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Feedback for problems, suggestions, and anything else relating to the website

Just Wondering


Just wondering, how much bandwidth a month does go through. I would think it would use a fair bit. Also have you thought of upgrading the forums to something like VB, but I doubt there would be a converter for Snitz to VB.[^]

Submitted by souri on Thu, 01/04/04 - 9:46 AM Permalink

I don't know how much bandwidth the site uses. My website logs haven't work in months and it never showed how much bandwidth was getting sent anwyay. My hosting plan is "unlimited bandwidth" so it doesn't really matter unless I seriously abuse that condition (e.g open up a porn site which would use a million times more bandwidth).

I think Snitz is adequate enough for a forum. I can't think of anything more that's *really* needed, except maybe the function I've seen around lately where forum members can directly upload pics through the forum and have it displayed in a post.

forum/thread links not updateing



the links for the forums and threads dont update. once ive clicked on a link it perminitly stays that colour even once a person has replyed to that thread.

soes anyone know a fix for this problem


Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 26/03/04 - 3:28 AM Permalink

it dosent update like immediatly, it never has (atleast not for me). This isnt like them php forums and stuff :P . Rest assured it will change though, just not as soon as you leave the thread

Submitted by X5 on Sat, 27/03/04 - 12:04 AM Permalink


o well if it doesnt update (normally) then i guess ill just hav to live with it .. no biggie :D

Submitted by Barry Dahlberg on Sat, 27/03/04 - 1:27 AM Permalink

The icon beside the thread name changes colour if there are new posts. I tend to just log in and click the "Active Topics" link up the top to see everything that happened since I left.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 28/03/04 - 12:54 AM Permalink

The links and threads change for me. Unread links are black, while read ones are greenish.

Submitted by dom on Fri, 30/04/04 - 11:52 AM Permalink

yeah, got the same problem as MoonUnit.

also, how do i mark all threads as read (i.e. make em greyed out)?

Submitted by MoonUnit on Sat, 01/05/04 - 9:35 AM Permalink

well they wont be greyed out but the text u click on will go a faded colour (that could just be a IE thing if ur using a diff browser, not sure). So use that as your guide

2d Art suggestion - Read please Souri :)


Hey souri, a few of the guys and i mentioned something along the lines of setting up a 2d like workshop, whereby some guidelines were set ie DWARVEN CLERIC ( like matias's recent entry in the exhibition ) and anyone who felt like drawing would be able to depict the creature / class / race, as they saw fit.

I thought it would be quite a cool thing to see how everyone depicts their own idea given a single strict guideline.

Kinda a good basis for ideas and learning, just thought id put it out there to see if we couldnt set something up like that, a few of the members have already expressed their interests, maybe we could add it to the quick activities area, or even if it gets big enough maybe we could have a concept art challenge at one point, like we do for the programmers and modellers.

What say you ? [:D]

Submitted by souri on Wed, 24/03/04 - 1:14 AM Permalink

Sounds good. We've tried two times to get the concept artists going - there was a Sumea Concept Art challenge which failed, and the Sumea Paint activity where we had to draw a board room concept which failed as well. We might have to give it another try.

Submitted by matias on Wed, 24/03/04 - 1:33 AM Permalink

Damn 2d artists- I mean woohoo! [:D] I dunno if it would be best to wait until the 3d comp is finished and over, just so that any 3d guys want in they aren't gonna be to busy...

Submitted by Kalescent on Wed, 24/03/04 - 2:55 AM Permalink

yeah i was thinking paticularly along the lines of character concept section only ( ie break up the concept into things like Character / creature - architecture - environmental etc etc ) - where someone sets a race and class & those are basically the only guidelines. whether or not people want to take it further and make a comp out of it, like you said weel just have to gauge enthusiasm and take it from there. Id DEFINATELY be keen for it tho.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Wed, 24/03/04 - 6:15 AM Permalink

this is my idea of this thing

this would go along the same lines as sumea pixel town me thinks. Cept not so... communal. A set concept (like the dwarven cleric) and everyone (with their unique styles) draws their own rendition. It could be contained entirely within one thread. Its not a competition like the modeller comp but more a fun activity like pixel town.

Submitted by Kalescent on Thu, 25/03/04 - 12:53 PM Permalink

yup for sure MoonUnit, i reckon we should get it crankin as soon as the model comp is over :) give us all a bit of a break from modelling , time to work on the concept side of things..

How many people are going to be interested in this ?? if you are say so in this thread so we can get a gauge to see whether its going to be worth while [:D]

I AM!![:D] and my fiancee will be in as well, she kicks my ass in the concept department [:(]

Submitted by Pantmonger on Thu, 25/03/04 - 7:06 PM Permalink

As always, im in dependent on avalable time.

Submitted by Barry Dahlberg on Thu, 25/03/04 - 11:12 PM Permalink

I'd be keen, assuming I can sort out some way of getting art to the computer. I'm sure it would be good for me to build on my almost non-existant art skills!

I'd like to see something quite informal, maybe a topic each week and people are free to submit sketches or concepts for discussion, not necasarily finished works.

Submitted by matias on Fri, 26/03/04 - 12:50 AM Permalink

yeah, I'm in! (surprise, surprise) I like the communal thread ala pixel town, plus the varying degrees of progress. I think the discussion part would be really good!
Plus you know what the say, practice makes perfect!

Submitted by Kalescent on Fri, 26/03/04 - 1:09 AM Permalink

cool well someone needs to take the helm and set the topics like malus and Jkerr did for the modelling comp - else i reckon it will just turn into a whole bunch of people submitting random pieces of art which would make it just another exhibition thread ...

Or we could just have a vote on what the first character class could be... suggestions ?

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 26/03/04 - 3:30 AM Permalink

im still for the idea of a orc engineer which i mentioned somewhere else....

Submitted by Kalescent on Fri, 26/03/04 - 4:39 AM Permalink

Im good for orc engineer sounds pretty unique !! will be interesting...

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 26/03/04 - 6:23 AM Permalink

im not sure what sort of vote count we would need before this is initiated, personally id love to start it up but im thinking its a sumea admin job unless they say otherwise.

Submitted by Kalescent on Fri, 26/03/04 - 8:43 AM Permalink

BAH! if we leave it to them - weel grow hair in our ears and beards 12 feet long. [;)]

Submitted by hobonation on Thu, 01/04/04 - 4:10 AM Permalink

wooooooo! I'll do it, my aim is to beat matias.....[xx(]

Submitted by souri on Wed, 21/04/04 - 4:54 PM Permalink

Ok, I think now would be a good time to get this started. Would any of you like volunteer to make a post on the subject matter in the Sumea Draw Club section? People can post their work in the thread, so it's all contained in one thread as suggested.
Now before it turns into a confused thread of constant update posts and mess, we should make a few rules.

