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Sumea T-Shirts


I am thinking of designing some wicked Sumea t-shirts sometime when I have the funds. They're pretty expensive to produce (printing and shirt costs, plus you have to produce them in numbers), so I'm curious as to how many of you would be interested in one.

I want to make a Sumea Launchpad shirt for modellers, which says "I do it with models 24 hours a day" [:)]

Submitted by Brain on Wed, 05/11/03 - 1:15 AM Permalink

I'd be up for that. @:-)

Submitted by Kane on Wed, 05/11/03 - 1:19 AM Permalink

I would most certainly be wanting one of those!!!

Any chance of a programmer one too?

Submitted by Aven on Wed, 05/11/03 - 3:00 AM Permalink

Fuck yeah. That's funny as all hell. I will definitely be up for one.

Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 05/11/03 - 4:19 AM Permalink

What about motto's for programmers and all?

I mean that might fit with a programmer, but not really that easily.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 05/11/03 - 4:25 AM Permalink

"Will code for food" [;)]

Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 05/11/03 - 4:30 AM Permalink

That sounds reasonable I guess...

How much are the expected prices / will they be available at the or by the AGDC?

Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 05/11/03 - 9:27 AM Permalink

int main(){printf("Hello Sumea!
");return 0;}

or something like


while ( concious == true )
if ( sleepy == true )
sleepy = false;


if ( deadlineIsSoon )
Sleep( 2000 * 360 );
Sleep( 4000 * 360 );

goto hell;

CYer, Blitz

Submitted by souri on Wed, 05/11/03 - 4:58 PM Permalink

I don't think they'll be available before the AGDC (although that would have been great if it were). It'll have to wait until I have funds to do it, and I think the first printed batch won't have mottos specific to modellers/programmers, so everyone can wear it. [:)]

Submitted by Aven on Wed, 05/11/03 - 8:51 PM Permalink

I had alook at Zazzle, and I'm not too sure you want to become involved with them. They have a Watersports section for the T-Shirts :D

They do have some very nice designs there. Do you know what the quality of their printing is like? The reason why I stopped buying a lot of T-Shirts is because the image tends to fade, split and just look like crap.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 05/11/03 - 8:58 PM Permalink

Just had a look around They're US based, and there's a $4.99 (US) shipping charge overseas for each shirt (or $8.99 per shipment). It should be cheaper to produce shirts locally.

Submitted by Malus on Thu, 06/11/03 - 5:18 AM Permalink

Souri: How about.... "I bone models." [:P]

Submitted by smeg on Thu, 06/11/03 - 10:15 AM Permalink

"I spend hours skinning models..."

man.. there are a lot of bizarre art terms you could take out of context. :)


Submitted by Pantmonger on Thu, 06/11/03 - 11:21 AM Permalink

I used to play with models, but now I've lost my dongle.


Submitted by Aven on Thu, 06/11/03 - 7:03 PM Permalink

Ah Smg, I don't know how well people would take that one. I think it's funny because of that though :)

Reminds me of :D

That one is gold Pants, Best thing is, only people who are 1)into modelling/animation. and/or 2)have used sw with a dongle, will actually get that. Great one.

Submitted by Brain on Fri, 07/11/03 - 12:00 AM Permalink

*falls off chair laughing* Pants, that is GOLD! @:-D

Submitted by Jacana on Fri, 07/11/03 - 12:17 AM Permalink

One of the better quotes a friend of mine use to say

"I can make a program to take over your job"

Submitted by Aven on Fri, 07/11/03 - 12:43 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Jacana

One of the better quotes a friend of mine use to say

"I can make a program to take over your job"

Gahh. Skynet is comming!!!!

Submitted by Kane on Sat, 06/12/03 - 2:49 AM Permalink

any news on the shirts?

Submitted by MoonUnit on Sun, 07/12/03 - 10:06 AM Permalink

lol no one would get it though

Submitted by tachyon on Sun, 07/12/03 - 2:11 PM Permalink

leet hacksaws would get it

Submitted by Jacana on Sun, 07/12/03 - 6:17 PM Permalink

They use to have CodeGirl shirts but don't anymore :( I wanted one of those shirts for AGDC, too!

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 08/12/03 - 8:35 AM Permalink

i was going to wear a NINTENDO GAMECUBE t shirt i got for free when i went to a ninty event once, but then i realised that i was going to a PS2 and Xbox confrence that day sooooooooo... :P

Submitted by MITA Studios on Sat, 13/12/03 - 2:56 AM Permalink


You may want to check out

It'll allow you to create custom items, based on a blank item which you can position graphics on, then set up a store-front to sell them from. Hell, you can even sell boxers and ladies lingerie! Some of these guys could buy their girlfriends a g-string that had "Bone this, baby" (maybe that's a bit x-rated) on the front! But they have t-shirts, sweat-shirts, mugs, mousepads, all sorts of stuff you can put your graphics on.

The only thing is that they're in the US and shipping times are a little longer to Australia. But they're relatively cheap, and you can always set up a store, create a few 'test' items and see what they look like on-screen for free.



Submitted by souri on Fri, 19/12/03 - 12:03 AM Permalink

It'll have to wait till I have the funds for it.. Christmas and New Years is just around the corner, and I know I'm gonna be broke after all that! I'll weigh and see what works out cheaper, doing it at a place like or throw local printers/materials.. I tend to think that I can get out better shirts with the latter method..

Submitted by tbag on Fri, 16/01/04 - 2:00 AM Permalink

Kind of an old thread but how about,

I work, look and play with models all day. And boy does it give my hand a workout! [:p]

Submitted by souri on Fri, 16/01/04 - 5:55 AM Permalink

I'm currently working on a design at the moment (I'm keeping it simple), so hopefully I'll have about 50 shirts printed in time for the Next Wave Independant Game Developers Conference in Melbourne this year..

