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Feedback for problems, suggestions, and anything else relating to the website

Sumea Profile/Journals suggestions


I'm not sure if members see their own journals on Sumea as useful or as an equally important service compared to what other blogs offer around the net, but I would love to see the journal resource on Sumea becoming more prominent and useful..

I'll probably have a look around to see what ideas I could implement, but if you have any suggestions on improvments to Sumea profile/journals, I'm all ears...

Submitted by Barry Dahlberg on Tue, 26/10/04 - 7:26 PM Permalink

Journals? Where? I guess that answers some of your questions!


Submitted by souri on Thu, 28/10/04 - 1:13 AM Permalink

Yeh, I probably have to give journals an appearance on the main page. At the moment, you need at least two clicks to get onto someone's profile/journal page fom the main page.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 29/10/04 - 6:49 PM Permalink

Just some more ideas I thought of... each member gets a general comments page so people can comment and message anything there. Sorta like a guestbook. I'll parse out the journals as XML so anyone can bookmark your xml page with an RSS reader and get your latest entry in an instant. The code for all this is already in place in other areas of the site so it should be easy enough to implement.

Anyway, more suggestions, people. [:)]

Submitted by Wizenedoldman on Sat, 30/10/04 - 8:56 PM Permalink

Hey Souri I just have to ask cause it's been bugging me for a while now, what happened to your forum avatar? Where's Astroboy? is it just me that's getting this strange wash of colours instead?

Submitted by MoonUnit on Sun, 31/10/04 - 12:48 AM Permalink

thats the M+Ms add by the looks of it (in his AV)

Submitted by souri on Sun, 31/10/04 - 1:19 AM Permalink

Yep, it's the 'colour my world' M&M ad. I love that ad. ^_^

Submitted by Wizenedoldman on Mon, 01/11/04 - 6:45 PM Permalink

Oh yeah I get it now, love that ad, makes me want to swim around in a sea of M&M's gobbling as I go.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 06/04/05 - 5:44 PM Permalink

I've gotten off my ass and upgraded the journals/blogs a bit. It's a little bit more useful (random sumea member, list of latest entries), and it looks a bit more cleaner, I think. You also have a guestbook as well. Also planned is that rss feed (when I can figure how to do it a certain way), and also let members customize the look of their profile page a little.. Upload your own background, choose if you want it tiled or repeated, change the colour of fonts/background colours for certain areas etc.

There are a few errors that need sorting out but I'm working on it.

Submitted by Anuxinamoon on Thu, 07/04/05 - 8:01 AM Permalink

oh this sounds really cool! As I was going to use my sumea journal thing to write stuff about all those art related goals and that. I just never had a chance to start it :p

Submitted by mcdrewski on Fri, 08/04/05 - 1:37 AM Permalink

suggestion: make the timeout on writing a new post a bit longer, or if you are timed out, at least save the post? :(

oh well. it's always better written the second time around. :)

Submitted by mcdrewski on Fri, 08/04/05 - 1:46 AM Permalink

oh, and perhaps we can more easily link the sumea profiles and the forum profiles? (ie: it's taking me forever to find out how to link to my own profile page...)

Submitted by LiveWire on Fri, 08/04/05 - 9:06 PM Permalink

i agree, if you want to look at someone's profile, you have to seach manually though all mapper, modeller, programer, etc sections to find their name. it would be great to link to it in forum profiles.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 09/04/05 - 12:42 AM Permalink

You could place your link to Sumea profile in your forum profile homepage link, cool links, or comments. [:)] You could put it in your sig if you want to.

If you want to find your own profile page, you'll have to do what Livewire just mentioned. Actually, for new registrations, I've been sending them their profile link in the activation email.

I'll do something about raising the session timeouts..

Submitted by mcdrewski on Mon, 11/04/05 - 9:55 PM Permalink

don't get me wrong - these new features are great and I'm ecstatic that I don't need to set up my own blog now :)

Just "usability" suggestions... :)

Submitted by souri on Thu, 14/04/05 - 10:39 AM Permalink

Ok, folks. If you login and go to edit your profile/select or create profile style, you can choose a fantastic *2* styles that I've thrown in there for testing purposes. Better yet, you can create your own one and choose to use that! It's pretty straightforward, you're just customizing font colours, background colours, background graphics, tiling etc but if you have any problems, let me know here.

Also, if you do create a custom style for your profile page, post it here, I'd love to see it.

