38 PM Permalink

Heres a current events one.

Should there be an R18+ classification rating for computer games in australia?
Yes. It should be up to the mature adults discretion to buy or not to buy.
No. The government should control everything we see, hear, & do.

Ummm, i could only think of 2 :)
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Meatex Salami on Wed, 13/11/02 - 11:45 PM Permalink

If you can't think of like serious one on game development kind of stuff then do things like
who would win in a fight?
Goku (from dragonball z)
Obi Wan
Tyler Durden
or my next-door neighbour's advark
otherwise the what you want in game one is good.

or a game version of the above
james bond vs
pac man
the space invaders
gordon freeman
that chick from NOLF (forgot her name)

Bloody hell its a giant harmonica!

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Thu, 14/11/02 - 12:55 AM Permalink

I like davids suggetion the most, and blitz' idea f he could come up with more answers :)

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

Submitted by Daemin on Thu, 14/11/02 - 1:27 AM Permalink

How about something like:

Yes: I wanna see horror and titties...

Or something as stereotypical as that.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 14/11/02 - 2:53 PM Permalink

Horror and titties - now there's a mix that hasn't been done before ! ... maybe the BMX XXX guys can do that for their next release. [:)] Some very good submissions there, I'll definately add David's one after the current AGDC voting question..

Submitted by Obsolete 386 on Thu, 14/11/02 - 10:23 PM Permalink

Do you like voting

Love it
Not really
Hate it
Never voted and never will

100% chance of PAIN, in the GLAVEN

Are the personal folders worth having?


Just wondering as they seem to see very little action. Perhaps it would be better to have a 'pimping folder' like Polycount does. You could call it "Exhibition". Then perhaps an "Under Construction" folder for works in progresses.

The same probably goes for the 2d/3d/texture/modeller folders. These see little traffic too.

They're nice to have, but just wonder if they used enough to warrant having.



Submitted by JonathanKerr on Tue, 12/11/02 - 10:35 AM Permalink

Oops. Didnt realise the artwork folders had been condensed.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 12/11/02 - 10:20 PM Permalink

The reason why I had members with their own forum section was that I could place their forum underneath their gallery to encourage more discussion on their work. And to an extent this worked, and people were viewing the responses as well.. Unfortunately when I upgraded the forum, all my code for the gallery bit had to be removed.
I think getting people to comment on work is probably the hardest thing to get them to do. It would be nice if there was more discussions in this area, but people just can't be bothered I guess. So yeh, I might put them all in one folder in the future.

Half life is Quake 1 engine


Erg, I hate repeating myself, but its a sad fact that the half life game is made using the quake1 engine (very heavily modified) and not the quake 2 engine.

Many people get this wrong simply because Half life uses opengl a lot more than quake1 did. But its a fact. For proof look up the ID technology's licencing information page.


Submitted by souri on Sun, 10/11/02 - 11:11 AM Permalink

Ah, ok.. I recall all about that debate now. I've made note of it in the post. tah. [:)]

Sumea developer awards


So I guess everyone is happy with the nominations in the list then ? [8]

Submitted by souri on Tue, 12/11/02 - 1:46 AM Permalink

Just a small update on the votes.. the results are looking very, very interesting.. some categories have their clear winners (and I mean, by a LONG shot), and there are others where it's really, really close.. if you haven't voted already, make sure you do!!

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Mon, 18/11/02 - 9:55 AM Permalink

To tell you the truth, out of all those games I've only played 2 of them, curse my lack of support for the locals

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

Submitted by souri on Tue, 19/11/02 - 11:04 PM Permalink

Well, the voting page has links to all every game thats referenced. You can read / view pics on what's what before deciding on your vote. I don't think many people would have played every/most of those games in the list..

Submitted by souri on Thu, 21/11/02 - 6:54 AM Permalink

...and to the person who submitted 7 votes for the same things this arvo, please stop it. Obviously they're not going to be counted.[:(!]

Uploading pics.


I've got my pics working - but I want to change the front image. If I upload a pic in Space "1", will that just push the order back or will I lose the pic in that space?



Submitted by souri on Thu, 17/10/02 - 12:36 PM Permalink

If you want to update an image, you just have to make sure the name of the pic is the same as the old one you uploaded previously, and upload.
If you want to change the order of the images so that another picture is in the first pic1 textbox, then you have to edit your news item, and rearrange the names in the picture text fields..

Submitted by JonathanKerr on Thu, 17/10/02 - 8:38 PM Permalink

Cheers, I think I've sussed it out now. Question 2: How do I go about requesting a personal forum? Do I just put a new topic heading where it says "This member has not requested a personal forum yet"?