Submitted by tbag on Fri, 16/01/04 - 7:52 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Souri

I'm currently working on a design at the moment (I'm keeping it simple), so hopefully I'll have about 50 shirts printed in time for the Next Wave Independant Game Developers Conference in Melbourne this year..

And the profits all go to supporting you and Sumea, right? [:p]
If i get a job this year i'll try my best to get one and i might buy someone else one [:)]

Submitted by souri on Sat, 17/01/04 - 2:58 PM Permalink

I don't think I'd be making much money from it - the aim is to make them affordable as possible, and I'd certainly would have to sell most of them to recuperate the costs of making them..

Exhibition Posting


In my infinite newb wisdom, i cannot for the life of me get my images to post in the exhibition forum, hence the reason why i post links instead.

Do the pics have to be a certain format ?

Share your knowledge people,.. SHARE!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by souri on Thu, 16/10/03 - 2:20 AM Permalink

You wrap your link with the (img) tags, using square brackets.. like:


but with [] instead of the ()'s ... I just did a test and it looks like your free webhost provider ( doesn't allow images to be linked at all from their servers.

Submitted by Kalescent on Thu, 16/10/03 - 3:33 AM Permalink

Bah!!!!!! damned free webhosting!

thanks souri [:)]

Sumea Down?


Was sumea down for the past couple days?
I havent been able to access it. Just wondering if it was just me.

Submitted by Pantmonger on Mon, 13/10/03 - 3:48 AM Permalink

It was down the few times I checked yesterday, someone said it was alright at about lunch yesterday. But again today, untill now (Duh) I could not access it.


Submitted by Aven on Mon, 13/10/03 - 5:08 AM Permalink

i have had the same difficulties. yesterday i wasn't able to view it until 3-4pm.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 13/10/03 - 10:17 PM Permalink

Yeh, there were script timeouts during last week, and then the site was offline for most of the weekend.. The server got reset a few times, which is why you got to see it up for a short while before it went offline again.. The server admin guy is looking into it, and it's kinda up now, although I've noticed that the mail server isn't working (so I can't send any emails out, and you can't send private mails from the forum etc)..

Submitted by souri on Tue, 14/10/03 - 11:42 PM Permalink

Email is working fine now, but you've probably noticed that the site seems to go offline, then it's good to go for a while, then it goes off again etc..

Submitted by souri on Thu, 23/10/03 - 8:51 AM Permalink

(yes, I'm sick of visiting the site and finding it down as well)

Submitted by Sorceror Bob on Thu, 23/10/03 - 10:00 AM Permalink

Heh, just went down, then came back up while I was looking at this thread..

Lets all go to the owner of the server, and kick him right in the nuts.

Submitted by Aven on Thu, 23/10/03 - 10:29 AM Permalink

damn. that's unfortunate man. this whole mp3 business is starting to get out of hand.

Submitted by Sorceror Bob on Thu, 23/10/03 - 12:33 PM Permalink

Wow, looks like someones doing the groin kicking for us.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 30/10/03 - 12:13 AM Permalink

My previous post seems to be missing here..
Anyways, since Sumea's been on the new server, I haven't seen any downtime since, so it's looking fairly good.

Submitted by Aven on Thu, 30/10/03 - 8:37 AM Permalink

all of the posts that i typed up yesterday have suddenly dispapeared, including one telling people of how they could purchase painter for a cool $25.

im too damn lazy to retype it though.

Submitted by smeg on Thu, 30/10/03 - 11:10 AM Permalink

heh, my rant sized post in the games VS violence debate disappeared... groan.. No chance i'll retype that baby :(

Submitted by souri on Thu, 30/10/03 - 12:52 PM Permalink

Server admin guy must've reverted to an old database copy for some reason..

Submitted by Malus on Thu, 30/10/03 - 9:03 PM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by smeg

heh, my rant sized post in the games VS violence debate disappeared... groan.. No chance i'll retype that baby :(

It will be sorely missed smeg. [:P]

Sumea memberlist spammers


It's come to my attention that an Unreal Tournament mod group is spamming the memberslist for recruits. I don't have much in my journal, but even I got an offer to join [:P]. If you're not interested, don't reply. If it gets to the point where you're getting more than a few requests to join from the same people, let me know. The proper way for them to advertise for recruits is to post in the mod collaboration section of the forum, rather than canvassing the entire memberlist and sending them the same recruitment message.



Who do I need to speak to to get my avatar up in these forums?

Submitted by inglis on Wed, 24/09/03 - 2:31 AM Permalink

u can upload it via member admin off the main sumea page.

Submitted by Kane on Wed, 24/09/03 - 7:34 PM Permalink

Kool...thanks Souri

Something wrong with the news?


Just wondering, on the front page is a link to an IGN review of Rugby 2004 saying it's made by Sidhe Interactive. Isn't Sidhe doing Rugby League? Might wanna fix that up.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 20/09/03 - 12:01 AM Permalink

It's the Rugby Union game. Doh! Thanks for the correction.

Problem posting pictures


I'm having problems uploading my big pictures to my profile. I use the step by step method in the profile "admin functions" I go to the "Members service" than click the "ADD NEWS TO YOUR JOURNAL * STEP-BY-STEP" link. It takes me to the next page and I continue. I have my 800x600 jpg no bigger than 150K and my 100x63 jpg. I upload my thumbnail, it confirms its there. I upload my details and 800x600jpg gets confirmed. Go back to the main Admin function page to preview my post through the last link and than logg off. Go back to the main Sumea page and click my link but only the small jpg shows. The larger image has an empty space and the little white box with the red X in it. Any suggestions?

Submitted by souri on Thu, 18/09/03 - 10:08 AM Permalink

I've had a look at what you uploaded, and I can see you've named your files incorrectly.. 212_lowpoly_creep_WIP_L.jpg 212_lowpoly_creep_WIP_S.jpg 212_lowpoly_creep_WIPL.jpg 212_lowpoly_creep_WIPS.jpg Large images should be named exactly as the thumbnails, but with an L.jpg at the end.. Something like this would do: 212_lowpoly_creep_WIP.jpg (thumbnail) 212_lowpoly_creep_WIPL.jpg (large image)

Submitted by souri on Sun, 21/09/03 - 10:24 AM Permalink

At the moment, no.. If you upload a pic and you've made it the wrong filesize (too big) or wrong dimensions, go to the edit news section, and reupload a fixed file with the same filename. It'll write over the old one.