Submitted by mcdrewski on Thu, 14/04/05 - 9:03 PM Permalink

Cool! Just tried it out with a colourscheme I've used before (CCFFFF text on 4B3300 background). It would be really nice to also be able to override the default white page body colour too, though...

Submitted by mcdrewski on Fri, 15/04/05 - 7:43 PM Permalink

Just trying to replace the existing background with this new one...

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]bg.jpg[/url]
62.14 KB

...and it doesn't seem to work for me.

So, my guesses are - either work's web proxy is caching the image (which means that the timestamps reported by need to be 'touched' when an upload occurs) or the upload doesn't let me overwrite for some reason.

any ideas?

EDIT : It's working fine now.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 19/04/05 - 6:38 AM Permalink

Yeh, soemtimes images are stuck in your web browser's cache. Sometimes you have to shift+refresh, or even clear your cache to see the changes. Because these images are referred to by the CSS style, sometimes it's pretty stubborn in displaying the new image in your browser. You'll probably see this when you upload a new forum avatar.

Submitted by redwyre on Fri, 29/04/05 - 11:05 PM Permalink

Got this while looking throught the profile thingies:

Random Sumea Member

ADODB.Field error '800a0bcd'

Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.

/sprofile.asp, line 53

Submitted by souri on Sat, 30/04/05 - 1:26 AM Permalink

Yeh, I know exactly what's causing that. I'll be fixing it sometime later though. [:D]

Submitted by souri on Tue, 04/10/05 - 3:05 PM Permalink

So Sumea Concepts is done, and while I won't be making that available to the public just yet, I'll be working on fixing up the very neglected Sumea Profiles/Journals.

If you have a quick look, I've made a few changes in the appearance of the journal pages. Firefox has some tiny issues with the CSS but I'll be fixing that once I find out why it's doing what it is. IE and Opera is fine. If anything else is broken, just know that I am working on it [;)]

Unfortunately the customised themes that 5 or so members have created will be lost as I've come up with a new way for members to completely change the way they want their journal to look. It'll be really simple and I hope people do some great skins for their page once I finish all that. I'll also get onto that rss feed idea which I had many moons ago, and any other ideas I can come up with to make the journals cooler.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 14/10/05 - 1:35 PM Permalink

I've overhauled the way you can customise the way your journal looks. Log in and choose "Select or Create Journal Style". There are some docs, pics, and files to download if you need any help. If you're stuck on anything or find something wrong, you can post it in this thread.

It's pretty simple, but you should be able to do some pretty wicked stuff with it. Just use your imagination!

Submitted by mcdrewski on Wed, 19/10/05 - 8:57 AM Permalink

cool! works great! For those artistically crippled souls of us that don't upload images much though, that big blank space at the top of the page looks a bit odd...

Submitted by souri on Wed, 19/10/05 - 11:03 AM Permalink

Hey, very nice work on your journal page, mate [:)] [url=""]Everyone check it out[/url]! I'm hoping more and more people have a go. It's pretty simple to do!

Yeh, I've been trying to get get that blank space to disappear with javascript if you don't have any thumbnails. I've put in some asp code in the iframe that says "hey, there's no thumbnails, output this javascript code to hide the thumbnail space", except I don't have that js code working yet. I know it can be done, but my javascript-fu is pretty non-existant. [:(]

If anyone wants to help out with this. [;)]

Submitted by mcdrewski on Wed, 19/10/05 - 9:22 PM Permalink

I'm assuming it's something more complex than this...


if (document.getElementById("MyDivOrSpanID")) {
document.getElementById("MyDivOrSpanID").innerHTML = " "; // <- that's an & nbsp ; in there...

Submitted by souri on Wed, 26/10/05 - 10:18 AM Permalink

I'm gonna have to pick your brain for this after I finish up on another project.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 06/11/05 - 9:17 AM Permalink

Hey, that went much smoother than I expected [;)].