- You make ONE post only, and you re-edit your posts to include your updates.

- 3 pictures maximum in your post at any time. Perhaps show the concept, midpoint, and final piece when you're done..

- maximum of 800x600 pixel size per picture (you can use smaller than this). And for the love of god, please do use good jpg compression so that the pages don't get too bogged down with loading times. You can get a decent picture a lot of times at 800x600 pixels at 80k (depends on the picture, yes). I don't wanna see 250k images! If it's a basic concept piece, it should be really small in size.

- I recommend you use your sumea profile member account to upload your images to Sumea. That way, the images are preserved on the site for good. So whenever someone views this thread a year from now, they won't see a thread full of broken image links.

We'll make a companion comment thread so we can actually make comments, critiquie, suggestions, compliments etc on the work submitted.. Any comments on the rules or any suggestions most welcome.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Thu, 22/04/04 - 1:55 AM Permalink

So basicly were just following those guidlines and alternating between subjects (like the orc engineer).

If people can only make one post theres no room for discussion, and some point in this was to discuss different drawing styles, as it was partially created because people who have different drawing styles are sometimes disinclined to participate in other activities.

errrr im not sure if that past paragraph made any sense or not.... heh

Submitted by Kalescent on Thu, 22/04/04 - 2:23 AM Permalink

yeah i think it did - my understanding of it was the following,..

That there be a thread for each creature / design idea , and everyone post there concepts to that thread - we create a new one for each monster etc.

we could conduct it like the modelling comps, weherby someone sets a template and everyone posts in there own thread - that would also work and i think thats what souri is reffering to.

Either way works for me [:)]

Submitted by Makk on Thu, 22/04/04 - 7:05 AM Permalink

Just make one thread for discussion and one for displaying WIPS/final images?

Submitted by MoonUnit on Thu, 22/04/04 - 7:08 AM Permalink

well at present its not a comp, so it dosent really need to be organised, unless you want to take it down that road *shrug*

Submitted by souri on Thu, 22/04/04 - 7:28 AM Permalink

My suggestion was as Makk said, one thread for discussion and one for displaying WIPS/final images. If you have a better suggestion, please do tell! The rules were suggested as a way to keep things in order and a not chaotic mess.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Thu, 22/04/04 - 7:52 AM Permalink

sorry dont want to sound like im ungratefull and crushing your ideas souri :P

only thing i was worried about was it turning into a competition, its not mine to govern though. Looks all good really :) go for it (making the threads that is)

Submitted by Kalescent on Thu, 22/04/04 - 8:57 AM Permalink

nah not a comp - more of a feedback / gallery to share our styles etc. i mean maybe eventually we could turn it into a comp later on down the track [;)]

Submitted by souri on Thu, 22/04/04 - 9:40 AM Permalink

Ok, I think I'm getting misunderstood atm. You should definately re-read what I wrote on the first page. I will explain the reasoning behind my suggestions.

quote:If people can only make one post theres no room for discussion, and some point in this was to discuss different drawing styles, as it was partially created because people who have different drawing styles are sometimes disinclined to participate in other activities.

From the previous post - "We'll make a companion comment thread so we can actually make comments, critiquie, suggestions, compliments etc on the work submitted.."

quote:we could conduct it like the modelling comps, weherby someone sets a template and everyone posts in there own thread - that would also work and i think thats what souri is reffering to.

That's not what I was suggesting at all.

No individual threads. It's nothing like the challenges. Yes, there are rules - the rules are just about where to post and image dimensions/file sizes.

Why a uniform image canvas for everyone?
So we don't get people submitting 1500x300 pixel images stretching the forum page horizontally, while others post 300x1000 pixel images etc. One uniform canvas for everyone makes a neater presentation of all the work on the subject which will all go in the submitted works thread. And please keep the file sizes down. That's all that is.

Why 2 threads only?
Yes, there will be 2 threads ONLY in the draw club section on this. Why only two? Because I don't want the section to have so many individual threads like the Sumea challenges have. The draw club section has other threads like Sumea Pixel Town and the VS threads.. These are still ongoing, and a mass of individual threads is going to swamp the section. It's ok for the Sumea challenges since all the old challenge threads etc should be pushed off to the next page.
The first thread is where ALL OF YOU submit your work. I had this new idea where you just post ONE picture there - your latest picture. The second thread is where EVERYONE posts their progress pictures, comments, suggestions on each others work. Yes, it might be messy, but I prefer this than everyone having their own individual thread for the reasons mentioned earlier.

I'm not sure how you guys exactly want this activity to be formatted - you're more than welcome to post what you're after since it is for you guys..

Submitted by Kalescent on Thu, 22/04/04 - 10:42 AM Permalink

Ahhhhhhhh i understand now ... thanks for clearing that up - yeah i think thats a great way of doing it :) fully agree :)

Submitted by souri on Fri, 23/04/04 - 4:40 PM Permalink

Anyway, feel free to post a subject for the activity and get it going [:)]

Submitted by matias on Mon, 26/04/04 - 4:45 AM Permalink

ok has anyone thought of anything? perhaps we could do something with a draconian? or is that not well known enough?

Submitted by matias on Mon, 26/04/04 - 7:49 PM Permalink

ok, I dont know them inside out but they're basically dragon spawned. I think they were created magically in like the distant past or something so they a like humanoid dragons almost, with the wings and the scales and the snouts, with the biting and killing! ahem... I think they come from the dargonlance realm... I'm sure someelse will be able give you a more complete run down
Anyway, you can find what he look like on the d&d pages at (a reat resource for fontasy illos!!!)
Here is a link to a image of them on the wizards site;
and here is the dragonlance gallery;
check out the different types, like Baaz, Bozak, Sivak... theres a heap and they all have diferent abilities and stuff, like one of them explodes when they die.. I can't remember which but yeah anyway, man do I have spare time or what![:p]

I am thinking tho if enough people haven't heard of them it might not be the best idea to do one....

Submitted by MoonUnit on Tue, 27/04/04 - 12:11 AM Permalink

ok so basicly were looking at humans crossed with dragons here. Interesting, sounds good to me (bar the fact that im probably gonna have to do scales now :( )

Next plan 4 Sumea-making uploading images simpler


I'm aware the image uploading procedure on Sumea for our members is something that needs to be simplified - in fact, it's quite possible to make it extremely simple and failsafe, but it comes at a cost. It's going to require me to purchase an asp component - something like [url=""]this would be ideal[/url] (costing $150 US or $205 AUS). I may have to see if anyone is willing to sponsor us for it (unfortunately I don't have Visa, MasterCard and American Express to pay for it either [:P]), but basically with this component installed, it'll make image uploading so much easier. All you would have to do is upload your large images then write your news. The component will make the thumbnails for you, and you won't have to worry about the naming conventions, file sizes, and image dimensions.
Also, I'm pretty sure there are already components installed which can check images for their width and height details, so basically we wouldn't need members sticking to 800x600 images either (although I do like that size for consistency).