Submitted by inglis on Sun, 21/09/03 - 11:30 PM Permalink

what if you delete the entry? does that delete the images?

Sumea game action!


This is for those of you who hang out in #sumea. I thought it would be nice to get some game playing action happening once in a while. I reckon everyone should download GunBound, which is pretty much a Worms clone. Worms borrowed heavily off that old tank game (you know the one. Two tanks on a landscape, aim your gun nozzle and try to project where the ammunition fire will land.. The wind affects the projection, and a randomly generated landscape provides changes in tactics). GunBound has weapon options, vehicle options, lots of game modes, and it's quite fun, so download the game, and pop into the irc channel to see if we're playing. I'm sure we can get 8 players in the channel at one time to get a good game started, so get downloading! (it's about 100mbs!)

And yes, this is all Kezza's fault. He introduced me to GunBound, and I haven't stopped playing it for the last two days.

Submitted by shiva on Mon, 15/09/03 - 4:17 AM Permalink

the game you are thinking of is scorched earth

member listing on main site


just wondering how the member lists are manges on the main site (the mapper/modeller/2D Artist/Coder pages).

Because Ive noticed Im not on the list unless I go to look at the entire member list.

Is it becuase Ive been lazy and havent made a journal entry for a while?
(i deleted my entries after they went off the really no journal entries actually)

Submitted by souri on Wed, 10/09/03 - 11:40 PM Permalink

From the [url=""]Sumea FAQ page[/url]..

**note, if you have a new member account, you should upload some of your work in your journal. This way, your name gets listed on the section pages, rather than the "the rest of the memberlist" page. The "rest of the memberlist" page is for the slackers who don't upload any work. (Coders have to write at least one journal entry to push out of the slacker page [:)]

Getting selective on new members


I'm well aware that I pretty much register anyone who does a fair job at registering for a Sumea profile, but seeing as we're well over 200 members now, I might have to be a bit more selective on new people.

For starters, I'm not accepting anymore registrants from a free web email provider (Hotmail, Yahoo etc). Privacy shouldn't be an issue because no one sees your email address anyway, and there's zero chance of me selling email addresses to some big spam list.

Must enter your real full name for the real name box. No one will see your real full name except me if you're kinda shy.

Being a bit more belligerent on what registrants write for their profiles. I've stated that you should be writing something decent about yourself in your profile when you register (something more than one sentence), but I've let that pass more than a few times.

I don't wanna sound like a webmaster nazi, but the site really needs these measures to prevent Joe Bob from registering because he thought it was cool for a minute.

I'll also put some cookie code on the registration page so that people can't keep on submitting the same details a million times over as easily. That's something I should have done since the beginning, although I didn't think I'd have to do it in the first place.

Submitted by Malus on Mon, 01/09/03 - 11:29 PM Permalink

Sounds fair enough to me, does that mean all that have registered need to update there profile details or are we safe from your culling. [:P]

Btw what if my name is Joe Bob lol.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 02/09/03 - 12:07 AM Permalink

Current members should be fine.. and if you're name is Joe Bob, oooooh.. you're just asking for a big red cull button clicking there.. [:)]

Submitted by inglis on Tue, 02/09/03 - 12:58 AM Permalink

i vote we have a hazing for all new members once a month while we are on the

that all sounds fair souri. your the boss :)

Submitted by Malus on Tue, 02/09/03 - 1:12 AM Permalink

Just a thought.
If Sumea is getting a bit more traffic now, maybe it would benefit from a couple of moderators instead of just you Souri? That way you can still keep tabs on posts and inforce some type of common understanding of whats allowed and you don't have to do it all.

I know moderation means half most of my posts would be culled though. [:P]

As for hazing...bring on the Stone of Shame.

Submitted by Jacana on Tue, 02/09/03 - 3:21 AM Permalink

The other thing I was wondering about.... What about getting rid of some of the inactive accounts. I am sure an account that hasnt been used in 3 months or 6 months could be removed?

I realise this doesnt have anything much to do with new accounts - just old ones ;)

As for new ones I think its fair. The part of free emails I totally agree with. Free emails can just be ignored or created at a whim.

I think Malus has a good idea about adding a couple of mods. It's something I had been wondering about myself.

If you do need help let me know, Souri. I promise I won't stalk you anymore.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 02/09/03 - 6:56 AM Permalink

I don't think you'll find much moderation needed, apart from moving a topic once every while. Most of the work I spend on the site is adding news and content..

Submitted by Blitz on Tue, 02/09/03 - 7:21 AM Permalink

Agreed, i personally don't recall anything that really needed moderating in the time i've been visiting here, othere than as souri mentioned, the occasional misplaced post. (Although Sh-nuff has come close to getting muted a few times :) )
On the subject of free email accounts, they can be useful if you change ISP's often, so you don't have to continually keep changing your details on every single website you've got an account on! However, it makes sense to not allow automatic signups for free emails, i think it should be possible perhaps if they get in contact with you first etc.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 03/09/03 - 6:50 AM Permalink

I yahoo!
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Sat, 06/09/03 - 11:13 PM Permalink

HMMM I've got to pull my finger out of my rear and post some more on my profile, I actually have stuff to show for once, I'm just a liitle embarrassed to show people my work.

Submitted by Gazunta on Thu, 05/08/04 - 11:09 PM Permalink

Actually how do you change your profile? I'm still listed as a modeller for some reason...haven't fired up Max in well over a year :)

(Now I'm designer / producer)

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 06/08/04 - 1:50 AM Permalink

hmmmm i understand the argument against free emails but for someone like me who lives in a house with his family who is not a actual game designer but rather a hopefull (which sumea also seems to cater for :D ) and does not have acces to his homes IP account, free emails like hotmail are nescacary.