Submitted by souri on Thu, 17/10/02 - 11:02 PM Permalink

quote:Question 2: How do I go about requesting a personal forum?

I've set one up for you. For anyone else, the personal forum is given for the more active members (or else we'll have 40+ of these areas on the main page with nothing in them).. [B)]



i remember once u said you where thinking of having a tut section
well just sayin that if you do id write some.

just think you should put it on ur list of stuff to do.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 16/10/02 - 9:24 AM Permalink

The tutorials will be placed in the articles section - I just gotta design that are a bit to cater for it, but yeh, tutorials are most welcomed here! Whenever you're ready, give me a yell [:)]

Submitted by bouncy roo on Thu, 17/10/02 - 10:50 AM Permalink

I'll have to send my silly tutorial over, I'll send it after this week has ended ( I have to give a marketing and design project presentation this week and next, eep and *shudder* art theory...) I LOATHE Art theory [}:)]

what screen size do i save it at, is 800x600 standard these days?

//Without order nothing can exist - without chaos nothing can evolve. \(anon)

Submitted by souri on Thu, 17/10/02 - 12:21 PM Permalink

Email me the article in text format, and attach a zip file of all the images.. you can use whatever size images you like, although not bigger than 800x600 [:)] My email address is at sumea at sumea dot come dot au .. (yep, google, yahoo etc spider the forums, so it's not a good idea to mention your email address on the site.. fortunately for forum members, your private email details are never displayed.. and that goes for Sumea members as well [:)])
Thanks for your efforts in writing these tutorials.. I'm certain lots of people will find them very useful!

Send me your avatars


Yes.. we have avatars now.. (those image thingies under your name, on the left)[:)]. If you want your own personalised avatar up, email it to me at .. Make sure it's 64x64 pixels in size, and either a (non-animated) gif or a jpg. Name it the same as your forum nick.. there's no need to put a black border around it as the forum code will take care of that.. oh, and if you email it to me, you *have* to put ******AVATAR****** in the subject of the email, or else I'll miss it. I get about 60 spam emails in that hotmail account per day..




Submitted by Blitz on Sat, 05/10/02 - 8:22 AM Permalink

Like the updated forum, especially being able to jump to any page of a thread from the main bit, instead of having to go through page 1 first :)
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by souri on Sat, 05/10/02 - 8:42 AM Permalink

Yeh, I know! There are other few nice touches here and there too, and the code for the forum has really been optimized a lot, so it's much faster now.. I'm planning to put back the 'who's online' functionality after I come back from Canberra - I'd do it now but it contains a lot of crazy cutting and pasting. [;)]

Submitted by souri on Wed, 09/10/02 - 8:42 AM Permalink

I gotta say, I like Canberra. Not much cars on the road (relative to Sydney), nice modern buildings, spacious parks, and a lot of room everywhere. The roundabouts over there are huge too. [:)]

Submitted by Brain on Thu, 10/10/02 - 12:01 AM Permalink

Mmm... just spoilt by Brisbane living, I spose. Would rather be there than here in Canberra. But that's me. @:-)

Chris Bowden

Another former Game Developer


Heya, jsut thought you guys might like to know this for your "Developers" page. There was a game dev studio Ellipse Studios, down at Christies Beach South Autralia, but it closed a few years ago, and as far as I know most of the people have moved to RatBag.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 20/09/02 - 11:51 AM Permalink

Yeh, I was thinking of making an archive of Australian developers that have finished up and are no more. It'll be good just to have some sort of record of them, and Sumea is definately the site that's suited to provide that info. Another good studio was Eyst, which made the game Wartorn.. There were also lots and lots of little start ups too.. If anyone knows any other companies, give us a yell, and I'll compile a list..

Submitted by Daemin on Fri, 20/09/02 - 11:42 PM Permalink

I'm hoping to have my own up in a few years :)

Submitted by Gazunta on Wed, 25/09/02 - 10:54 PM Permalink

You might be interested to know that the main programmer of Wartorn is now teach game development programming at QANTM :)

Submitted by Daemin on Fri, 22/11/02 - 2:12 AM Permalink

Erm, just a little niggly error that I don't think deserves its own post.
The States for the two former game dev companies Silver Lightning software, and Ellipse studios have to be swapped, it was Ellipse that was in South Australia, and SLS in WA I believe.


Submitted by souri on Fri, 22/11/02 - 2:29 AM Permalink

Oops.. I've been doing some fixings on Sumea, and that slipped past.. thanks.