Anyway, that's the plan. [:)] I'm also planning to make the Sumea Calendar a bit more flashy. You know, like a proper calendar graphic showing the current month and days with events marked etc..

Submitted by J I Styles on Mon, 15/03/04 - 7:20 PM Permalink

first of all I like the idea of making the whole process more streamlined and easier - even with the step by step process it confuses a lot of people and is very cumbersome. Two points I'd like to raise:

1)As an asp component it's a small little chunk of money but would be easily integrated into the existing scheme. However, have you thought of installing PHP and embedding parts to that through the asp pages? Reason I ask is because there's free thumbnailing and image manipulation code floating around out there and well... it's always cheaper if its free right [:)]

2) People upload their stuff to get a little exposure, they want to present themselves in as best as possible way. Personally I'd prefer to have the control of image compression, cropping and scale of content in the thumbnail, to direct its quality by hand instead of relying on an automated thumbnailing generator - probably because the ones I've seen don't sample down, but come out all aliased and choppy.

Anyway, I like the idea, just wanted to raise those 2 points [:)]

Submitted by souri on Thu, 25/03/04 - 5:06 PM Permalink

1) Is that possible (using PHP components on an ASP server)? I haven't looked into it. I'm organising some extra sponsorship at the moment so just paying the once-off cost of this component would seem the easiest solution to everything.

2) I can leave the step-by-step option in there if people want to do their own thumbnails. A better solution though would be to just reupload the thumbnails.

Submitted by redwyre on Fri, 26/03/04 - 6:32 AM Permalink

Just port the site to php dammit!

Sumea on the radio


A friend just told me that Sumea was mentioned on the radio the other day.. 2SER FM in Sydney. Woot.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Sat, 13/03/04 - 5:19 AM Permalink

wut type of station is that out of interest?

Sumea Chat


Just got this up, will make it look nicer and make a post on the front page about it, but you can get straight onto the Sumea Chat on this page..

** Ok, I've made it all nice and pretty, and it's open for public use! Go nuts!

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 08/03/04 - 9:26 AM Permalink

all im getting is a red X and yes ive got mirc

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 08/03/04 - 10:34 AM Permalink

yes ive got java aswell -_-
hows about just givin the link for the chat so i can open it up in mirc

Submitted by bullet21 on Mon, 08/03/04 - 7:12 PM Permalink

works fine for me, moonunit have you got java virtual machine, try download it again if you have.

Submitted by Blitz on Mon, 08/03/04 - 9:31 PM Permalink

moonunit: Inglis already gave you the irc details!
Look at his post again.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 08/03/04 - 10:47 PM Permalink

he edited the post with those details after i made my post blitz :)

Submitted by inglis on Mon, 08/03/04 - 11:45 PM Permalink

no i didnt. i put the server details on about 1 min after my original post. you just missed it.
the edit i did at 07/03/2004 23:44:49 was to edit something else.
anyway..not important you have the details now...everyone go in peace.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 10/03/04 - 3:59 AM Permalink

I spent a good half a day implementing this, so you people darn well better join the chat and at least lurk! [:)]

Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 10/03/04 - 5:59 AM Permalink

If it wass on one of my usual irc servers i'd join regularly, but it's just so much trouble to open an extra server window :P
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by MoonUnit on Wed, 10/03/04 - 6:03 AM Permalink

mines all good now, turns out my little java plugin doodad needed updating

Submitted by redwyre on Sat, 13/03/04 - 5:19 AM Permalink

Yes. Yes I am. And I'm watching you.

Submitted by Kalescent on Sun, 14/03/04 - 12:18 PM Permalink

im too dumb to work this java stuff out [:(]

what do i download once i get to the java site,.. oooOOooo the complexity.. IT HURTS!

Submitted by J I Styles on Mon, 15/03/04 - 12:20 AM Permalink


please, please, please move the channel off the UQ server - it's stupid comforming with the SORBS database is giving me such a freaking headache with banned autokills from bogus SORBS listings [:(]

Submitted by Blitz on Mon, 15/03/04 - 8:12 AM Permalink

Sure sure, everyone knows you're a little spammer kiddy joel :)
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Makk on Wed, 24/03/04 - 11:55 PM Permalink

This Java 2 Runtime installer is taking FOREVER!!! and it wont let me close it either!

edit: well its installed.......and I still cant connect. Everything on the page seems to load ok, except it says
Unable to connect: null

what the hell does that mean!?!?

Submitted by Kane on Thu, 25/03/04 - 12:46 AM Permalink

yeh, the same thing happens here at the Uni...dunno whats up with that...

Submitted by souri on Thu, 25/03/04 - 2:25 AM Permalink

Silly question but did you give your firewall permission to connect?

Submitted by Kane on Thu, 25/03/04 - 5:37 AM Permalink

me? yes indeedy

Submitted by souri on Thu, 25/03/04 - 4:41 PM Permalink

Right, well I'm outa ideas then [:D]

You can always use something like mirc, of course! [:)]

Submitted by Makk on Fri, 26/03/04 - 11:28 PM Permalink

It works now :)

Submitted by Happy Camper on Sun, 28/03/04 - 6:22 AM Permalink

Hey Inglis, I'm using Trillian so I can use the irc version, What port do I use?

Logging into Profile


Hi Souri, i cant seem to login to my profile to upload pics - it just keeps coming back to the home screen instead of going through to my profile page??

Submitted by Kalescent on Fri, 05/03/04 - 10:39 AM Permalink

Whoops sorry - false alarm, just remembered i bumped up my firewall level

Submitted by inglis on Fri, 05/03/04 - 10:45 AM Permalink

glad we couple help. anytime :)

Searching for Sumea volunteers


There are tonnes of things that I'd like to see on Sumea which I would love to do but I'd seriously have less of a life than I already do. I'd love to have volunteers for:

1. Interviewers - to do a small amount of research on the interviewee, and send some appropriate and interesting questions for them to answer..

2. Reviewers - Not your typical game reviews like on common game websites. I'd love to give independant game developer products more exposure, so reviews of their games would be *awesome* here.

We definately need more content on local developers for Sumea, and we're just the place to be hosting that kind of stuff, so if you're interested, give me a yell please!

Submitted by Jacana on Thu, 04/03/04 - 6:30 PM Permalink

I am all up for interviews *reminds me to get the sony one to you* :) I already have some ideas for some interviews!