Submitted by Kalescent on Fri, 06/08/04 - 5:42 AM Permalink

I don't think your nazi enough souri! [:P]

If someone wants to be apart of a community to encourage growth and offer feedback, ideas and oppinions - they should be able to take the time to fill out profiles. Anyone who doesnt,

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 06/08/04 - 6:14 AM Permalink

holy hell yes lol, someone brought it back and i thought the posts were recent [:D]

Submitted by matias on Sat, 11/09/04 - 3:48 AM Permalink

Maybe you could cull accounts that haven't logged on for a while if they have a post count of lower than 50 or 100. Or somehting like that, I know some times I dont actually log on for a while (maybe not like 3 months) but I'd be a bit disappointed if I came back and my account was gone. I mean if someone has posted like 5 times and hasn't logged on in 3-4 months, you cpould be pretty sure they're not to involved.
I also think that the higher standards at the start would be good too. (let me just check which of my emails I used!! [:O])

Submitted by X5 on Sat, 11/09/04 - 4:12 AM Permalink

maybe u could also send out n email to those that r eligible for a cut ... if they dont reply stating that they want to keep their account then cull em

Sumea Newbies


Just a quick question to all...

I've noticed that everybody on this site except myself are very experienced game developers. Are there any other game dev newbies, or is it just me?

It's just a bit daunting when I'm trying to learn all this stuff, when the rest of you are like pro's at it. Is it OK that I'm a member of this site or what?!

Submitted by Happy Camper on Tue, 26/08/03 - 11:20 PM Permalink

I wouldn't worry about it, i'm a newb to game dev as well, but i've been doing art for a while.

Submitted by Kane on Tue, 26/08/03 - 11:31 PM Permalink

Thanks Happy Camper, it's reassuring to know that there are other newbs here.

I'm into the programming side of things, but I'm still very new to maiing games.

Submitted by Malus on Tue, 26/08/03 - 11:35 PM Permalink

Hi Kane,

Welcome to Sumea. I wouldn't let being new to game dev bother you, some great work has been done by people who never get into the industry.

Its not necessarily an indication of your ability if you work in game development or just do it for a laugh, having a job just means you've been lucky enough to have your best work seen by the right people, theres lots of great talent who don't get employed.

Anyway think of all the people who can help you get better. [:)]

Submitted by souri on Wed, 27/08/03 - 1:47 AM Permalink

I think you'll find that there's hardly anyone with an elitist attitude on this site, and I think the people on here are very helpful overall. And besides, the site was made with the purpose of helping out newcomers. So welcome to the site.. just wipe your feet at the door [B)]

Submitted by Makk on Wed, 27/08/03 - 2:21 AM Permalink

WElcome Kane.
Being fairly new to Sumea aswell, I can tell you the folks 'round these parts are a friendly bunch, so dont be afriad to post your work :)

Submitted by Maitrek on Wed, 27/08/03 - 2:49 AM Permalink

There's plenty of people on this site who have only seen brief games making action - I've never been involved in the industry directly (I'm unfortunately a bit of an arm-chair expert sometimes). Just try to learn and pay attention to some of the people with the experience that you (and I) don't have yet.

There's alot of debate that goes on these forums, and although sometimes 'game dev newbs' are 'wrong', the industry-experts may be 'wrong' as well :)

Don't forget to bring along your own ideas/perspectives/work!

Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 27/08/03 - 7:18 AM Permalink

I think you'll find that the majority (at least in the case of programmers) of people who regularly visit these forums are not currently employed by the industry. And then even a large percentage of these have never been employed by the industry yet. Also, game dev is an industry where you never stop learning, unless you want to be left behind. New things are always happening. New hardware, new techniques, new tools!
Good luck with your adventures into game dev'ing!
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by TequilaBomber on Mon, 01/09/03 - 10:10 PM Permalink

Hmmm... I'm riding on Kane's little wave. I'm a n00b, and just recently joined Sumea. The site is brilliant, certainly creates a great community. Props to webmaster(Souri i believe?). Clay sculpturing is my main hobby, tho I'm gettin' into artwork as well. Anyway, hope ppl don't find this too spammish.

Submitted by inglis on Tue, 02/09/03 - 12:38 AM Permalink

the n00b wave! mother of god lol

in my time here i dont believe i have seen a newbie culling. but you never know- it just takes one to step out of line...

welcome-. be nice and bring whatever you have to the table- and all that and im sure everyone will continue to get along [8D]

Submitted by Doord on Tue, 02/09/03 - 1:01 AM Permalink

welcome- I think there is always stuff to find out in game dev and I think everyone has there little bit to bring to the table. Even for the people which work in the industry now, still don't know it all. I myself considerer myself as some what of a newie to game dev, even at I have been doing it for 2 and a half years now.

Submitted by Scrow on Tue, 02/09/03 - 1:27 AM Permalink

Yeah, I'm a n00b too (to Sumea and game development). Saw a promo for Sumea on the channel 7 TV show, Control Freaks, and thought I'd check the place out :) Don't have any work to show as of yet, but this will change in due time. Check out my Blog at if you're interested in how things progress for me.

I think I'll make myself comfortable here.

Submitted by anotherslave on Tue, 02/09/03 - 9:20 PM Permalink

Hey, I've been into game dev for about 9 mnths now, previously I did a lot of web stuff, I post my stuff here, in the coders section, enjoy reading everyone elses, and have never gotten flames, although nothing good either hmm...

have fun.

Submitted by Satyrblood on Tue, 02/09/03 - 9:27 PM Permalink

I'm a n00b myself. I have developed a few mods with some mates, but nothing else really formal apart from that. I'm working as a systems analyst at the moment, so it's a far cry from game dev, but it's all experience. Also reading some game related texts to enhance my knowledge. Kudos to Souri for setting up a great community that we can all grow from!