Anyways, I've had to overhaul how members write entries and upload pictures to their journals. I know how uploading pictures to your journal used to be such a pain in the arse (anyone remember how it used to be when Sumea first started? *cringe*), and I know even recently people still had problems uploading work. The first problem is that people didn't understand that uploading images was a two step process. The other thing was that reuploading images was a bit of a hack job.. so I've been working on a solution this past week and I'm happy to say that:

1. Writing and uploading pictures only takes one step, the way it should be!! Write your journal, select your pics, then click submit and that's it. Simple!
2. Reuploading images is a *breeze*. Click edit, go to the thumbnail of the pic you want to reupload, and browse for a replacement.
3: This whole deal involved me renaming the thousands of submitted pictures on the website and database, which I was so close to doing by hand until I realised how mind numbingly time consuming that would've been. A simple script and a few minutes later and it was done [:)] I was afraid I was going to do some mistake and accidently batch delete all the images, but it turned out fine. Phew.
4: I've managed to cut down on the number of stinkin pages required to add/edit journal entries from 8 to just 3.

So anyways, I might put in an upload check so that people don't upload files larger than the set limit, but once that's in, the whole writing a journal/uploading picture procedure should be fool proof! No one should be having any problems anymore!

*ALSO* I've put in some functionality in there so you can embed a picture into your journal post, just like most other blogs. I haven't finished it off just yet, it'll only take a few minutes to complete but I'm taking a break for the rest of today. [;)]

Submitted by MoonUnit on Sun, 06/11/05 - 10:17 PM Permalink

sounds awesome! i promise i might actually start using it soon too :P (VCE..)

Forum colour.


Have you ever thought about darkening the average tone of the backgrounds in the threads? The reason I ask is because the bright bluish colour and the white make it quite hard to see the detail in darker images. If the forum was more toward a neutral mid tone images would be easier to see in their full glory so to speak.
Ok I know this probably will not happen, but I thought there is no harm in asking.


Submitted by souri on Tue, 19/10/04 - 9:11 AM Permalink

It'll probably make text harder to read as a result though. [:(]

Are there any sumea t-shirts left?


Hi Souri,

Just wondering if there are anymore Sumea shirts left? Mine shrunk in the dryer [V] I guess i'll need a large this time around so that it will shrink to a medium.

Are u coming down to melbourne for the AGDC?

Submitted by souri on Tue, 19/10/04 - 9:10 AM Permalink

Yeh, there's about 30 left. I was supposed to advertise on the site about it, but just never got around to it. Send me your postal address and I will send you a large one.

Don't think I can make it to the AGDC.. can't afford it. [:(]

Submitted by tachyon on Tue, 19/10/04 - 10:28 AM Permalink

awesome, i just sent you an email

Submitted by Blitz on Tue, 19/10/04 - 11:56 PM Permalink

Have you had an attempt at getting a press pass souri?
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by tbag on Wed, 20/10/04 - 3:46 AM Permalink

What forms of payment do you accept?

I went clothes shopping the other week and in my mind it clicked that Sumea shirts were on sale at one point and i was also wondering if any were left. I would love to get one off you, that is if my parents permit it and think you are trustworthy (They are a little over protective when it comes to ordering online, even if it is my money [;)]).

Submitted by souri on Fri, 22/10/04 - 9:16 AM Permalink

I haven't tried for a press pass yet, although I'm trying for someone. It's just that everytime this time of the year, I get hit with car insurance and car rego for $1600... I still yet to pay for my broadband connection and other things .[:X]

Payment is by money order only.. Details in the Sumea Website Related section in the forum somewhere. I'm pretty trustworthy.. [;)]

Submitted by tachyon on Sat, 23/10/04 - 12:22 AM Permalink

hey souri, did u get my email? haven't heard anything back so I assume you're waiting for the money order

Avatars not uploading


Hey Souri,

Having an issue with uploading new avatars to my profile, I browse to the file and click upload then I get a screen saying it's not a jpeg or that the file is empty, is there some sort of naming format for the file? It's definitely a jpeg, and I've tried other files, not sure what to do next.

Thanks in advance.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 09/10/04 - 12:44 AM Permalink

What browser are you using?

Submitted by Wizenedoldman on Sat, 09/10/04 - 2:52 AM Permalink

Mozilla Firefox, but if that's what's causing it I can easily use IE just to upload a couple of pics, I'll try it out.

Submitted by Wizenedoldman on Sat, 09/10/04 - 3:00 AM Permalink

Hooray! thanks Souri, all fixed, although it's probably given you something to worry over now with Firefox integration.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 10/10/04 - 3:54 PM Permalink

Yeh [:(]. Trust me, no one wants the upload function to work more on Firefox than me. I ditched using Internet Explorer as my primary web prowser a few months ago (only using it to check html/css compatibility on this site when I'm updating).

Firefox is incredible. It's got some very nice skins and many extensions which I simply cannot browse without now. If you haven't tried out Firefox yet, you're nuts!