One idea I had was trying to get in contact with some of the local female dev's and start a women in games interview series (I could get quite a few overseas ones like Sheri Ray etc as well)

Submitted by Aven on Thu, 04/03/04 - 7:28 PM Permalink

I would love to help anyway I can.

I have to admit that I would be more interested with the reviewing side of things, but I will give anything a go.

Submitted by Barry Dahlberg on Thu, 04/03/04 - 7:36 PM Permalink

I am keen to help out where I can, it's hard enough trying to get interviews for myself at the moment so maybe I can write a review or 2 for you, is there anything you had in mind?

Submitted by MoonUnit on Thu, 04/03/04 - 9:56 PM Permalink

id be happy to help out

i used to be news editor for australias no. 1 gaming site gamebiz (i think the owner, rob has posted here a few times), ive interviewed people before (like the PR Manager of Nintendo Australia some time mid last year...) and written a few game reviews :) oh and done plenty of news ofcourse :P

Submitted by Kane on Fri, 05/03/04 - 12:19 AM Permalink

id be very happy to help if I can fit it in with my busy Uni schedule...maybe I could get some info on local Tassie indy developers...and get theire slack asses to join Sumea...[:D]

Submitted by souri on Sat, 06/03/04 - 1:11 PM Permalink

Well, you're free to start thinking on who you would like to interview. If you like, you can post a thread for others to contribute some questions to your list (I'm sure I can add a few in to top up your list).

I know of some local female devs, so yeh, I can see if they'd be interested in something like that!

Souri i've got a prob


My posts keep going before the previous post. So if i reply to a topic, my reply goes before the last one what's happening.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 29/02/04 - 2:08 AM Permalink

Looks like the server's date is wrong [:P].. it's the 28th, when it should be the 29th today..

Submitted by Blitz on Sun, 29/02/04 - 12:45 PM Permalink

Looks like either the server or this forum software doesn't handle leap years properly :)
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by souri on Tue, 02/03/04 - 2:03 AM Permalink

Should be fixed now..

Where'd U find out about Sumea?


Just curious and there have been a lot of noobie's lately ;), so where'd you find out about sumea?

I heard about it on Conrtol Freak's. They said something like it was vital for any wannabe game developer. Soon as Control Freaks finished i came on to sumea and now i'm addicted :).

Hence my permanent Sumean Presence

Submitted by Aven on Fri, 27/02/04 - 8:18 AM Permalink

I heard about it ages ago from Sorcerer Bob. I didn't want to join at that stage though, as I really didn't have much work that I wanted to show. When the High Poly comp appeared, so did I :) Pity I didn't get to finish it though :(

Submitted by inglis on Fri, 27/02/04 - 8:20 AM Permalink

ahh quite sometime back. sumea came up on google when i was searching for jobs in australia.

Submitted by Barry Dahlberg on Fri, 27/02/04 - 8:36 AM Permalink

Good old google a while back, I was specificly looking for a list of Australia and New Zealand game developers and ended up at Sumea's linkstation, perfect!

Submitted by Blitz on Fri, 27/02/04 - 10:03 AM Permalink

I found out about sumea when Souri posted something about it on the Citizen Zero forums :)
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by JonathanKerr on Fri, 27/02/04 - 11:19 AM Permalink

I think I heard about it through -- I think they had a link to an article here.

Submitted by Kane on Fri, 27/02/04 - 7:39 PM Permalink

through a Google search...i think its was the first website that popped up for 'Australian Game Development'...[:D]

Submitted by jwalduck on Fri, 27/02/04 - 8:50 PM Permalink

I learned of Sumea through Pantmonger who I know in real out in the real world.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 27/02/04 - 10:38 PM Permalink

i heard about it from "ironikart" who frequented a forum i used to aswell, he pops up occasionaly to amaze people in comps ;)

Submitted by Daemin on Sat, 28/02/04 - 12:37 AM Permalink

Blitz told me about it...

Submitted by Wizenedoldman on Sat, 28/02/04 - 1:19 AM Permalink

Through the DLF mailout ([url][/url]), that was some time back, but only recently have I immersed myself in the site. Anyone else around here subscribe to the DLF? It's a fantastic resource, recommend it to everyone here.

Submitted by redwyre on Sat, 28/02/04 - 3:14 AM Permalink

I think pragma told me about it...

Submitted by Makk on Sat, 28/02/04 - 3:47 AM Permalink

I rememer someone (Souri?) posted a topic about it on Polycount. I Didnt join the forums then.
I cant remember why I came back (months after) and joined the forums... just did

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Sat, 28/02/04 - 4:11 AM Permalink

Yeah I remember the post on polycount, thats why I joined, that was ages ago

Submitted by tachyon on Sat, 28/02/04 - 10:52 AM Permalink

'twas googling along and stumbled across it

Submitted by souri on Sat, 28/02/04 - 3:00 PM Permalink

I posted that I was seeking fellow local game artists about a developer related site on Polycount's forum about a year and a half ago. Everyone was like "where is it? I wanna see it!". If you search the forum for "Sumea", you might find it there still.

I posted a similar message on the Urban Terror and Quake forum, and that was all I could be buggered doing. [:)] So all our new visitors come mostly from google searches and word-of-mouth. Sometimes lecturers tell their students about it, some of from weblinks from Multimedia Victoria's webpage, the GDAA website, the ABC website etc and then there are special cases like that Control Freaks episode. Sumea was probably one of the first websites to post about that show (before it aired its first slot from its first season), and I kept on posting about what was coming up in the next showing etc, so we gave them some decent coverage. If you look through the forum memberlist, someone from that program (a producer I think) registered here, but they didn't post a message.. bah! [:)]

Anyway, it's interesting to see how you all managed to find this place. I remember when I first put the forum up and started seeing some regular visitors. I was like "holy crap, people are actually coming back!" [;)]

Submitted by palantir on Sun, 29/02/04 - 2:54 AM Permalink

I stumbled across Sumea in a google search for info about qantm. I started reading through the forum and checking out the members art on the main page, and quickly became addicted.

It?s interesting that it?s growing quickly ? I wonder how big it will get??

Submitted by Djenx on Sun, 29/02/04 - 11:54 AM Permalink

I managed to some how stumble across the site in a google search, couldn't believe that There was an actually an Australian forum on the game industry and digital glad its here [:D]

Submitted by smeg on Sun, 29/02/04 - 12:46 PM Permalink

pants made me do it. (or was it malus)
I any case, they are both Sumea missionaries (read fanboys).


Submitted by bullet21 on Sat, 28/02/04 - 10:38 PM Permalink

It seems lots of people found it in google. and djenx i was amazed to i really didn't even know there were aussy developers. I had plans of going to the U.S :)

Submitted by Kane on Wed, 10/03/04 - 11:40 PM Permalink

i just wanna do what Djenx did and point out that this site is absolutely awesome...

i too was amazed when I found it, because I had almost given up hope of finding an Australian Game Development site...