Anyway, rant aside, welcome!

Submitted by Red 5 on Tue, 02/09/03 - 10:31 PM Permalink

I stumbled across this site about a month ago, great place from what I've seen, exactly what is needed for upcoming Australian talent to communicate, share experiences and hopefully get the attention of potential employers.

It's also great to see people like David Giles and Zaph posting here... hopefully they'll continue to do so and share some of their vast knowledge with members on a regular basis.

Submitted by Caroo on Mon, 22/09/03 - 4:09 AM Permalink

your not alone mate. i'm a 17 year old vitorian who want's to become a game animator and create sci-fi and fantasy games.

however with my 400mhertz IBM shitbox that's not going to be any time soon.

so for the moment i draw and wait to see if that 20,000 dollor grant from nescafe works out.

cheers mate.
( if anyone wants to talk.)

Submitted by Stu on Mon, 22/09/03 - 5:40 PM Permalink

Hey I'm pretty new to all this as well, been doing 3d for a while but this is the closest thing I've done to a game It's done in director and I did all of the programming and a bit of the artwork.

Glad to know there's a few more noobs here than I thought


Submitted by Ninja (not verified) on Tue, 23/09/03 - 7:54 AM Permalink

I only got into 3D art at the beginning of this year. Im currently studying at the AIE in Canberra (its great :D) so I'm pretty new to the whole scene. Being at the AIE helps though because I'm in amongst it all.

Yeah that's about it, I'll post some of my work when I actually get it finished :)
Craig the White Ninja :D:D
PS: Joel is smelly :P

Submitted by inglis on Tue, 23/09/03 - 7:57 AM Permalink

welcome :)

you can post progress work.
my time here i havent posted any completed stuff (im working at changing that....). no one seems to care lol :)

Members can upload their own forum avatars


You should see the option in the admin section. If you don't currently have a forum avatar, [url=""]send me a message here[/url] (I have to activate it for you). If you currently do have a forum avatar, and you're a sumea profile member, you should be able to change your forum avatar whenever you please now. (You may have to empty your browser cache to see the change)

Submitted by Jacana on Sun, 17/08/03 - 10:18 PM Permalink

Cool :) Thanks Souri
Ignore that email from me... ;) I got it going!

Dead emails


I sent every modeller registered on Sumea a short email about the modeller challenge #4, and I seem to have receive quite a few bounces.. also, there've been members who have removed their email address entirely..
If you want your email to remain anonymous, that's fine.. Sumea doesn't reveal your email address to anyone at all. They can send you an email through Sumea, but they don't know your address unless you reply to them.
I'll probably listing the offenders here shortly, so if you see your name, please put in a valid email address in your profile..

Sumea Challenge page


Just working on a 'hall of fame' page for the Sumea Challenge..
Pantmonger, I'm gonna need a pic on your entry from the first Sumea challenge!

Email notification, problems and proposals


Something has bugged me of late, because i rely entirely on email notifications to keep up to date with the form.

The email notifications don't take you to the latest post... so i often make the mistake of reading the last post on that page and mistaking it for the newest post, not noticing that the post i was notified of was on a different page.

Is there any way you could fix this? Or at least make it an option?

Another nice thing would to include a small snippet of the message (say first 20 characters), in the email... this would be really nifty.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 14/07/03 - 8:12 PM Permalink

I'll see if there is a mod that adds this kind of functionality to the forum, but at the moment, it doesn't allow any of those thing you've mentioned..

Script time outs?


Is it me or has this site been getting script time outs recently?

Submitted by tachyon on Sat, 28/06/03 - 12:03 AM Permalink

yeah me too, was getting script time outs when i tried to access the site a little while before. though it seems to be working fine now

Submitted by Malus on Sat, 28/06/03 - 11:09 AM Permalink

me 3

Lots of them over the past week.

Sumea website


I guess I should be telling you about what's going down with Sumea sponsorship and all that, considering a lot of you have invested a lot of your time and your work in your journals..
Like I wrote on the main page, previous sponsorship interest went nowhere, so I was going to have to cover the site costs myself - which was fine, until I had to pay for a new computer, internet access, and a host of other things I won't bore you with.. My web hosting plan expires in just over 2 weeks, so once that is over, the site will be no more.. Unless I can find a sponsor within a week or two, I suggest that any members who've stored most of their art on the site to start downloading them or it might get lost.
I've had some proposals on Sumea being part of another website - basically, the news will be continued on their site, and you all visit the forum there.. It's better than nothing, but I'd like to hear what you guys think..

Submitted by Jacana on Sat, 21/06/03 - 2:15 AM Permalink

Will you still be "running the show" over there? Will the journals etc continue?

One of the things that I have noticed is in the past month or so a lot of industry types have been coming over here and posting job listings. To me that says that Sumea is being taken as a "serious" site for the industry.

I would hate to see that reputation lost - as its finally getting some solid ground.

Submitted by tachyon on Sat, 21/06/03 - 5:35 AM Permalink

If Sumea can continue as being part of another website, I say go for it. I would hate to see this place disappear enirely, its a great source of information about the oz games industry.

What other website would it be part of if it were to be?

Submitted by Blitz on Sat, 21/06/03 - 9:31 AM Permalink

If you don't mind answering in a public forum, how much is it goign to cost to keep sumea running for another year?
Have you thought about setting up a donations page or something and asking sumea members to throw a few $$ your way?
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by redwyre on Sat, 21/06/03 - 12:59 PM Permalink

Yeah, I'd be happy to send a couple of bucks your way Souri :)

Submitted by souri on Sat, 21/06/03 - 1:11 PM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Jacana

Will you still be "running the show" over there? Will the journals etc continue?