As for the upload problem, I think I mentioned somewhere else, I don't think there's much I can do atm other than looking into another upload component.

Email Virus forging headers with Sumea email addre


I've been receiving a tonne of these recently - I'm getting emails which claim to come from and have an attached virus.. The body of the message says it's a link to a Sumea forum message, but of course if you click it, you're going to get infected...

Obviously, a few of you have been infected and your address book is sending out a tonne of email with forged headers, some saying it's from Sumea. >.<

I thought I was getting these emails myself, until I stumbled onto another site which seems to be [url=""]having the same problem[/url]...

Just a note, I don't even have Outlook set up, and I do all my email through a web based interface which is offered with my hosting plan, so I'm not sending out these bogus emails.

Submitted by Malus on Mon, 13/09/04 - 7:14 PM Permalink

That sucks, do you have an example of a subject line of one of these emails so we know what to be aware off?

I can't understand why people don't have virus checkers, firewalls etc these days. [:P]

Submitted by souri on Tue, 14/09/04 - 3:48 AM Permalink

I've deleted all those messages but I will post it here when I get the next one.. It's obvious to spot because the link to the forum message in the body is actually wrong (I think it says something like not that it actually goes to that url anwyay.)

The body of the message is brief and says something to the tune of "you have received a forum message at...", so it's not hard to get suckered into clicking it if you already receive similar emails from Sumea by subscribing to certain forum sections/messages or someone has sent you an email through the forum..

And yeh, because I send an email out to every person who registers for a Sumea profile, or the mailer sends an email out to every person who registers (thus I'm in a lot of peoples address books), I tend to get a tonne of spam when there's a new email virus breakout.. this one pisses me off most because it's duping people by pretending to be from the site.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 21/09/04 - 12:38 PM Permalink

Just did a quick search on that email text.. looks like one/some of you are infected with a typical Outlook email virus.

[url=""]More details here[/url].

Unexciting Sumea Website Updates


Yes, in case you didn't notice, the front page is a bit more colourful! I always had a lurking suspicion that the blue colour was a bit dull. Will be changing the rest of the website to match the main page. I've also ran the main page through the validator at and I've put down the number of errors from over 150 to just 25 now.. most of it was trivial stuff like not adding alt tags to web graphics, even though it's not linking to anything.

Posting job advertisments in forum is taking 5 or more seconds each for me. I'm guessing it's due to so many people subscribing to that section. The forum has to immediately email the info to all those subscribers.. >.<

Submitted by MoonUnit on Thu, 09/09/04 - 6:01 AM Permalink

yeah i did, lookin spiffy souri :D

Submitted by Kane on Fri, 10/09/04 - 6:36 PM Permalink

yes, I must say...Sumea is looking particularly smashing at the moment...well done old chap... [:D]

Submitted by Makk on Sat, 11/09/04 - 1:39 AM Permalink

Yeah, I noticed as well. Looks cool, I like the black lettering with the blue outlines

Submitted by souri on Sun, 19/09/04 - 4:00 PM Permalink

Ok, some more news for those who find Sumea website development updates remotely interesting...

That other unamed project is on hold, and I'm working on converting all the web pages here on Sumea fully into CSS. I actually have most of my previous website development plans [url=""]mentioned here[/url] completed, so I'll be embarking on the next project..

At the moment, the site is a html/css hybrid, with CSS only handling simple things like font types, colours, and links. There are tonnes of table data, tables within tables, and more and tags than you can shake a stick at. This was the proper way of doing pages before CSS came about. Now that CSS is getting more support and compliance from web browsers, it's a good time to ditch the old way of doing web pages and adopt the new streamlined one.

The new way is to seperate out the content and use an external style sheets for layout, font, colour, graphics info etc. It'll mean a heck of a lot less table tags, and all the pages will be really raw with mostly content (text). All the layout/display info is in the style sheet, and since they get cached, there's a lot less to retrieve when you're visiting a new page. So yeh, pages will load much faster! [8D]

The fun thing with external style sheets is that you can have as many as you like, and if you build the pages so, you can make it so visitors could choose different 'skins' on how your site looks. Heck, if I ever feel the urge to redesign the site, I don't have to even touch the pages!

I've got a cable modem and even I get a bit impatient watching each graphic load, so I'll be designing an extremely simple but elegant dialup-modem-friendly skin for Sumea - so pages will be even more faster! Making a new dialup-modem friendly skin was the main motivator for embarking on this project. I don't know how you dialup mode users manage [?].