Submitted by tbag on Thu, 11/03/04 - 3:14 AM Permalink

But is it enough? We need to get the word out and now! The future is Sumea [:)]!

I think the forums will grow to as big as 2000-4000 members one day but then there is the bandwidth problem [;)], but im sure members will be worthy enough to donate [;)].

Submitted by Kalescent on Thu, 11/03/04 - 3:47 AM Permalink

< turns pockets inside out > [:(]

i think we should ask bullet21 - i read somwhere he resembles an atm of sorts [:P]

Submitted by souri on Thu, 11/03/04 - 4:07 AM Permalink

I think there less than 2,000-4000 people in the industry + people who want to get in the industry at the moment [:)]. I don't mind the relatively low numbers of visitors here. We don't depend on banner ads or anything, so it doesn't matter if there is a huge increase in visitors. We're not a general gamewebsite regurgitating the same game news as everyone else, so we don't attract the larger numbers of gamers out there. Sumea is catering for a niche of a niche group of people.

Massive volumes of visitors isn't needed, but I do prefer the quality of people here. That's why I appreciate the industry people posting their comments and advice, such as J.I Styles, Malus, Red 5, Pantmonger, Smeg, Doord etc and Zaph, Gaffer, SpaceCaptainSteve etc when they pop in [:)]. There's plenty of other industry people lurking as well. (I also appreciate a lot of you too, of course. Aven and his extremely helpful Maya advice, the moderators, everyone [:)]).

Submitted by Kalescent on Thu, 11/03/04 - 5:01 AM Permalink

here ! here!, i have to agree with that - id rather see a small community of local talent, rather than a churning mass of people / posts that only get one reply, like so many other forum sites.

And yeah the industry guys helping us noobs out is sweeeeeeeeet !! [:)] cheers guru's.

Submitted by tbag on Thu, 11/03/04 - 6:03 AM Permalink

Now you all made me look like the fool [:p].

/me requests he gets a custom ranking under his member name positively saying 'The village idiot'.

Submitted by bullet21 on Thu, 11/03/04 - 7:27 PM Permalink

yeah i agree about the small community thing to. When you put a post somewhere like cgtalk, you get about 0-2 posts cos so many other peoples post push it down. Here you get a lot o useful info. That's Y this is pretty mush the only forum i use.

Submitted by matias on Mon, 15/03/04 - 11:28 PM Permalink

haha, a friend at Uni told me about it then just before I signed up my mum told me to get onto it, I never questioned how she found out but now I am confused... Ahem, ok so I might of had a sheltered childhood, but I have left home and now am...oh... living with my sister, crap! oh well at least I'm in a different city now! hhah

Submitted by Aven on Tue, 16/03/04 - 7:32 PM Permalink

Man, Souri. You can thank every single person on here by name, but the fact is, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you :) Thanks. This place is more fun to hang out at than a strip club :D

Submitted by matias on Tue, 16/03/04 - 8:27 PM Permalink

Yeah, this place is good Souri man, I'm learning a lot about games development and it's good just to hear whats kinda happening, I mean I wouldn't have any idea whats going on! So cheers man, good site!!
But I'll sit on the fence on that strip club comment haha

Sumea admin section offline for a bit


I'm doing some maintenance, and adding some functionaliy (AIM,ICQ, MSN etc details for sumea profile members, indie developer profiles etc), so the admin section will be offline and you won't be able to add any news and pics until it's all done. Could possibly take a couple of days or more.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 12/02/04 - 11:22 AM Permalink

It's back up, haven't heard from the server admin guy so can't upload the changes yet.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 19/02/04 - 10:41 AM Permalink

So yes, the admin section is offline again for a few days. I have the unenviable task of fixing, adding, and testing everything at the moment. I've added some things to Sumea so it'll be even more useful, like the Sumea calendar where we'll have a list of the events and conferences that are coming up, their dates, a count down to when the day it starts etc... and hopefully we'll get some more interest from educational institutions with providing enrolment dates. There are plenty of other things that can go on the calendar, development kit deadlines etc, so it'll definately be useful.
Plus there's the Independant Developer section, and admin support so they can log in and edit their profile, games info, add news etc. In fact, any developer/developer service etc can have an account so they can do that too if they like.
Sumea members can have ICQ,AIM, and MSN contact details. If there's any other functionality, srevices or ideas you'd like on Sumea, let me know and I'll see about putting it in.

Submitted by inglis on Mon, 23/02/04 - 2:29 AM Permalink

I put in my MSN address and it is not showing in my main user profile.
Is something a miss?

Also, just like to say thanks Souri- youre always building and improving this website.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 23/02/04 - 9:08 AM Permalink

I've just had to fix some important things with the new changes today which worked on my personal web server, but for some reason didn't work online. Seems to be fine now. I'll get onto msn stuff asap (it'll display whether you're online or not etc) - I just have to look into how it's done first [:)]).. it's probably pretty simple.

There are people still having trouble with the step-by-step guide on uploading pics for their news (I noticed someone had a 100k image for their thumbnail picture on the main page - it's not possible to upload more than 4000bytes for thumbnails, so they actually had to redit their news and place the 100k image there *shrugs*), and the naming convention has baffled a heck of a lot of people, so I'm thinking of updating the whole procedure so you don't even have to name your files (the offside being the pics would be renamed to some number).. of course, it'll require me to go through the current 800 or so members news entries to fit the new method..

Sumea Fonts



I just wanted to know what font was used on the Sumea logo in the text "The Premier site for Australian and New Zealand game developers". Or any fonts similiar to that one [:)].

I used to have the font but i lost it and forgot the name, i swear it was bit 8 or something.

Anyhow thanks as usual!

Submitted by tbag on Sun, 25/01/04 - 11:55 PM Permalink

99% of those font sites are full of pop-ups and advertisements.

Submitted by J I Styles on Mon, 26/01/04 - 1:15 AM Permalink

the font would be a pixel font - these are fonts which don't have any antialiasing and are meant to be crisp at the smallest size possible. Fonts in this family are things like 'Square Unique', 'Atomic', 'SF Square Root', 'Kroeger', etc

Submitted by tbag on Tue, 27/01/04 - 5:52 AM Permalink

Thanks for all the replies. I found the font (well a similiar one anyway) linked off the site jacobt supplied ([URL][/URL] - The site jacobt supplied. The site where i found the similiar font [URL][/URL] - Font 04B-03).

/me wonders why Souri hasnt replied, is he too busy at the big day out. I know my brothers at the one in melbourne but what about Souri [;)].