Sumea site update


As you might have noticed,I've redesigned the mapper/modeller/2d artist section again.. looks better now I think. I've also added developer news to their profiles.. so when you go to look at a developers' profile, say Irrational Games, it'll show all their news items as well.. pretty useful. Oh, and about that error test message I have in here.. the purpose of that is whenever the site is getting that annoying error, visitors get redirected to that message so they know what's happening.. it also serves as a counter, so I can see how many times this is happening.. so don't click on it to read it, ok..

More design changes planned


Just a bit of website news.. I'm in the process of redesigning the modeller/mapper/2d artist sections, along with the Sumea member profiles, and developers sections.. and I gotta say, it's looking much better . Hopefully I can get it done and online asp.. on another note, I've sent of an interview request to someone who wrote a game that I absolutely loved about 17 - 18 years ago.. hope he replies!!! Lets just say he was an Aussie developer..

Anyone else getting this error ?


Is it just me or has this site been getting this error a lot these couple of days.. (last line will vary) "Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e10' No value given for one or more required parameters. /snews.asp, line 35" and usually the site starts working again in 5 minutes..

Submitted by davidcoen on Tue, 06/08/02 - 9:19 AM Permalink

i seem to get it when ever i first visit the site (then open up some sumea page from my computers history, then go back and index works...) but have seen it quite a few times //seen it about ten times including today

Submitted by souri on Tue, 06/08/02 - 9:23 PM Permalink

Yeh, it's pretty annoying. I'm gonna add some code so that whenever you get an error, it would at least forward you to the forum. (the forum uses another database so it should ease the burden of the main database).. I think new visitors are probably thinking the site is dead or something and won't come back. Having said that, it all shouldn't be happening in the first place..

Article Links Broken


Just thought i would let you know that at least 2 articles that you have linked to don't seem to work.
The animation tips one and the max payne level design one are the 2 i noticed.
Just thought i'd let you know as i was interested in reading them.

Bloody hell its a giant harmonica!

Submitted by souri on Tue, 16/07/02 - 9:03 AM Permalink

Hi, thanks for the report. The Max Payne levels article link used to work but Gamasutra then put it for their registers users which is a shame. I did however make a note in the news post that the link no longer worked.
The animation tips link had one too many 'http://' codes in the link.. its fixed now. tah

New section design is up


Just uploaded the section page redesign tonight.. so if you have a look at the mappers/modellers/2d artist pages, they're much better I think. I'm planning to redesign the developers section sooner or later..

Submitted by davidcoen on Fri, 26/07/02 - 9:31 AM Permalink

i must be dumb. i can no longer find where i can add more images to my modeler profile, or have you disapeared the link/ page?

_edit, found it, was hidding down the bottome of the front page.... _doh_

Edited by - davidcoen on 26/07/2002 00:01:00

A lotta website hits yesterday..


The site was getting a steady number of weeks everyday, but yesterday the number was much much larger.. someone tell me if some big site has linked us ok . If you noticed on the front page that the 'see results' button in the vote box brings up a javascript error - I've made some code changes and the server is still serving some old files for some reason.. bleh!.. the votes result page is at if you're curious...

nice site!


1st post out the way..
love the design here, i feel this place could really take off & has the potential to do so. only thing i noticed (and is now redundant as i clicked them all once & remembered), is the navigation logo's up top aren't 100% clear as to what they link to.. maybe a text pop-up when you mouse-over to explain what each one for the 1st-time visitor?
it's only minor.. but thats all i could find, the pages load quick & the forum is fast.. great work!

-click my homepage icon for q3 maps-

Edited by - psion on 11/06/2002 00:55:39

Submitted by souri on Wed, 12/06/02 - 12:45 AM Permalink

Hey, thanks for the comments.. and you know, you're the second person to suggest a text popup for navigation. I totally agree, and I'll put that up by tomorrow..
Incidently, when you roll over the buttons, it should say where they lead to in the status bar of your browser, but I've found that it doesn't show up in Mozilla v1 (great browser btw!! ..

Submitted by psion on Wed, 12/06/02 - 11:24 AM Permalink

hey, no probs. :) it's about the only thing i could fault about the design. the site looks very professional on a whole, have you worked with sites before?

(just changed to a new 3rd party theme on ie6 & xp, and now can see the link prompts, couldn't with my other theme.. perhaps that artist should come here! ;))

-click my homepage icon for q3 maps-

Submitted by souri on Wed, 12/06/02 - 10:15 PM Permalink

I've just made the text things next to the icons adjustments.. they look kinda cool. I have a design background and worked in the industy as a web designer for the last couple of years, so I guess have had some experience ..( although I lost my job a while ago.. this site is part of my portfolio to get a new one hopefully)..
I have to admit that a few sections of this site are a bit rushed, so I'm gonna redesign them in the not too distant future..