I'm half way through doing the main page at the moment (I'm learning and refining as I go), and I'm amazed how much less scripting is required... however, Mozilla/Firefox and IE have different ideas on many things like space and margin sizes, and certain things work fine on one browser and flat out break on the other, so it's been a headache trying to make it work fine on both. Haven't tried testing it on Opera, but I guarentee there's going to be problems there too (although only 1% of you are using it on this site).

Submitted by matias on Sun, 19/09/04 - 10:00 PM Permalink

Haha, very nice of you Souri, including all the browsers and stuff! One reason I will never be a designer is when I made my little sites I made sure it worked on IE and bugger the rest of the guys out there!! haha, but I guess thats why your a webmaster dude, and I'm clearly not!! I also just upgraded to win XP and thought the site was loading a helluvalot fast and thought wooohee go winxp! but now I see it was you tireless efforts to help poor modem users such as myself! Thank you!

Submitted by souri on Tue, 21/09/04 - 12:28 PM Permalink

I've been a dialup modem user for over a decade (I got my first 2400bps modem in 1992 which cost me $400!!), so I haven't forgotten about ya's [;)].

Submitted by souri on Thu, 23/09/04 - 10:01 PM Permalink

I've tested it on IE6 and FireFox 1 beta release and it works fine (not mentioning the hours and hours of head scratching, and getting things working right on both browsers). I'm sure this is gonna break on Opera, Konquerer, Safari, IE <5.5 including Mac, Netscape <4 etc..

(Ok, a lot of the positioning is messed up slightly in Opera, but it's still usable. Looking at my logs, 0.1% of the visitors here use that browser, so it's no big deal)..

Let me know if any of you find something wrong... post screenies etc

(I know the page doesn't look exciting, but you have to check out the page source to see how leaner and nicer it is)

Submitted by souri on Tue, 27/09/05 - 11:52 AM Permalink

Just some closure on this topic. I've finally figured out why the site looked like ass on Opera. Basically, you have to set body{margin:0;padding:0;} in CSS. IE and Firefox did that as default, but it seems Opera just gives you padding anyway if you don't set it to anything. [?]

Apart from Opera still not being able to do transparent iFrame backgrounds, the site looks the same in IE, Firefox, and Opera. Hopefully that means it'll be fine on other browsers too.

Submitted by Kizza on Thu, 29/09/05 - 9:19 AM Permalink

Excellent work Souri! I've found that more often than not Firefox will display my designs perfect, IE will be off by 1-5 pixels. Which is a shame. I've never tested in Opera so I hope nothing I make crashes and burns with it, haha. Hurray for cross-browser Sumea!

Submitted by souri on Sun, 06/11/05 - 5:59 AM Permalink

I'll be doing some big updates this weekend, so please don't add any journal entries since they'll be lost when I finish.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 12/11/05 - 4:48 AM Permalink

Ok, I'll be doing some small fixes and improvements here and there, and then I'll be working on Sumea Newstation. I say what I've got planned here, but it's gonna be awesome [:)]

Sumea Paint Chat test


Make sure you have to Java desktop software... (top right of the screen)

Submitted by J I Styles on Tue, 07/09/04 - 5:58 PM Permalink

hooray [:D]

I had a feeling you'd like the paint chat idea souri, and it looks like it may very well be a popular thing [:)]

Cool stuff!

Submitted by souri on Wed, 08/09/04 - 12:31 AM Permalink

Ok, I had some outage since morning, so Sumea Paint Chat was down. My connection is back online, and I've been assigned to a new IP - I've updated the first post here with the new address and the news item, so connect to that!

So, from now on, don't bookmark Sumea Paint Chat - check the front page (I'll make a link) or this thread for the proper link.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Wed, 08/09/04 - 4:01 AM Permalink

its not loading now :o !!!
it gets to 80% and just stops loadin

Submitted by Malus on Wed, 08/09/04 - 8:02 AM Permalink

yeah I cna't get it up and running either. [:(]

Submitted by souri on Wed, 08/09/04 - 8:18 AM Permalink

If it hangs on 80%, click reresh on your browser to give it another go. It usually will work after 1 or 2 tries if the applet hangs at 80%..

Submitted by Stephen on Wed, 08/09/04 - 10:18 PM Permalink

Ok i'm guessing it doesn't work if your behind a firewall, am I right?