Submitted by souri on Tue, 27/01/04 - 10:06 PM Permalink

Some of my friends went, but I didn't go, unfortunately. I would've just stayed at the boiler room all the time though. [:D] My friends went last year where I think they had New Order and Underworld. Would've been great to go to that one.

And yeh, the small font is a pixel font. It's called 04b08. The larger font is Univers Condensed (bold).

Submitted by tbag on Tue, 27/01/04 - 11:03 PM Permalink

Cheers Souri!

As for the big day out, i was invited but it would have costed like $400 [:P]. But still my brother was nice enough to ring me when The Dandy Warhols played [:)]. Im gonna try to go next year [;)].

Submitted by jwalduck on Wed, 28/01/04 - 3:17 AM Permalink

At my work we use What the Font when a client supplies us with an image of the font they use. Its a great utility. You can upload an image file or point it at a URL, it will try and find text characters in the image and then suggest what the font might be complete with image of the suggest font.

have been unable to 'add news' for last few days


has anyone else been having difficulty adding news latly, keep on getting "The page cannot be found" on any subpage from my login screen (ie, 'change profile /add news/ edit news')

don't know if it is due to recent activity on the site or my v.slow conection? ... or something far more sinister....

Submitted by souri on Sat, 17/01/04 - 2:54 PM Permalink

I've pulled the pages off for a while.. there's some text about it when u log in..

Sumea down on Saturday


Ahh... Just a day after Sumea was posted on that Half Life 2 website, I've been getting alerts that someone out there is trying to hack/deface I guess that explains why the site wasn't functioning that well yesterday..
I'm not sure if it's worth boasting about hacking a small, non-profit website like this.. but some people get off on it for some reason.

If anyone sees pages defaced or anything out of the ordinary, please let me know.. thanks.

Submitted by tbag on Mon, 12/01/04 - 4:52 AM Permalink

I noticed the site wouldnt load yesterday and at around 2:30pm today the site would load very slowly but now at 5:00pm some jackass has hacked the site! I would like to take some time to say that spykids sucks and whoever hacked the site sucks!

Submitted by souri on Mon, 12/01/04 - 9:06 AM Permalink

Deleted the other thread.. I'm sure they're reading and getting off on it all, so we'll just ignore it and hopefully they'll go away.

Submitted by bullet21 on Mon, 12/01/04 - 7:14 PM Permalink

Tell me where he lives i'll call my boys and we'll give him a right royal arse whopping.

Submitted by tbag on Mon, 12/01/04 - 10:00 PM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Souri

Deleted the other thread.. I'm sure they're reading and getting off on it all, so we'll just ignore it and hopefully they'll go away.

Yeah i noticed that, smart thinking in a way. I was wondering if it was going to be deleted [:p]. But who knew if they were seeing that thread? Anyhow good job on such a quick fix of the '0wned' page [;)].

Im guessing the reason they hacked this site was because they probably have contests or set tasks for one another. For example "Your job is too hack an Australian non-profit game based site this week".

Overall i hope they just dont do it again.



uploading news...


hi, can i get a walkthrough on how to post some news?

i attempted numerous times the other day, but my thumbnails would always point to a non-existant file. So, you'd see a tn shot on the front page... but you click on it and that picture browser just shows 'X's for the big pics.

I followed the instructions (which are basic enough) "Upload thumbnails here... " Ok.. "Upload images here..." Ok..

This has also happened to Daedalus' post, I was keen to see those shots! :P

Submitted by souri on Sat, 10/01/04 - 1:28 AM Permalink

I had a look at what you uploaded, and it looks like you've named your larger images incorrectly. This is what you uploaded.


the naming convention goes like this... your larger image should have an L.jpg at the end, but otherwise should be named the same as the thumbnails So with, say, house.jpg thumbnail, the larger image would be called houseL.jpg ... so with your thumnails called

9_ctf1_01_tn.jpg -> larger image should be named 9_ctf1_01_tnL.jpg
9_ctf1_02_tn.jpg -> 9_ctf1_02_tnL.jpg
9_dm01_25_tn.jpg -> 9_dm01_25_tnL.jpg

And if your news post doesn't turn out quite right, please don't delete it and forget about it - just let me know. It's pretty easy to fix..

** I've just renamed your files correctly, so if you would like to make a news post now, go to the "edit/add news in your journal" link, and write your news.. and just put 9_ctf1_01_tn.jpg, 9_ctf1_02_tn.jpg, 9_dm01_25_tn.jpg in the pic boxs... no need to reupload the pics..

Submitted by souri on Sat, 10/01/04 - 2:46 AM Permalink

9_ctf1_02_tnL.jpg was over 150k so was truncated, btw.. that's why you dont get to see the complete picture. With decent compression, images like these shouldn't really be over 100k..

Old Sumea website pictures


Just looking around on my hard drive, and thought I would post these.. I wonder if people remember what Sumea used to look like [:)]

[url=""]Version 1[/img]

Version 1, only a few people got to see the site like this I think.. It went public around June 2002. It was at it's barest state, no design, lots of test text in there, and still fixing up a lot of things. The site had essential file links - I think I was heading towards the site being more mod friendly (provide news about tools etc). Thumbnails in news posts are there, and the site is still capable of them. It's just not worth making thumbnails for news posts when they usually fall off the main page after a few days. I was happy to get 5 visitors a day at this stage. [:)] Chilloutroom was the name for the forum. It's a long story.

[url=""]Version 2[/url]

Version 2 had lots of unecessary javascript code and graphics for rollover navigation icons - it looked nice but who wants to download all the icons and their rollover images everytime they visit. Picturepad was supposed to be a "pic of the week" thing, and a link to Digital Media World when we were talking a bit with them. I still prefer the current design - it's extremely slimmed down, and looks much cleaner I think. And hey look, here it is. [:)]

[url=""]Version 3[/url]

Submitted by inglis on Sun, 04/01/04 - 9:01 AM Permalink

version 2 was the layout you had when i first came across the site.
...however,.,.it does look different. i dont remember that typeface etc.

Submitted by Ninja on Sun, 04/01/04 - 8:31 PM Permalink

sumea has gone through a lot of transformation for the past year and a half [:D] the second one is kick arse although the first one i still found it was good and served its purpose.

If it wasnt for this site and souri i wouldn't be where i am right now. Great job.... and thank u [:D]

can't wait to see the next design..... [:)]

Submitted by Aven on Mon, 05/01/04 - 7:51 AM Permalink

Yes. Thanks Souri. This is one kick arse community.

So, will there be a new version?

Submitted by souri on Tue, 06/01/04 - 11:21 AM Permalink

I'll most likely redesign the site sometime down the track, I guess. I'm probably my own worst critic when it comes to my design, so I tend to spend a long time doing and redoing multitude of versions before I come up with something I like, which means it takes a while.