I don't know how it'll work out - I haven't been able to check my email for the last few days since my webhosts mail server is down, but they (and all of the game news websites that have contacted me) run on PHP/MySQL with their own content management system which probably doesn't cater for journals, and the way Sumea does things (like link news to their developers, and games to their developers). So I'm kinda guessing it'll be their current website with local industry news reports, and sections in their forum for local industry chat, starting from scratch.. Cost to run Sumea for another year would be under $1,000.. Not really comfortable in receiving donations from regulars.. If it all comes down to the worst case scenario, I can just register the domain name, and bring the site back in a few months when I can..

Submitted by redwyre on Sat, 21/06/03 - 3:12 PM Permalink

I would hate to see the death of Sumea as it is. I know there are a few people that may be able to serve it, but you may have to port everything to php/mysql (it'd be for the best anyway ;). I am willing to help out where I can (porting, money, etc).

If you need somewhere to store stuff temporarily, I have 70GB free on my drive, and cable.

Don't give up Souri! People are just starting to realise that Sumea is in trouble.

Submitted by Brain on Sun, 22/06/03 - 12:15 AM Permalink

Yeah, this place has become something really awesome, and is getting better by the day. SOMEONE SAVE OUR SUMEA!!!

Submitted by Kezza on Mon, 23/06/03 - 1:13 AM Permalink

oh... shit

ok, lets think about this objectively.
We could move sumea, possibly to somewhere like which wouldn't be too bad if the domain name could be kept.

We could all shell out money to keep the thing running, but I don't know how feesable this is...I for one am very poor, though i could put aside about $10/20 a month (thats nearly 1/4 of my operating budget for the month).

Or we could go for outside help, many people here are members of the igda... I'm not sure what else they do, but they might be willing to lend a hand to save one (and the only?) australian gamedev community hub. We could also appeal for the help of people running international communities and the members of these (gamedev, flipcode etc) and ask for their assistance... there are many generous people out there.

No matter the casualties, Sumea must live on!

- edit
another thing, some studios and development houses (mainly auran) have been promoting game development in australia... they might help or be interested in sponsorship if we contacted them directly.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 23/06/03 - 3:52 AM Permalink

At first, I was open to the idea of Sumea being part of another website.. but having had a think about it, I am not going to go with that anymore. Mainly because I've put over a year and a half of my time on this website - building and designing all the pages, providing lots of news and other content. I can't really justify throwing it all away. So those people who emailed me (I can access my email now, but all your messages have been lost! Same with anyone who's sent me an email since Wednesday), thanks for the interest, but I'm going to try and keep the site as it is..
Porting the whole site to PHP/MySQL would be a *lot* of work. And to be honest, it's probably a better idea to just redo everything from scratch. But, really, it's taken a year of refinements and changes to get to where the website is at the moment where I don't have to worry about things not working anymore. I don't want to tackle porting the whole website now! [:)]
I think I will go with the plan I had before.. I'll register the domain name, and when I have the funds, I'll put the site back up again. Might take a few months, or even more (depends if I can find a web designer job ;))
Having said that, I'm approaching two places for sponsorship at the moment. One of them doesn't look promising, and I don't know about the other, but I am crossing my fingers.

Submitted by redwyre on Mon, 23/06/03 - 6:15 AM Permalink

Good to hear you won't give up!

How about porting the forum data to a php forum, then the rest of the site can be ported as time permits?

Sumea is starting to get quite popular now, I think forum down-time for such an extended period of time could have a bad effect :/

Long live Sumea!!!

Submitted by Major Clod on Mon, 23/06/03 - 7:04 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by redwyre

Good to hear you won't give up!

How about porting the forum data to a php forum, then the rest of the site can be ported as time permits?

Sumea is starting to get quite popular now, I think forum down-time for such an extended period of time could have a bad effect :/

Long live Sumea!!!

Whatever happens, I feel we need to keep the forum happening, otherwise like Red said it could have a bad effect. I've only just found Sumea in the last few months, and I'm having a great time meeting other aussies interested in game dev. I, like many other people, would seriously be bummed if Sumea shut down. It seems to be the only place like it for aussies...

Submitted by redwyre on Tue, 01/07/03 - 6:55 PM Permalink

So Souri, what's happening?

I know someone who can either host the site for free as php/mysql, otherwise very cheaply as it is now.

Get on IRC and I'll put you in touch.


Submitted by souri on Tue, 01/07/03 - 11:01 PM Permalink

I have posted some very good news on the main page..

Submitted by Jacana on Tue, 01/07/03 - 11:13 PM Permalink


Way to go Souri and thanks to Krome!

Submitted by Ninja on Tue, 01/07/03 - 11:19 PM Permalink


Im one of the first people to be in SUMEA and i would not want it to go down when right now it is at its peak !!!! Ive seen souri put in a lot of time programming this site and making it the best site i always go to.... [:D]

This is the only site I think will hopefuly help me land a job in the games industry sometime soon. [:D]

Submitted by Pantmonger on Tue, 01/07/03 - 11:56 PM Permalink

Cool, good news, thanks Krome.


Submitted by tachyon on Wed, 02/07/03 - 2:06 AM Permalink

w00t!! Krome roxorz. long live Sumea!

Submitted by Malus on Wed, 02/07/03 - 3:47 AM Permalink

Good to hear, thanks Krome.

Submitted by Kezza on Wed, 02/07/03 - 3:57 AM Permalink

I love it when the world just... works
anyone feel like doing up something to send krome as a thankyou?

Submitted by Maitrek on Wed, 02/07/03 - 7:25 AM Permalink

Either that or I'm going to have to buy Krome's next game regardless of whether I'll like it or not :)

Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 02/07/03 - 7:57 AM Permalink

We could get them a barbie doll :P
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Jacana on Wed, 02/07/03 - 8:12 AM Permalink

I am sure they already have heaps of those ;)
You actuallly need a barbie to model off it, dont you?

Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 02/07/03 - 8:14 AM Permalink

Anyone got idea's for stuff we could send to them? It'd be nice to send one big thing, but i think it would be difficult to get little bits of moeny from everyone, so probably easier just for people to send their own thing. Would be nice if there was a theme or something though, like send a bunch of tasmanian tiger toys, if they aren't sick to death of the little thing already!
It's a pity sumea doesn't have a mascot :P (or does it?)
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by Kezza on Wed, 02/07/03 - 8:21 AM Permalink

umm, we do don't we... that ugly guy on the form title :)
i was thinking just a little demo style thing that says thank you and looks pretty

Submitted by souri on Wed, 02/07/03 - 10:51 AM Permalink

I really do appreciate their kindness - there's certainly a lot you can do to spoil yourself with just under $1,000, rather than giving it away.
If anyone is interested in chipping in money, let me know and I'll add you to our secret forum chat thing where we can discuss 'stuff'.. [;)]

Submitted by tachyon on Wed, 02/07/03 - 11:23 AM Permalink

yeah, i'm in for chipping in something to say thank you to Krome :)

Submitted by redwyre on Wed, 02/07/03 - 12:26 PM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Souri

If anyone is interested in chipping in money, let me know and I'll add you to our secret forum chat thing where we can discuss 'stuff'.. [;)]

I am uneasy with the idea of a gamedev company sponsoring a mainly educational site like this, and that comment has made me more so :/

While I'm sure I'm just being paranoid, just look at when Auran started pulling strings at Qantm....

But still, thanks Krome.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 02/07/03 - 12:49 PM Permalink

It's just for discussion on what to give Krome, and how we can cooperate to do it.. it's in a secret area because I want it as a surprise..
I doubt Krome have any agenda other than to support the community here - they haven't asked for anything in return for the sponsorship.. I suggested to them banner ads which I am going to put on sometime this week.

Submitted by Jacana on Wed, 02/07/03 - 7:12 PM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Souri

If anyone is interested in chipping in money, let me know and I'll add you to our secret forum chat thing where we can discuss 'stuff'.. [;)]

Add me :)

Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 02/07/03 - 8:18 PM Permalink

What about if we make a decent e-card by using the talents that we have here?

I mean we could all add our things to it, make a nice collage etc...

It might sound tacky, and cheap, but it takes effort and shows that we care about their sponsorship of this site.

That's my idea...

gallery, >24 images, culling behaviour


artist gallery, you upload images.

when a visitor views them, you get a max of 24 tumbnails at the bottom of the page.

when a artist uploads more than 24 images, the old ones get culled? at least not displayed.

then for perverse reasons just deleted a few redundant tumbnails but the thumbnails list is still culled at old endpoint (ie, now have 25 tumbnails, but only 19 is displayed)


Submitted by souri on Thu, 12/06/03 - 5:21 PM Permalink

I've been meaning tp fix that for a while - will do it soonish.. btw. don't delete ya thumbs! [:)]

Changing the approach with member accounts


(Disregard this if you have a programmer profile.)

In case you haven't noticed, the memberlists in the section pages (well, the modeller page in particular) on the site is getting extremely long. We're getting a lot of members (over 150 now), I think that a lot of people are kind of missing the point of having a profile/journal. A lot of people register, log in once or twice, and probably never come back. Usually with no work linked, and no work shown whatsoever. While I don't mind people just linking to their homepages - that's perfectly fine, I just think that profiles that don't lead to showing what you can do is pretty pointless.

I'm thinking of splitting the memberships into two categories. The first category will be for people who have uploaded pictures on Sumea. These people will be listed on the section pages as they are now. Under that list will be a link to another page listing the rest of the members.

This way will provide a better memberlist if you want to see the work of local talent, reduce the number of members shown on section pages, and encourage people to upload art.

So... if you don't see your name in the memberlist in the section pages one day, you'll know why!

Submitted by davidcoen on Tue, 10/06/03 - 9:31 AM Permalink

_joke_ nahhh, make the programmers upload images as well.

programmer art = t3h evil

Submitted by sho nuff on Wed, 11/06/03 - 4:31 AM Permalink

sounds like a good idea. I would upload my stuff but my forum profile doesn't work in the 2d artist section, even though when i registered, it was originally for that purpose.

Is this a common thing?

Submitted by souri on Wed, 11/06/03 - 7:11 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by sho-nuff

sounds like a good idea. I would upload my stuff but my forum profile doesn't work in the 2d artist section, even though when i registered, it was originally for that purpose.

Is this a common thing?

I might have messed up somewhere when I registered you. I'm not sure what your membername is - let me know and I will fix it.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 14/06/03 - 10:12 PM Permalink

Ok, I've implemented this - so if you now go to the section pages (modeller, mapper, 2d artist, coder) and you don't see your name there, then click on the "view entire memberlist" page and it should be there.. why does your profile appear on that page, and not on the main section pages? Because you haven't added a journal entry or uploaded pictures.. Upload a picture and write a journal entry, and you will get listed on the main section pages.
The exception is with the programmers - those who I thought contributed to the site in some way should appear on the main programmer section page. The rest will have to write some sort of journal entry to appear there.
Sumea membership is to show or write about your stuff, and with this way, those that do show their stuff get more exposure..

Forum spam


I hate forum spam, and forum spammers.

I move for the deletion of the user "chand", and the removal of the three posts/threads from that account.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 27/05/03 - 12:24 AM Permalink

If he does it again, then I'll delete him..

My computer is dead


GAH! My computer is dead.. (just my luck since E3 is coming and more [url="…"]Half Life 2[/url] stuff is getting shown) hopefully my HD's are ok, but I'm without a computer for a while, so things will be slow around here in the meantime.. The good news is that I'm getting a 1.8ghz machine soon (once my friend buys all the components, and puts it together for me). So until I get that, there won't be any news (unless those with news access post something), or any new members added.. I'll get the next modeller challenge started when I get the new machine too.
BTW, my dead machine was a 300mhz celeron which I used to do all my photoshopping, modelling, web developing etc, so it was about time I upgraded anyway. [;)]

Submitted by Pantmonger on Sat, 10/05/03 - 1:10 AM Permalink

Ouch, hope your HDs are ok.
Best of luck with the new comp.