The application starts up and I can see the chat window and paint area and controls and stuff but after about 30 seconds a dialog popups with a connection failed message.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 09/09/04 - 1:32 AM Permalink

Not sure about the firewall...

When you see the chat window/paint area etc, did you write your name in the text box below and click enter?

Submitted by Stephen on Fri, 10/09/04 - 12:15 AM Permalink

Yes I entered the room by typing my name and clicking the 'enter' button.

After doing this, the button changes to 'leave'. Then about 30 seconds later the connection failed message appears.

I haven't tried this at home yet (to test my firewall theory).

Does the applet try to communicate through anything other then http?

Submitted by souri on Fri, 10/09/04 - 8:57 AM Permalink

Not sure... but yeh, it does sound like a firewall problem.

Submitted by palantir on Wed, 20/10/04 - 5:01 AM Permalink

Is paint chat up and running at the moment? Because when I connect, I?m not getting anything listed in the who?s online section ? the server isn?t there. I get the normal paint chat screen open up, but after entering my name and clicking enter, nothing happens. No error messages or anything, just a blank paint chap applet. If the problem?s my end, I don?t know what the problem could be.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Wed, 20/10/04 - 6:21 AM Permalink

it appears to be down atm, page dosent load at all for me

Submitted by souri on Wed, 20/10/04 - 7:12 AM Permalink

Ah, ok.. The redirection service decided to change a few things, like dropping as an option, and putting in a pop up [:X]. So I've had to change it to .. I've adjusted the login page so it gets onto there now, so it should all be ok.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 22/10/04 - 9:07 AM Permalink

Paint Chat is offline for the rest of this month since I've been throttled back to 33.6k for exceeding my bandwidth limit.. [:X]

No Freebased Email for Sumea Profiles


Ok, I'm starting to get tired of having to respond to people who have registered for a Sumea profile with a hotmail or other freebased email address, then having to explain why, and getting told off. The thing is, there's text *right* next to the email textbox saying "no free web based email address (e.g Hotmail, Yahoo etc).", yet I'm getting 3 or so people a day who have totally missed reading that somehow and registered anyway..

So from now on, I'm not going to respond at all and I won't register you.

(the forum is different, however, so you can use whatever email address you want here)

Upload problem


The other day I was trying to upload 4 pics at the same time but it didn't work. Then I try 3 but still without success. I ended up uploading only 2 pics. I'm sure I was following the right steps. I am not sure what went wrong....

Submitted by souri on Tue, 31/08/04 - 12:19 AM Permalink

What happened straight after you tried to upload 4 pics? Did you get an error message or what exactly happened? Did you see their names in the pic boxes on the next page where you write your news entry?

Submitted by Rapid on Tue, 31/08/04 - 1:05 AM Permalink

I got some sort of error, something like HTTP 550 server capacity error (can't really remember), few minutes after I started upload (using dial-up). It didn't get to the news entry page (the one shows pics). I tried reducing pic size but it still didn't work. Then I tried 3 pics and only 2 pics showed up in the news entry page. I am not sure what I did wrong....

Submitted by souri on Tue, 31/08/04 - 1:10 AM Permalink

Can you give it another shot and type out the error it gives here? Thanks...

Not exactly sure what it is - it could possibly be a script timeout since it's taking so long to upload 3-4 files at 150k each with dialup..

Submitted by Rapid on Tue, 31/08/04 - 1:25 AM Permalink

Ok, will try next time. I think it must be the problem with dailup.

I've been offline


If you have sent a news or job submission recently, I haven't been able to update the site since Friday. Since Friday, I've had to help out and attend a wedding as best man, had my car crashed into, and got the flu which left me bed ridden for the last 2 days. I can't access my email account at the moment as I can't remember my password, and I'm at an internet cafe since my brothers internet account (which I was sharing) has stopped working for some reason - which is why there have been no news up on the site recently..

Will be trying to get back online and updating things as soon as possible.