Submitted by Aven on Tue, 06/01/04 - 7:32 PM Permalink

Haha. I know what you mean. I have been working on a website for myself for the last two years :) It just comes down to a point where you just have to shove it out and hope for the best. Besides, you can be like most netbased design groups and have a site re-design every 2 weeks.

Submitted by Happy Camper on Wed, 07/01/04 - 12:46 AM Permalink

hahaha. I wondered why you didn't have a website Aven... I'm like that with my web sites, I'm not perticually happy with my current design, I usually decide to do a redesign every fortnight but I then talk myself out of it :). Nice to see a short history of sumea.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 09/01/04 - 8:52 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Aven

Haha. I know what you mean. I have been working on a website for myself for the last two years :) It just comes down to a point where you just have to shove it out and hope for the best. Besides, you can be like most netbased design groups and have a site re-design every 2 weeks.

That's the thing with design portals or design-related websites. A lot of them are heavily influenced by the design fad of the moment (previous ones include a mish mash of grunge/collage, pixel type/borders/art, 45 degree angles, arrows everywhere, chunks of 3d blocks/models sprayed from a distant point). Soon everyone does the same thing, it gets old quick, and it's time for another redesign.
I think if you do something simple, clean, uncluttered, it'll last a hell of a lot longer..

Submitted by inglis on Fri, 09/01/04 - 9:56 AM Permalink

i was like that with sites (i used to do webdesign before starting 3d). but now i just dont care. i put together a basic site in a day and upload. as long as it is simple and easy .. straight to my gallery im happy.

Submitted by redwyre on Fri, 09/01/04 - 9:31 PM Permalink

ah, the old 2.0. I liked the design, until I got dropped to 28.8k and the end of every month :)

I took my old site down and started to redesign it... about 4 months ago...

Submitted by souri on Sat, 10/01/04 - 2:32 AM Permalink

When I posted v3 on AustralianInfront, I was criticized for not having *enough* graphics. [:)] I think that illustrates what's wrong with the mentality of a lot of web designers these days..

Submitted by Ninja on Sat, 10/01/04 - 6:45 AM Permalink

lol not having enough graphics ? wat are they thinking ( Everyone wants to be like )? LOL..... now that is funny..... [:)]

Submitted by Aven on Sat, 10/01/04 - 10:45 AM Permalink

Remember, if you can't even load all the images on a dial up connection then you are cool.

It just annoys me that so many flash users dont even use the vector aspect of it any more. They just load up bitmaps and now movies :/

I agree completely with the simplicity side of it. Loads quickly, doesnt date as quickly, easier to navigate around, and doesn't overshadow the end product. Although I do like the 45 degree designs, it did become way overused, yet only a handfull of designers could do it well.

You missed out on the otherone that is starting to gain momentum now. Pasting tattoo designs all over the place. I saw it here ( a few years back, and now everyone on DeviantArt is doing it.

I have to admit that the more I look at the v.2 design for this site, the more I like it. It is just so clean and simple :)

Submitted by souri on Thu, 30/03/06 - 4:39 AM Permalink

Just a note on what I'm currently working on for Sumea, I'm actually going ahead and redesigning the whole site. The current design has lasted a few years, and it's a simple and clean design. Sumea's had so many features added since that went up and the new stuff was either tacked on top of it or nudged in there somewhere. The new design layout will have everything fitted in and the entire look will be more cohesive. Anyway, here's a [url=""]early look[/url] at the new deisgn.

Anyway, I'm going to take it relatively slow with it and making it the best designed website I can, and hopefully it'll up by June.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 31/03/06 - 7:34 AM Permalink

sumea got wings! i feel like a old time member now :P ive seen it through a design faze >.< Looking cool souri (btw whats the font used on the large "sumea launchpad" title.. i think i have that one somewhere)

Submitted by redwyre on Sat, 01/04/06 - 12:36 PM Permalink

So Souri, does this version have the customisable front page yet? :P

Submitted by souri on Sun, 02/04/06 - 3:23 AM Permalink

You will have to wait and see [:o]

quote:Originally posted by MoonUnit

sumea got wings! i feel like a old time member now :P ive seen it through a design faze >.< Looking cool souri (btw whats the font used on the large "sumea launchpad" title.. i think i have that one somewhere)

You're definately an old timer around these parts, MoonUnit [:D] The font is Rosewood std (standard). It's bundled with any Adobe CS product.

Submitted by Makk on Sun, 02/04/06 - 3:45 AM Permalink

Looks cool, like the wings and font :)

Sumea IRC, where did the love go?


umm, where is everyone hiding?
Recently there has never been more than about 3 people on sumea irc, which means we've been losing the regulars.

It's really friggin sad, pathetic and not to mention humiliating when the auranjet irc has more people on it than sumea.

you know the drill [url="irc://"]#sumea @[/url]

Submitted by Happy Camper on Mon, 22/12/03 - 12:33 AM Permalink

Well it is Christmas. everybody is probably busy. Not that I would know since I don't use IRC.

Submitted by J I Styles on Mon, 22/12/03 - 12:56 AM Permalink

Jac' and myself are in christmas holiday mode [:)] we'll be back in when everything's all settled down and we're sad and pathetic geeks without lives again *grins*

Jonathon: Bet that gave you indigestion huh? [;)]

Submitted by Aven on Mon, 22/12/03 - 9:15 AM Permalink

I have never used any irc channel. I may start up after Xmas.

Submitted by CombatWombat on Mon, 22/12/03 - 9:22 AM Permalink

I've been a sick puppy, but then when I came back there was noone there :-(

Well red was there, but he always seems to be asleep during the hours I'm awake these days :-(

Submitted by Djenx on Mon, 22/12/03 - 6:02 PM Permalink

Sumean has an irc channel?..................i'll have to check it out [:)]

Submitted by souri on Wed, 24/12/03 - 10:09 PM Permalink

I too blame Christmas... *shakes fist at Christmas*

Submitted by Makk on Sun, 28/12/03 - 9:27 AM Permalink

Didnt know there was one.
How do I join? (Im a bit of a n00b)

Posting Pics


Hi i'm just wondering how to post a WIP pic up in the forum. I click the insert image button then it just adds some text in the message box.

Submitted by Makk on Tue, 16/12/03 - 4:11 AM Permalink

yeah, you put the address to the pic in between the two [img] tags

Submitted by J I Styles on Tue, 16/12/03 - 7:06 AM Permalink

Just to add to what Makk just said, the IMG tags are bulletin board code - upload the image to either your own personal web space or upload the image in the sumea launchpad, then put the URL of the image in-between the IMG tags.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Tue, 16/12/03 - 11:20 PM Permalink

i think what hes talking about is that some forums allow you to attatch a image to your posts. Sumeas not one of them so you have to host it somewhere else and then put the URL between the tags. i think its or something that people tell me they use, so if you dont have your own website or something you could try that

Troubles uploading pictures for member news


Just wondering how to fix this...