Thanks Polycount!


Just noticed that Polycount put us on their front page as a news item.. thanks guys!

Submitted by souri on Wed, 03/07/02 - 8:08 AM Permalink

Hey, that was quick.. I just sent them the news item about 20 minutes ago, but Ausgamers have put Sumea up on their news.. thanks.

Bugger, Bugger, Bugger


I made the first entry in my profile and entered the large images a second time, i got the hang of it now,,,well I guess I had to make at least a couple of dang errors, anyways,,,can I delete an entry, or is that outta my hands??
Bai Bai

Submitted by souri on Mon, 03/06/02 - 7:39 PM Permalink

Yep sure, you can delete your entries!.. click on the *edit* text next to your news item, and at the bottom there should be a delete button..

Submitted by Kirby on Sun, 23/06/02 - 6:48 PM Permalink

I have a question I am trying to upload a thumbnail and then put a link for the larger image. I kind of tried doing this and the thumbnail worked but then It showed a huge pixeled version of my work where I wanted it to display the link. After you click on a thumbnail where does that direct us?..Should I be posting images elsewhere?

sorry me = *stupid*

Submitted by souri on Mon, 24/06/02 - 12:00 AM Permalink

The larger version of the picture has to be 800x600 pixels in size.. so anything smaller will get stretched larger, so that's why it's pixellated..
Uhm.. just had a check on your naming conventions.. you can name your thumbnails what ever you like, but make sure only your large images just have a L.jpg at the end.. I see you're calling your thumbnails thumbnail3L.jpg.. it might get a bit confusing for you .. so in summary, thumbnails = xxxxx.jpg , large image is same filename but with an L at the end.. eg = xxxxxL.jpg .. both are uploaded onto Sumea..
After you click on a thumbnail, it directs you to that little gallery page with the large image on top, and all the thumbnails at the bottom..

Submitted by Kirby on Wed, 26/06/02 - 9:17 PM Permalink

I am a connoisseur at confusing myself and other people! muhahahaha. I can't wait to start putting more stuff up, this is such a funky site you have here Souri. And may I say your work is absolutely beautiful! You have such skill! I particularly like your eye for lighting and atmosphere..*everybody bow to Souri* haha!

Submitted by bouncy roo on Fri, 28/06/02 - 8:41 AM Permalink

erk! um can you gimme a hand, i attempted to upload my files just large ones, they uploaded and you can see the thumbs but when you click for a larger look they don't show up, can you tell me what i'm doing wrong?


"Dimples are nice, but not on your thighs" - Kath and Kim

Submitted by souri on Fri, 28/06/02 - 11:40 AM Permalink

Bouncy, I think you've named your larger pictures incorrectly.. you've named one of your thumbnails as boobaS.jpg and the larger one as boobaL.jpg.. Sumea, however, expects to see the large picture as boobaSL.jpg.. so basically, whatever you call your thumbnails, your larger picture must be the same but with an L at the end (eg. thumbnail: shoe.jpg, largepicture: shoeL.jpg).. That's how Sumea automatically finds the large pictures.. it expects the same name but with an L at the end.. Another thing, I see that you've got large pictures showing up as thumbnails as well. I think this would have happened if you uploaded your thumbnails AND large pictures at the same time.. Make sure you follow the process, which is : 1.. Upload thumbnails first.. 2.. Add news (you'll notice that the picture fields are filled in.. these picture fields are only for your thumbnail names) 3.. Upload large pictures.. and thats it! Sorry if the upload process is little confusing. I'm currently thinking of ways to make the process easier.. If anyone wants me to guide them through it, I'm always available on MSN messenger and ICQ .. btw, your work is great! Nice modelled AND textured frog (some nice bumpmap details there), and very detailed camera.. the boobs are nice also ..

Submitted by MUZBOZ on Tue, 02/07/02 - 12:13 AM Permalink

Hey Kirby,

Great pictures of that girl's face on the News!

I love the close up one. Her eyes are so startling.

Lovely work.

- Murray

Website progress


Just a little Sumea website progress.. As you can see, I've finished the redesign for the member profile pages.. I'm planning to get at least one page designed and uploaded each day. I have a bad habit of redesigning pages over and over, so with a stricter rule like this, there's a better chance of the site being finished sooner..

Submitted by souri on Tue, 04/06/02 - 5:51 AM Permalink

Another update - the developers section is done and up.. that leaves only the articles/news sections to redo, and some other small pages, and that should be it!