Submitted by bullet21 on Wed, 18/08/04 - 3:04 AM Permalink

I haven't been on sumea for quite some time, it has been a very hectic fornight at school. But why the hell does everything look so big. It reminds me of world 4 from Mario Bros. 3

Submitted by davidcoen on Thu, 19/08/04 - 4:01 AM Permalink

hey souri, hope life is treating you a bit better by now, try to get some rest (seem to work the best at getting rid of colds) and best wishes on continued survival

Submitted by souri on Mon, 23/08/04 - 8:51 AM Permalink

Yeh, I'm feeling much better now. I can't believe I dragged myself out of bed to take the car in to the garage (and popped into an internet cafe as well). I was shivering and my bones were aching still [:)]

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 23/08/04 - 9:47 AM Permalink

damn that sounds like a hard week, and i thought mine was bad :P

Submitted by souri on Sun, 29/08/04 - 1:59 AM Permalink

I sitll have no internet access [:(]. Stupid router doesn't work!! *kicks router*

Things may be a bit quiet until Thursday next week when my cable access is installed.

Submitted by Brain on Wed, 01/09/04 - 9:56 PM Permalink

Yay, this makes me feel a lil less guilty about being here for weeks now. Still feel horribly behind though. The most art I've been doing is doodles on the weekly paper at work. Permanent part time's a bitch to your existing schedule.

Search members by employer / workplace...


This is just a thought, but it might be handy to have a feature on Sumea to search for members working at a particular dev company. Maybe in the profile there could be an employer field?

Has this already been mentioned, and what does everyone else think?

Submitted by Jason on Fri, 13/08/04 - 10:09 PM Permalink

Yeah this would be good. It also helps us know who is in the industry and who isn't, being able to see their work gives us an idea of the level we need to achieve in our respective portfolios.

Submitted by Kuldaen on Tue, 17/08/04 - 9:47 AM Permalink

I think there are already enough fields in the profile for people to put that sort of information if they want to - bio, occupation, homepage, latest news etc. Most people have links to their websites which usually tell you who they currently work for in a CV or something. If you put in a field to search by, you sort of open it up to people who start pestering people from specific companies etc. This might tend to push people in the industry away from this site which would be a real shame.

Just my 2c


Submitted by Kane on Tue, 17/08/04 - 8:15 PM Permalink might be just a little too convenient for people to find out where you work...

oh well...just a suggestion...[:)]

Submitted by J I Styles on Wed, 18/08/04 - 12:44 AM Permalink

although I can see where you're coming from, I personally wouldn't like this for 3 reasons:

1)it's a little too close to home for people to "stalk" people with jobs. There's this really silly myth out there that people who have jobs in "The Industry" have achieved some holy grail which elevates them aboves other people, and you get this silly fanboyism; recognition and feedback for something you've made is always nice, but people harassing you daily is not cool.

2)As I noted above, this silly trend is a bad thing -- even worse is when it happens the other way around. When people who have a job get a bloated head and smother others in their ego. "I'm soooo cool, you suck, I'm cool!" egos make me quite sick. Although it's a small thing, this could perpetuate this mentality in these boards, which I don't think is a good thing. A little boys club isn't cool.

3)It could just as easily be used as a corporate headhunting tool. "Anyone who's worth anything has this box ticked, or works at x studio" -- that can very easily be abused.

anyways, just my 2 cents, but I think it makes way too much trouble in the end.

Submitted by Kane on Wed, 18/08/04 - 4:10 AM Permalink

that all makes perfect sense...thanks J.I. Styles

didn't really think about all that when I posted...[:p]

Submitted by Malus on Wed, 18/08/04 - 7:00 AM Permalink

I'd have to agree with JI.
Alot of people think because you work in the industry you are able to rain glorious jobs upon the needy, not the case, we generally do what were are told and have little or no sway with HR.

I'm sure most industry people have no problem helping people on Sumea, I enjoy it myself, its the countless emails to your work account that annoy. [:P]

Submitted by souri on Thu, 19/08/04 - 3:16 AM Permalink

Hey, glad this got sorted. [:)]
There's already a field for the developer name in Sumea member profiles, but that's used for people who want to edit/write news etc on behalf of the developer. Yeh, it can be easily modifed and used for the purposes that Kane has mentioned, but if there's ever an implementation of that, it'll be a choice for the member to use or not.

Paint Chat request


One thing I'd absolutely love for sumea is a paint chat style channel -- eg a chat and graffiti board to draw and scribble on with other people in real time.

Examples: <---really good one

home of that one is: , multilingual chat example here:

etc etc

Submitted by souri on Thu, 12/08/04 - 3:54 AM Permalink

Ok, that Paintchat thing rocks... I've downloaded the java applet, but I can't find any english instructions anywhere.. As soon as I figure it out, I'll put it up on Sumea...