I can upload the thumbnailes ok. I go to the news add that. Then I went to upload the large pictures and had troubles.

I found that if I uploaded 5 images that the page would give me a 505 error.

If I uploaded 4 images it said it was uploaded and complete. But when one of the thumbnails was clicked on it would not display the corrosponding large image - just the friendly little red x.

Also, Joel helped me get the images the right size etc so I do not think its an issue with the images themselves.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 11/12/03 - 10:52 PM Permalink

Just checked out what you uploaded:


The larger images shouldn't have the "_" characters in there.. the correct way to name them would be:


btw, these thumbnails were over 3k, so were truncated..

Not sure what the 505 error is - did it say antyhing about a script time out error? That might happen if you upload a tonne of large images with a dialup modem.. the asp code would actually time out if the upload takes too long. You can always go back and reupload what's missing.

Submitted by Jacana on Thu, 11/12/03 - 11:11 PM Permalink

hmmm didn't pay attention but more then likely that would be the case on the 505

Now off to kick joel a bit *kicks joel* :)

Thanks for the help Souri!

Sumea Member Spotlight coming soon


I've been meaning to do this since the beginning, but just never got around to it. I'll be selectively choosing and sending a set of questions to profile members with outstanding levels of work on Sumea every month or two. The answers will all be compiled and linked at the Sumea Member Spotlight page.. just more exposure and coverage, and a chance to get more of an insight into some of you.

Submitted by Makk on Fri, 12/12/03 - 12:58 AM Permalink

Good idea, sounds interesting.

Post your queries in the forum please!!


Ok, I seem to be spending quite a bit of time responding to queries sent to me from the Contact Sumea page. General questions on the industry, work experience, publisher enquiries etc.. everything! These questions would most likely be better answered (and answered faster) if they posted here in the forum.

There are also a fair few questions which are Sumea website specific (avatar uploading problems etc), and I'm kinda getting tired of answering the same problem 10+ times, so for the sake of my sanity, please check the faq first, or post your query in the forum here.

And nothing gets my goat more than having to answer queries and problems in detail, only to have the message bounce back because the enquirer didn't put a correct email address... [:(]

(Anyways, I'm guessing people/new Sumea members who do write to the contact sumea form don't browse the forum at all, so it's probably pointless of me to post about it here. I'll have to do add some more text to the contact sumea page.)

avatars (ill bet this has been asked before...)


sorry and i know this has probably been asked before but how do i get a avatar on the forums,
in my pro ive put in a URL for a (was it..) 64x64 jpeg in the picture box but that didnt seem to do it... what should i be doing

Submitted by inglis on Sat, 06/12/03 - 8:26 AM Permalink

you have to email souri to activate it for you. u then can upload it from the launchpad login.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 08/12/03 - 6:26 PM Permalink

I've ftp'ed your avatar image to the site, and activated it for you. You can upload your avatars by yourself only if you have a Sumea profile/journal.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 14/06/04 - 5:27 AM Permalink

questoin, what the heck is it?

Submitted by inglis on Mon, 14/06/04 - 6:53 AM Permalink

looks like a teddy bear flapping its arms trying to fly while falling.....

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 14/06/04 - 8:21 AM Permalink

yes... falling over a field of green onions with thorns stuck in his gut

Submitted by Anti Gremlin on Mon, 14/06/04 - 12:19 PM Permalink

oh, and yes, he is beating the crap out of hes owner...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

best place to display artwork


I posted a few things on the website, then found the forum section.

Should I post them there as well ?

Studio Pumpernickel

Submitted by Aven on Fri, 05/12/03 - 6:57 AM Permalink

The Launchpad is used for people to see your works and that is pretty much it. The Forum is great for getting quick feedback. Comments, criticism, etc.

Posting them on the Fourm would be a good idea.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 05/12/03 - 11:51 PM Permalink

Definately post them in the forum if you want discussion on your work. If you upload the image in your journal, you can link to the image in a forum post.

Bitmap background of the forum...


I see in this bitmap the text:
Sumea Launchpad: Destroy them my robots

Is this a tribute to this fabulous game Impossible Mission ??? [;)]

Submitted by Aven on Fri, 28/11/03 - 6:49 PM Permalink

Somewhere in this area is a question on how Souri came up with the name 'Sumea'. If I remember corectly, that question is also answered. I would love to tell you the answer, but I forget :p Just do a search and it should come up.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 29/11/03 - 5:29 AM Permalink

It's the name of a really old Amiga demo that I liked.

And yeh, that line is from Impossible Mission [:)] - although I think I got it a bit wrong.. It should be "Destroy him my robots", since there was just you versus them. Why did I think it was so memorable? Well, it was the first time I heard realistic kinda speech on a computer, and it blew me away. [:)]

Submitted by bomberman on Sat, 29/11/03 - 8:53 AM Permalink

Do not remember this demo at all... If you like old C64 and Amiga demos and intros head to:

You're right, it's "Destroy him my robots". For me the first game to have good speech was the second game I bought back in 84: Ghostbusters, by David Crane... Still playing it today [:D]

Submitted by souri on Tue, 02/12/03 - 3:43 AM Permalink

Wow.. that guy must really like those C64 intro/cracktros! He seems to have put some *serious* effort in it. I mean, you'd have to rip all the graphics, sprites, fonts, music etc as well as replicating the routines. Sinus scrollers and copper bar effects aplenty!!

And the best place to get Amiga demos, by far, is !

sumea account full?


SoftArtisans.SAFile.1 error '80020009'

Error occurred when moving cached file to final destination. Please check the NTFS permissions for the directory "d:homesumeasimages2" and the directory containing the file "d:homesumeasimages27_gd3d_prev01.jpg". These directories require Read, Write and Delete permissions by the anonymous user ( NT account: IUSR_computername ) and/or by your authenticated users.

/admin/membernewsupload.asp, line 14

has anyone else been getting this error message on trying to load images? about to email souri to delete all my images so i can start afreash...

Submitted by inglis on Tue, 11/11/03 - 11:03 AM Permalink

i got an error when i tried to upload before. i dont know if its the same error, probably.
i dont have many images up there though. probably less than 4.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 11/11/03 - 5:43 PM Permalink

Whoops.. I forgot that some folders needed their write permissions changed when the website got put on another server. I've sent a msg to the server admin guy to change it, so it should be fixed real soon. No wonder no one was uploading any pics!