Submitted by souri on Mon, 12/05/03 - 8:51 PM Permalink

I had two HD's in there. One was for applications, and the other was for all my work. Fortunately, the latter survived, so I'm relieved. My new machine is a 2ghz Athlon with 512mb of ram, btw. [:)].. I also got a Geforce 4 MX, which I know isn't very good, but I was on a strict budget.. overall, it's a huge step from my celeron 300a, Geforce 2 MX.. [;)].. I seem to make quite big leaps in computer hardware since I don't really upgrade often... C64 -> Amiga 500 (then Amiga 1200) -> PC celeron 300 mhz -> PC Athlon 2ghz.

Submitted by Daemin on Tue, 13/05/03 - 1:04 AM Permalink

Yeah, my current COmputer is a P4 2.4, 512MB Ram with a Radeon 9100, which is a huge step up from my Celeron 433 256MB Ram, Voodoo 3 2000...

But yeah, I expect that the machine I have now should last me longer than my Celery did.

A far fetched feature idea for programmers


How about a mini-forum thing similar to the code of the day at flipcode... however the idea is that someone posts an initial problem or piece of code and then people reply with improved versions of that code, repeat recursively.

Then you have a kind of votable ranking system for the posts so that people can then see what was "the best" version.

It would act as both a way go get help with problems, and also an ongoing mini-challenge for programmers.

Submitted by lava monkey on Tue, 06/05/03 - 5:17 AM Permalink

yeh, not a bad idea fixing problems is also easier and less time consuming than making a demo. But i wonder how many people would use it, most people are working on projects were they cant share any information or code on.

Submitted by Kezza on Tue, 06/05/03 - 10:05 AM Permalink

i think many people would post improvements... but not many would post problems or code. However it can work, just look at flipcode.

Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 07/05/03 - 7:57 AM Permalink

Yeah, Code/Tip of the day would be a good thing for programmers.

Perhaps like we could replace the images with that kinda thing on the programmers site thingo. (damn I'm vague aren't I?)

Submitted by souri on Wed, 07/05/03 - 11:02 PM Permalink

Sounds like it's something that can be done already with this forum (without voting unfortunately - although I can add that later, I think.. do you really need voting? ) - it sounds like a good side activity for programmers, like the speed paint is for modellers. Who gets to submit the problem code?

Submitted by Kezza on Thu, 08/05/03 - 4:57 AM Permalink

anyone would be allowed to submit a problem...

however the voting is very usefull as in an ideal situation there will be many different versions. It would make it alot more useful if people could rate them so the "best" versions would be most visible. So that people could see the version that was considered the most optimal/feature rich/however you rate code goodness.

I've never looked it up, but do we have some kind of c/c++ syntax hilighting on forum posts? cause that would be very cool too.



I don't know about the logistics involved. If it would eat to much memory etc. If Souri can be bothered ect. but..

I have noticed that a few people on the forums ask for tutorials and often (besides to usual site x has good tute's direction) someone on this site has written a tute about it.

So I was wondering if it would be worth while for Souri to accept some tute donations (veto any crap) and set up a tutorial section on Sumea.

Thoughts anyone


Submitted by Malus on Thu, 01/05/03 - 9:15 PM Permalink

Good idea, maybe a thread just for help or a tutorial link list.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 01/05/03 - 11:16 PM Permalink

I've always made it possible for people to submit tutorials (well, up to the recent design change a few months ago), but no one has submitted anything yet... I'd be happy to host a tutorial section - it just depends on whether I get any tutorials.

Submitted by lava monkey on Fri, 02/05/03 - 4:35 AM Permalink

i've done a few code tutorials, if theres somewhere i could post them like a tutorial section then i'll put them up, maybe even do a few more.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 02/05/03 - 7:12 AM Permalink

Send it to me at sumea @ sumea dot com dot au.. I'll make a tutorial section and put it up. Hopefully it'll trigger off some more tutorials from others!

Submitted by lava monkey on Fri, 02/05/03 - 9:00 AM Permalink

sure, how u want them ?
just a file download or like a html/text thing with a file download ?

Submitted by Pantmonger on Fri, 02/05/03 - 6:44 PM Permalink

Just sent one to you, I hope its worth more then spit.


Submitted by souri on Sun, 04/05/03 - 5:13 AM Permalink

Can you send me a .txt version, with jpg images? Zip it up and send it to me, please. Tah :)

Thread subscription emalificator?


On other forums there's a feature that allows you to subscibe to a topic/thread, and if a new post has been sent since you last went there you get a little notification email thing complete with a link to the new post.

The faq for this forum says that it has this feature... but i can't seem to access it, and i'm not even sure that it exsists.

If it doesn't, it would be damn handy... if it does, where's the subcription button thingy?

Submitted by souri on Sat, 26/04/03 - 10:03 PM Permalink

I've just turned subscriptions on.. you can see a "subscribe to this topic" text and icon on every message thread now.. Also, with the Looking for work and Job openings, you can subscribe to that entire section.. so whenever someone posts a job ad in there, you'll get an email straight away.. pretty handy if you're looking for work.
Subscribing to the Looking for work section would be useful for employers..

Thanks for bringing it up. I should've had this on ages ago..

In case anyone cares, I've had to put email authentication on.. that is, if you register on this forum, Sumea will send you an email with a link to click on before you start posting.. was kinda getting sick of receiving bounced emails from people using fake email addresses to register..

Submitted by Kezza on Wed, 30/04/03 - 10:00 AM Permalink

can we make a modification to the subscribe to topic thing?
can it just send a mail the first time someone responds to the topic after your last visit?
at the moment my inbox is full of "reply to a posting" on that touch typing topic... its not that i don't want to know about it, but 4 emails a day for the same topic is getting a litttle irritating.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 30/04/03 - 8:30 PM Permalink

I don't think that's possible, unfortunately. Although that's what subcribing to topic should be like - every reply should be sent off to you.